I become for one Software a lot of Connection Alerts


I use the Comodo Firewall, my System Software is Windows 8.1 x64.

Everythink is fine, i use the rule “Custom Rulset” and if the Software will conect to Internet the Firewall ask me and i can allow or Block.

But since one Day i become every 10seconds a alert from one Software. I use the Software “Gomez peer”. This Software need Internet connection, normaly no problem.
But When i start the Gomez Software, Comodo display me for every connection a alert Message. When i become the Messages i check the “Remember my Answer” and Allow. But every 10seconds i become this alert and the Software can not connect to Internet.

When i look in the Setings i can see that the Software is under Application rules and have the rule Allow. But Comodo Display me for every connection from this Software a Message again. I must Quit the Software that the Alert Messages will Stop.

I delete the Software under Application rule and will put this new with the Settings Allow Application → search the file.exe and OK. Under Application Rule is this exe with the rule Alow. But when i start the Software i become the Message that the Software will conect to Internet. Everythink what i do, i become this Message from the Firewall again and again.

When i putt Off the Firewall the Software can connect to Internet and works fine.

Pictures for you i put in the attachments.

Picture One is the Alert Message when the Software is started, this alter again and again. I check the Box Remember my Answer and click on Allow.
Picture Two is the Logfile, here you can see all the Alerts Messages.
Picture Three is the Rule when i click on Allow and Remember my Answer.
Picture Four is when i put the File.exe with Firewall tasks → Allow Application.
Picture Five is when i put the File.exe by Picture Four with Allow Application rule and the Messages for Connection is display me again and i Click Allow and Remeber my Answer
Picture Six is my Settings.

I tested this with a another PC. This have the same Software (Windows 8 x64), the same Comodo Firewall Version with the same Settings. Here display Comodo one Alert Messages, i click Alow and remember my Answer and everythink is working Fine.

A Friend from me have a Windows 7 x32 PC, with Comodo Firewall and the same Error with the Software. Hee call me Today. The Comodo Firewall display a lot of Alerts for the Software and the Software can not connect to the Internet although the Answer is Allow.

So, anybody have Idea what is the Solution for this Problems?

Thank You!

Sorry for my Bad English, i come from Germany and hope you understand my Topic :wink:

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In the question window, click on the file name.
Then check in the opening properties window for that file (it could be behind the question window), what the file path looks like.

Is there any difference to the REAL path?

Its an issue when an application is run with its short name 8.3 format file path.

No, its always the same path and the same file.exe

You mean its an generell issue from CIS?

What does that mean?

Ok, i understand this and found the Solution:

Comodo have a Problem with the File path from my Image Three.

When the File Path is C:\Programme\Gomezpeer\java\bin\java.exe (Comodo makes C:\Program~2\Gomez\Gomezpe~2\java\bin\java.exe)

Comodo display the Alters Message again and again.

When i install the Software with this Path

C:\Gomes\java\bin\java.exe (Or in D:\Gomez)

the Comodo FW works normal, one Alter Messages and the Answer will remember, the Software is working Fine.

That is very interesting.
What makes comodo saying ~2 ?

I found a bug where it said ~1 … i dont use images. I got endless questions as well.

See here for an explanation https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/142982 and 8.3 filename - Wikipedia