I and many others would love to have a comodo x64 and comodo firewall x64 ver.

It would be great to have all these great software x64 compatible,there are more and more users everyday that are running a x64 OS.

There isnt a good firewall on the market that is x64 compatible, i know that kerio and zonealarm firewall have now a x64 version but both are not that good. I have comodo firewall running on my server that runs xp x86 and i am very pleased with it, and i really wanna use this soft on my x64 box to. So i hope that i dont ask to much but could you give a date when mabye a x64 version would be released you already said in a earlier thread that you gona release comodo asap.


Btw you guys make some nice products keep up the good work :wink:


Thanks Ysco

We most definitely will develop the 64 bit version. There are few improvements and features we are busy adding to the current version. As soon as we bring it to a level then we will concentrate on building the 64 bit version. I think we are looking at 1st Qrt 07 (but don’t hold me to it though :slight_smile: )


Thanks melih for the info and i am looking forward for the x64 version.

I understand that you first need to make comodo x86 a stable and perfect product before you can start on a x64 version.

Keep up the good work :wink:


Me too!

Really like the program!


Add me to the list of those who’d like to see an x64 version of CPF.

At the moment I really don’t care if CPF is WinXP x64 compatible. I DO CARE that there will be a Vista x64 ready version of CPF.

Since I consider CPF easy enough for gamers and since Vista will probably be a big gaming platform that’s where I would place my resources on.
Plus with the advent of online game ordering/purchasing/downloading it will be an impressive chance to get on every gamers radar. ;D

It is important though that you get a VERY LARGE database of game signatures for autoconfiguration. Not just the new games. How about a facility to send signatures (for verification and addition) to you guys that can be periodically updated automatically? Oooh! I gotta put that in the wishlist! hehe

Me too!


It would be nice to mention on the front page of CDF that x64 is not supported. A friend saw that it said XP (all) and loaded it up on his XP64. He obviously was not pleased.

Agreed - X64 is here. In fact, I got my final kick into Linux simply because Linux was able to run my hardware, while Microsoft was still fiddling around with drivers that didn’t work.

Sometime soon, AMD64 will rule the world. Be ready for it! (:KWL)

Perhaps it’s the coffee, perhaps it was the car door to the temple, but I suddenly realized, I am getting the Asus fanless 939 and AMD 64 hopefully soon BUT after being a CPF (fanatic, I guess) I will not be able to use CPF. I won’t go back to ZA, I will go without a firewall first. I have a Linksys 4 port router with NAT, so that plus WinXP firewall should be alright, maybe Kerio, … Melih, i’m feeling a bit woozy here…room spinning… :’(


we are on it, worry not :wink:


Thanks Melih, :slight_smile:


Not to worry. If you INSIST on using WIndows on your 64 bit machine, Tiny Firewall was the first to put out a 64 bit firewall. I can’t help comparing Tiny to Comodo - there are many similarities. Tiny isn’t as easy to configure as Comodo, but it’s not as hard as some would have you believe.

You should note, that if you look for Tiny, there was a FREE version at first. Search that dude out, and download it. The paid version has no added features, except the licensing “feature”. :wink:

If you can’t find the completely free version, let me know, I’ll make it available on Megadownload, or somewhere…

Though, Suse Linux firewall is hard to beat… (:KWL)

I seldom register for any sites any longer as I trust few with my email, and further there is not enough meat and potatoes to warrant regular ‘sales’ emails from most companies…
With that said it took me less than 5 minutes to decide to register with comodo …
Already I am impressed with the lineup of services/software available from Comodo - at first blush I am very impressed.

My primary purpose in responding is to add another request for your company to make a 64 bit version of your firewall available. I have tried the other products available an none were satisfactory for installation - as a result I only use XP 64 on a very limited basis -and- I would love to make XP64 my OS for 99% of what I do.

As I have time, I will pursue your email certificates, and faxing arrangement. Hopefully numbers of requests will help with the allocation of your resources in further development of the 64bit version of your firewall.

Thanks, Bob

thanks Bob

64 bit version is almost complete :slight_smile:

hopefully it will be out around January.


WOW! Comodo, I’ve never seen an organisation take on board client wishes and run with them, especially 64 bit users. Well done! :BNC Can’t wait to try your 64 bit firewall.


woohoo !

just signed up to thank you for this information, this will be quite a christmas gift for me, a little late, but nice.
I’ve been waiting >half a year for this, using Outpost before, but it seeme agnitum will never learn to program drivers for SMP or dual-core CPU’s , and therefore Outpost caused crashes on my systems.

I just came from outpost too…and god is that firewall slow your web browser down (32bit though)!! It must be their automatic packet inspection or something that you can’t turn off…and like woohoo posted…the x64 version seems to be even more of a let down… :-
In any case, I will be installing x64 XP in the coming months and am looking forward to this release!!

I would also like to thank Melih and the team behind comodo for a great product!! I just hope you don’t turn into sygate and sell out to a bigger firm!!!

In any case, thanks again for the 32bit version and looking forward to x64 compatibility!

our dev guys are working on it already :wink:

64 bit and Vista compatibility are two areas that we are working on…

we won’t let you down :wink:


Hello, this is my first post here and some of you might know me from Outpost’s forum.
I run a x64 version of Windows Server and I need a working firewall for it. I am not asking for a final, but would you like to give us a shot at testing a working beta? Thank you