How to slim down and tweak (kill) your Windows XP installation

Yeah, UAC is removable, but I leave it, cos I heard it protects against rootkit installation. I just tweak UAC to elevate without prompting :slight_smile:

Just curious did you remove the Winsxs folder I have been searching about this folder (Minor problem) and from what I have read it appears it is Hardlinked in Vista.

Yes - I removed WinSxS. Well a bigger part of it :slight_smile: I lost Windows updates in the process, but who needs them anyway if you can just integrate them :slight_smile:

Commodus, aren’t you able to manually install updates by downloading them from TechNet Security Center?

Nope, I think manual install won’t work. At least Nuhi says so ;D

I can upload my WinSxS folder for you. At least there’s a chance it might work, even though mine is XP ;D

!ot! sorta… still involves this thread soemwhat. MaximumPC (a well known computer magazine) Recommends using Nlite so it can’t see why they would suggest it if it is illegal. :-TU !ot!

Slight difference in size. ;D
XP a few MB’s Vista approx size 6GB can go to 10GB depends on how many duplicate files.
Another reason why you would not like Vista.

That’s why I removed WinSxS backups and stuff. ;D Now it’s 543 MB (still larger than Soya’s and L.A.'s or Rags Windows XP’s combined ;D)

Don’t count Soya in, he’s not even in the competition with me and Rag. “Balance”… (:TNG)


I’ve had enough of this silliness.

Now which partition should I remove :THNK

Hello xLite maniacs ;D Commodus is back with a new Vista SP1 Ultimate ISO whitch is 343 MB in size. Windows directory now is 724 MB 8)

Anyone for an Olympic race ? nLiters are not allowed ;D

Here’s something to chomp that number down.

Is that Ganda talking ? ;D

LOL; I like the last thing he says, “I’m proud of it”.

After my next reinstallation of Windows I’ll try to keep as much as possible, to see if I find anything that I currently miss. 88) But it’s not easy, I’m heavy on the Del key. It’s the best thing I know. The best PC keyboard button.


You might want to clarify that statement. Depending on your answer…it could be seen as !ot!



Well guys… I made progress ;D I disabled SFC via regedit change it from 0 to 1 etc it is now disabled and I have finally killed off a useless 150 MB I am nowhere near done though. I am still trying to kill off a couple of the 6 svchost.exes I have but not having much luck with them 88)

6? I have 2… 88). You’ll need to disable all those COM related services that Microsoft and other source stress how “important” they are to the stability of your XP system >:-D

I thought that after the compilation of LA, this topic would just fade out. But it seems that it just keeps living ;D.

Commodus, I’m sure I can kick out more then you do, but then…