How to slim down and tweak (kill) your Windows XP installation

so I have been working ■■■■■■■ trimming down my Windoz XP MCE 2005 yet I have one problem which is RTHDCPL.EXE if I kill it I lose all sound but the dang thing uses 20-27MB of RAM so i’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions or know of a trick or two to slim it down to use less RAM?

That’s very strange Goose. ??? So RTHDCPL.EXE is actually running in your Task Manager?

I’m not familiar with XP MCE, but usually (in XP) you should only need the driver. I installed drivers from Realtek, which also automatically installed a .cpl and a couple of .exe files. I removed them all without problems.


Yup it’s in task manager and if I shut it down/ end it if I go to WMP and try to play songs it wont play them. all it does is beep from the Motherboard. I mean no sound from the speakers At All if I end the proc.

Do you mean no sound when playing in WMP or no sound whatsoever when watching Youtube, using other media programs etc.?


no sound at all after it’s killed and I restart without it running. Sorry… shoulda cleared that up.

Then it seems like MCE is dependent of this executable… maybe you can find something on Google. :-La


I think deleting fonts really does help reduce boot-time by a bit. down to 26 fonts now (:s*)

If you think so, I’ll take a look at it. :-TU


Ok… Now I have a problem. Anytime I slim down XP via WinDirstat somehow everything I delete manages to reappear/reinstall without my knowledge. So the past few weeks I have been making absolutely no progress >:( any help would be appreciated.

Have you considered this:


What’s WinDirstat? Be a man and start deleting things the old fashion way: explorer + del key

I was going to tell you to do a search on Google, but you would probably have responded ‘What’s Google?’, so here’s the website for WinDirStat:

I still can’t beat the old explorer + del, with the exception of those pretty colours to confuse people

Yeah, Explorer is unbeatable. :-TU


Bahhhhhhhh :stuck_out_tongue: I havent ever used nlite and am a n00b at tweaking so I will probably have some issues. :-TD :frowning:

Well, good. Keep having issues until you’re ready to reformat and we’ll introduce you to nLite here.

We will. :slight_smile:

Bold Fortune doesn’t seem to use nLite. But I see two issues not using nLite:

  1. The SFC problem brought up in my guide
  2. More work finding all those files you want to remove


Of course. As always, balance…

You can remove SFC completely without nLite. Now I mean remove and not disable.

Give it a try Goose what`s the worst that can happen ;D
Seriously though,getting the hang of it is not to bad and with the folks here having a lot of knowledge with it if you run into any problems the solutions are not to far away.

Good luck,