I am thinking in change Panda solutions for Comodo Solutions. Do you recommend?


I like so much of Comodo Products, but until now I only have used the BOClean.

I am experiencing many difficulties with Panda Internet Security 2007, and would like to know if you suggest and/or prefer the using of Comodo Solutions instead of Panda Solutions.

So, what do you think?

Thank you very much.

Regards. :slight_smile:

Of course you should try more Comodo products! :slight_smile: You already have BOClean. Firstly, you’ll need a firewall, get Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0. Secondly, you may want an antivirus as a complement to BOClean (or the other way around, BOClean is usually the complement). You could try Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 Beta (CAVS), but please keep in mind that it’s in BETA. Unstable to some, but stable to quite a lot of people.

Personally I only run Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 now (no antivirus), it’s very powerful and very light on resources. I think you’ll be amazed - it’s not only a firewall. :wink:


Thank you for your kindly reply. :slight_smile:

I have just installed Comodo Firewall 3.0, and it seems to be very easy to use, and consumes lower resources of my system.

I am thinking in complement this with Comodo Anti-Virus. Do you think that is it a good idea?

And, why you say that the Comodo Firewall is enough for all purposes, and is not necessary a Anti-Virus?


i like CAVS, the way it looks, the way it works. But for me, back ~4 months ago, it slowed down my comp a lot dat i had 2 tak it out. CAVS actually catched a virus fr my dad’s comp.

i understand ur eager to try and to use solely all comodo products, as i do. But to avoid any uneccessary disapoinment, i suggest u wait for CAVS3 to come out. Any of these free AVs: Antivir, Avast, AVG, PC Tools r veri gud and compatible w other Comodo products.

by da mean time, u can haf a look at i-vault & v-engine.
2 b frank, keepass and Opera’s built-in anti-phishing r gud alternatives.

abt Panda IS, i think its bloated.

That’s great to hear! Then I guess you’ve noticed the Defense+ system? This is one of the reasons why I feel that antivirus is less important. However, most people probably wouldn’t agree with me, and I can’t recommend anyone to skip antivirus.

Since CFP 3 is very new (released on Tuesday this week), I don’t know yet how it works with CAVS (Comodo AntiVirus). I’ve hardly seen any comments on that. You could try CAVS (unless you have Windows Vista), but again, there are at least one bug you will encounter: it will lock any USB sticks, so you can’t eject them without restarting the system (though I think there’s a workaround for this bug). I haven’t ever encountered any other bug with CAVS, but I know other people have.

As aladinonl suggests, there are other free antiviruses too. I’ve always liked avast and Antivir, they both have good detection rates. The next version of CAVS, 3.0, should be out “soon” and it’s supposed to integrate BOClean. It will also benefit from Comodo Firewall Pro’s Defense+ system.

Hope you can make a decision of what to chose now. :slight_smile:


Thank you all for all your hep.

I will think in await or not the new version of CAVS. In meatime, I will search for another anti-vírus.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Let’s hope for CAVS 3 to arrive soon. :wink:


PAnda Software is an spanish company, and i’m spanish, here in Spain, Panda has got a very bad reputation. It’s a very bloated software.
I’m using CBOClean and CFW v3.
I recomend you use a free AV, AVG ,AVIRA, AVAST, until final version of CAV come out.
I’m using AVAST AV

Thank you so much, friends. :slight_smile:

I am really amazing CPF 3, and will maintain it in my machine. I have BoClean installed too.

I will search for one of the anti-virus solutions you have mentioned above, and will see how it works with CPF 3, until Comodo Anti-Virus arrives. :slight_smile:

So, just a last question: what is the purpose of the “Defense+ system” in Comodo Firewall?

Thanks to you all, and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Defense+ is a so called HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System), which checks every application that is being executed on your system. For example, you launch Internet Explorer - D+ will notice. Or, you click on a link from another program (like MS Office), and D+ will notice that MS Office wants to execute Internet Explorer. All these things are allowed, only because the programs are on D+'s white list (a huge database with legit applications). If a program is not on the white list, D+ will ask you for permission.

With Defense+ you get control over your system. If an unknown trojan sneaks in, and your antivirus misses the trojan (which is possible!), D+ will notice if the trojan tries to execute itself. If you block it, it can’t harm your system. With this Defense+ system, you get a great extra layer of security that no antivirus can give you! Well, except for CAVS, which also has HIPS… but that HIPS is not as good as Defense+ I think, but the next version of CAVS will use Comodo Firewall’s HIPS - Defense+ - to protect you.

You have a nice day too (and malware makers won’t, thanks to Comodo ;)) :slight_smile:


really? i’ve lost 3pounds so far trying to create rules for CFP3 ;D

Really, many thanks to Comodo Group! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for all your help and patience with my newbie questions.

So, Defense+ is similar to PrevX, Cyberhawk and another similar products?

I would like to ask you regarding another thing, please:

I have noted that after Comodo Firewall Installation I don’t have made any configuration on it, and it has passed on all “Firewall tests” I have executed, like for example the ones existent on PcFlank and ShieldsUp.

So, due to this, can I expect that my machine is protected with the duo “Comodo Firewall” + “Comodo BoClean”? Or do you suggest any additional configuration on Comodo Firewall?

Regarding Anti-virus, while CAVS 3 is not released, do you suggest the one offered by PcTools? It is a good anti-virus?

So, thank you all for all your help, and sorry for my questions, or if I am disturbing you.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


really? i’ve lost 3pounds so far try to create rules for CFP3

So, I have not made many configurations, yet. :slight_smile:

(:WAV) hi Marcos,
i think it’s the best HIPS so far,
i’ve tried Cyberhawk (threatfire), i don’t like it. & i don’t know about prevX (i use the scanner anyway)

i use Avira-Antivir+CFP3+CBOClean+CMG (comodo memory guardian)+syware blaster+spyware terminator ;D
i think avira is the best AV so far.

and about CFP config, i think the default setup is good enough, and knowing this:

makes me happier :smiley:
you might wanna check this out.

i’m not a computer guy, but i think CFP is a very powerful software, and i wanna get the most of it.


Hello ganda! :slight_smile:

Thank you for all informations!

So, I am using CPF, but I am becoming worried due to the inumerous “warnings” that Defense+ system shows.

I am trying to unninstall some softwares, and for each one appears inumerous warnings asking me to authorize or not the operation, and the unninstalling process demands more time. Is there any way to reduce it without reduce the security level?

Regarding Comodo Memory Guardian, what is the purpose of it? Is must/can to be used at the same time with CPF and another solutions?

Thank you very much! :Beer

we all started fr newbie :wink:

So, Defense+ is similar to PrevX, Cyberhawk and another similar products?
i say no, coz: D+ is mor a HIPS. A pure HIPS is a policy based behavior blocker which user haf 2 set up policy regardin which behavior to block, allow or ask. HIPS is clear to user as he sets wat he wants but strength of protection relies heavily on user's decisions.

prevx, cyberhawk(threatfire) r truly behavior blockers. BB analyzes da process of behaviors and decide whether dat process is malign or not based on rules set forth by program developers. BB then only report to user if it itself decides the process is nasty. Its unclear to user as he dunno how and how strong the given rules r and he also cant adjust rules. But user dun haf to put effort.

Therefore, actually a real HIPS is 4 expert who kno and react properly. pure BB is 4 amateur.
Altho CPF is mor a HIPS,it comes w given rule set n safelist database n Comodo is workin 2 reduce noise n mak CPF mor fit 4 average users.
u may find CPF3 too disturbin now but it will b better n easier to use.

if u r not so confident w HIPS yet n usually got prob w malware, i think u better get a AV.
i havnt used PC Tools.

about CMG :
it has known incompatibility issue with BOclean. but i have them both with no problem. all i know it prevent BO (buffer overrun) attack. try WIKI ;D I’m not a techie, tell me : this can secure you!! then i’ll do it (:TNG)

i think you can switch defense+ to installation mode when you’re doing uninstallation, or you can tick the option: treat this application as installer/updater on the pop up message,or you can disable defense+, or you can simply shutdown CFP temporarily (:TNG) (with no internet connection)

oh, i forgot to tell you, the next CFP will have CMG integrated, and the next CAVS will have CBO integrated

Hello aladinonl,

Thank you again. :slight_smile:

u may find CPF3 too disturbin now but it will b better n easier to use.

Really. CPF 3 is beeing very disturbing, and I have forgotted the number of times I need to authorize something in the Defense+ warning screen.

I am unninstalling some softwares, and this screens appears inumerous times, and the process takes much more time to finish. I am running an anti-trojan, and the same occurs. I don’t know what can I do more…rsrs :slight_smile:

It is normal?

Hello ganda!

i think you can switch defense+ to installation mode when you're doing uninstallation, or you can tick the option: treat this application as installer/updater

Thank you.

If I do this, i.e., change the defense+ to installation mode when doing some unninstallation, it will be change back automatically after the unninstallation process? Is this secure?

The problem also occurs when I am running some anti-trojan software, or anti-spyware software, like for example A-Squared or Spyware Doctor. Also this applies to this cases?

Thank you all for all your help! (:CLP)

i just uninstalled google notifier & google updater from my comp, when the alert show up, i tick treat as updater/installer (i didn’t tick the “remember” option), then i click “no” when it ask me to switch.
this is from CFP help:
In ‘Paranoid Mode’, ‘Train with Safe Mode’ and ‘Clean PC’ mode, Comodo Firewall Pro will make it easy to install new applications that you trust by offering you the opportunity to temporarily engage ‘Installation Mode’. If you are installing a new, unknown application.

i think it’s normal, just tick allow & remember. i had the same thing when i was using prevX scanner.

Panda was also my first Security suite, but after discovering Comodo’s products, I moved away from Panda in spite of the fact that I still have a paid license…


Thank you all for all your help and patience.

I am moving definitively to Comodo Solutions, because Panda has not get to solve my problems. They also have “offered” to me, free of charge, the new version 2008, but the same problems are ocurring. I am tired of all of this, and due to this, I am installing Comodo Firewall in my machines. :slight_smile:

My only doubt is regarding the anti-virus. Do you recommend the use of CAVS, or another good anti-virus?

Regards! :Beer