I can't believe this is still happening! Can you?

Hi All
I am very discouraged that we still, despite all the info we posted everywhere, have people who are thinking the below and writing to magazine editors trying to spread the misinformation they have been poisoned with!

whats your view? Pls help change this misconception and put a stop to this malicious misinformation!


Here is the email he is sending out to everyone including editors in magazines!

From: ***** [mailto:dick@dickedwards.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 7:09 PM
To: havingtosendagain@dickedwards.com
Cc: media-relations@comodogroup.com; support@comodogroup.com; neil_rubenking@ziffdavis.com
Subject: why am I having difficulty getting out when I have something to warn u about I wonder?

Recently, I confidently forwarded this message to you, based on my trust of the review source. It was misplaced. If you have downloaded any of the (not so) free Comodo products referenced in the article, or on the Comodo page, I suggest you delete and/or uninstall. I have found 3 different pieces of malware(the latest to surface is “trust toolbar v.3”) associated with the backup program, and can no longer recommend these products to you.

From: ***** [mailto:dick@dickedwards.com]
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2006 7:59 PM
To: ‘gottalovethefreestuff@dickedwards.com’
Subject: A Great Free Firewall…and more…
after you read article, press “check prices” button to get to Comodo page. Click the “Free Software” link on that page. I have downloaded both the firewall and backup software, although not yet ready to install either, as I am using other products; but seems at least worthy of having on file.

A Great Free Firewall

Looking for a nifty free firewall to replace the built-in Windows one - or a more verbose version you either bought or downloaded? We just reviewed the new Comodo product, and walked away so impressed we gave it our coveted Editor’s Choice award. It’s free, and works as well or better than almost every paid version. Our review has all the details.

Hey Melih,

Just so we all know and can provide accurate info to others on this topic;

  1. What, if any, Comodo products install (surreptitiously or otherwise) the Trust toolbar?
  2. Does the user have to consent to its install?
  3. What is the intended purpose of the Trust toolbar?
  4. What information does it send and to where?
  5. Can the Trust toolbar be uninstalled?
  6. Can the Trust toolbar be uninstalled without impacting other Comodo applications?

Answers can only help us. Knowledge wins. Always.

Ewen :slight_smile:

  1. What, if any, Comodo products install (surreptitiously or otherwise) the Trust toolbar?


  1. Does the user have to consent to its install?

YES! They have to agree to the user agreement before they can install!

  1. What is the intended purpose of the Trust toolbar?

To Provide identity assurance about the website they visit!

  1. What information does it send and to where?

It asks the Identity of the domain name being visited so that it can display it to the user. It does so by sending this query (domain name) to Comodo server. (bit like whois but instead of domain to IP lookup this is domain to identity lookup)

  1. Can the Trust toolbar be uninstalled?


  1. Can the Trust toolbar be uninstalled without impacting other Comodo applications?

YES! Trusttoolbar has NOTHING TO DO with any other Comodo applications.



I’d been wondering what the fruit loops were on about, as I’d NEVER seen the TrustToolbar before, and I’ve installed more than my fair share of Comodo apps.

Did you want me to send an email to www.dickedwards.com and pass on this info?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Anyone notice that if you take the first half of the name you get “dick ed”! (I don’t know if this translates into Australian. :slight_smile: )

Where do you think the term came from? :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Well it can’t hurt I guess.


On second thoughts, I don’t think I’ll bother. Looks and sounds like a bit of a flake. It might be an idea to send an email from Comodo to the named recipient and Ziff Davis, though.

ewen :slight_smile:

I seriously don’t get why people still think TrustToolbar is spyware, and can’t believe there are still apps. detecting this as such.

Just wondering, does anyone know if SpySweeper decided to remove it from their database?


You might be right actually…


webroot rang us and they claimed that they have removed it! However, I still see it in their site. So i don’t know whether they have removed it from the product or not and yet to clean their website. As Mike said, it would be great if someone could confirm pls.

Hi Melih,

I have downloaded and installed Webroot Spysweeper I updated it and scanned and it did not detect anything on my system ;).



That’s good to hear Justin


(B) (L)

Excellent news. I am glad Webroot turned out to be a responsible company!



Like I said before they are not a bad company and have a wonderful product but when they have a false positive with their program it turns out to be a big one.



Let me guess… the person who wrote the initial email is a first-year-junior-assistent at JDEdwards, who is frustrated that first PeopleSoft bought their ■■■■■, to still be bought by Oracle just after that ? :slight_smile:

Shame that some people don’t do their homework beforehand.

How do I know if I have Trustoolbar installed? If so, how do I uninstall it? I’m very happy with the FW but have my own ‘trusted’ methods for other forms of security.


TT is not installed with the firewall, it a totally seperate application. If you haven’t installed it yourself, then you do not have it installed.


:o I just installed Premium Booster that I got from http://www.giveawayoftheday.com
This program still consider that comodo trusttoolbar is a malware.

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