How to slim down and tweak (kill) your Windows XP installation

Windows not booting? 88)
It has happened to me two times, but as I have all important files on a secondary drive, I just wipe the drive and re-install Windows (nLited of course). Then I know some more files that I should leave alone.

Every crash is some gained experience! :■■■■

From my understanding, a product such as nLite breaks the Windows licensing agreement.

As a moderator on a professional forum, suggesting the use of a product which breaks a licensing agreement is a no-no.


I have a non v-lited Vista ultimate, but it still boot’s pretty fast. bootup only passes 3 times ;D. No things deleted, only tweaked (and separate partition :-TU ).


I don’t get any license agreement to accept when I’ve nLited my XP. I can’t break an agreement that I haven’t accepted. 88)

On a more serious note, it might somewhat break the Mandatory Activation-part, as you don’t have to activate Windows XP if it’s nLited. Also, maybe the Limitation on reverse engineering, decompilation, and disassembly-part…

You can get the EULA from Microsoft if you wish to read it:

No problem L.A. I’ll continue trying. vLite 1.2 RC came with more removable stuff, so prepare Vista - Commodus will reape you again ;D I don’t care about EULA and ■■■■ like that, I bought this DVD, I do what I want with it. >:-D

If I was evil I would submit this post to Microsoft’s lawyers.


You people are a joke.

Just sent a Digg/Technocrati post that Comodo recommends nLite…


Then please tell us how. I’ve tried to remove one or two DLL files related to SFC, whilst SFC was disabled, but that wasn’t possible. Didn’t try safe mode though.

Not sure about this, nLite is a well-established software, designed not to break any license agreement. I looked briefly at their website, but I can’t find a quote to prove that. I remember that I’ve read it, though.


Comodo doesn’t recommend it. I, LA and Soya do. We’re not in anyway related to Comodo (except that we use their software). As we’re not employees of Comodo Group, our views doesn’t represent the views of Comodo Group and its staff.

Thanks. I missed that topic. I’ll add it to the guide later. :wink:


EDIT: BTW Rag, have you confirmed that this works also on SP3? As written in the guide, I read somewhere that SP3 causes problems disabling/removing (whatever) SFC.

LOL, in the lower right hand corner of for the page of this forum, I see an icon that says, “Comodo, authentic and secure”.
The CEO of Comodo as well as the chief developer frequents, and personally responds to messages on this forum.

Do you really expect us to believe that just because you are not paid by Comodo that you are not representatives of Comodo?

Notable of the “having your cake and eating it too” syndrome…

That’s how I got rid off it before I nLited my XP.

Excellent. :-TU


More like evangelists, but mainly in the horse hair tunic, raggedy-■■■ beard, stumbling in the desert type evangelists. :wink:

axl, I’ve googled a bit and I can’t find anything that says “nLite breaks the Windows License Agreement”. Besides, I don’t think the MSFN forum would allow a complete nLite board if nLite did something illegal. Or all those legitimate download sites. I doubt there’s anything controversial about nLite.

If you want to discuss the mods’ commitment in relation to Comodo, feel free to start a new thread. This thread is about something else. (:m*)


I don’t want to be your enemy now, but MSFN doesn’t have anything with Microsoft to do.
Read at the bottom of the website and it says “MSFN is not affiliated with Microsoft”.

But anyway, I think Microsoft would’ve done something if they really wanted to. It’s pretty easy to stop nLite, unlike file sharing of Windows OS’s…

I know, but the point was that MSFN doesn’t allow illegal content on their forums.


OK, my Vista in now sporting a 400 mb ISO size (down from 420). Overall, not much, but the latest vLite let me remove DRM, Group Policy (that was unkillable service in Vista >:-D) and some stupid 80 meg easy upgrade manager (puke). I always install Windows while booting anyways :slight_smile:

Not exactly sure where I indicated that I had such a desire, but thanks for the tip. (:WIN)

Can you remove UAC? Do you think that’s desirable?

I got the feeling from this post:

Doesn’t really matter, let’s just stay on topic.