How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors

Hello, I’ve written an article that explains How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors.

It is meant to be a comprehensive list of all reputable vendors who produce products that rely on signature detection, in some way, in order to detect all manner of malware. What I have done is investigate how to submit malware, and false positives to all of them. I have then taken this information and created a mailing list that allows you, with a few clicks, to submit malware to the majority of all of the anti-malware vendors in the world. At least that is the idea. You can also submit the malware to the reset of them manually, but the idea is to make it as easy as possible to submit it to as many as possible with as little work as possible.

Please use this article to submit any malware you find to as many vendors as possible so we can help to make the online world a safer place. Also, for anyone who is able, and willing, to help I could use your help to improve this list. Please provide me with whatever feedback you have about the article and help me to make the information provided as accurate, and poignant, as possible. It would be most effective to leave the feedback in the comments section of the article so I have all of the feedback in one place. This will help me to best utilize it to improve the article.

Thank you.

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Useful and classic

Thanks Chiron494

This will be useful for not only members, but guests as well. I will sticky this for you.


Avira, Sophos, CA (Computer Associates), F-Prot, G-Data, Twister, Malwarebytes, SAS, Drive Sentry, Vipre…

Some more anti-malware rather than anti-virus, but is there a differance!

Nice list Chiron, good work :-TU

Quick Heal

I’ve now added Quick Heal to the list. I’ve also found their online submission page.

I appreciate you pointing this out to me. Thank you.

This is an excellent idea Chiron, reflecting Comodo’s community spirit!

Best wishes


One can also send malicious files to Avira Antivir through this id as well

Thank you for pointing this out to me. I’ve now added the email address to the list.

I had been operating under the assumption that if I could find a web submission form I didn’t need to include an email address, but if you believe it to be useful I have no problem including them.

Please let me know of any others that you also feel should have an email address provided.

here you go:

or easyer :wink:

i know its old but the onlyone i could find…
hope i could help in someway



Thanks, I’ve included the products from that list and updated the formatting of this post as well (and the title). I just hope the email addresses from that list are still valid. I included the web submission forms if I could find them, but some I couldn’t find so I had to use the email addresses from the list. Thanks again.

There, I’ve finished tracking down every vendor I could find. I dare anyone to find a longer list (because I’ll then copy it and expand mine ;D).

Let me know if there’s any I’ve missed.


a few years back i had a big new list and now guess waht i found again :wink:
the list

and you can see the guy made a file for(thunderbird and so one) so you copy the adresses in the line and send one file to all of them, nice idear.
the email adresses are from 31.03.2010, 21:02 so i think they are valid :).
please dont hate me now :frowning:
I hope you can work with this german page, if you have a question just ask,
greetings from Germany.



Thanks. I’ve now incorporated its information is now mine. >:-D

Why. You have given me much more information then I had. Of course if the page had had more than I had before you sent me it I might be hunting you down, but it didn’t. (Lucky you ;))

Do you know of any other antiviruses. Also, I’m now incorporating both the web submission forms and the email addresses, if I can find them.


let me think *thinking *crash *reboot *ok :smiley:

ok i know i will regret this but i make a list now… :smiley:
if you want to you can take the link to every thing directly or you only take the board themselfs…
i have a new objective i bring this list to perfection with you :slight_smile:
i think its time to make this list not only for submition but for everything about the products from submition, to support,
to feature request and so one that would make this list perfect and show them that comodo is community powered :wink:
i also addet firewalls to the list because they are security software to and the javacoolsoftware and spybot are maleware and suspicuse websites.
i addet security blogs to and beta ares and so one but i am not finished jet i have about 40% done i think now its up to you to make the list readabel :wink:

We need a fu … wiki :smiley:
i think i talk to melih about that.


is the offical support forum for Prevx.

offical beta forum.
Service Page

Agnitum products:

live chat support

support page
Agnitum’s User Feedback
Outpost Firewall General Discussions, Support, and Troubleshooting
Outpost Security Suite General Discussions, Support, and Troubleshooting
Outpost Antivirus General Discussions, Support, and Troubleshooting
64 bit - Agnitum Outpost Outpost Security Suite, Outpost Firewall, Outpost Antivirus
Outpost Firewall Free General Discussions, Support, and Troubleshooting
Rules Creation and Presets
Outpost Plug-In Discussions
Spam Terrier
Suggestions and Feedback
Frequently Asked Questions

spybot search and destroy:

submition forum



Bootable Spybot-S&D CDs

German Support Forum.

Automatically made Removal Guides.
Bug feature request.

iPhone spyware and tracking software


ESET NOD32 Antivirus Forum

ESET Smart Security Forum

ESET Beta Support Forum

NOD32 v2 Antivirus Forum

Other ESET Products Forum

I can only help with the German page because my Browser cant load the english one :frowning:

Support page
FAQ Page

Javacool Software

FileChecker & ID-Blaster Forum

MRU Blaster Forum

EULAlyzer Forum

SpywareBlaster & Other Forum

just a thinking but i think submition for new maliacuse(right spelling? :D) websites is

so you send him a pm but just a thinking.

Leapfrog Software
Official Leapfrog Software Forum

FirstDefense-Rescue Forum

FirstDefense-ISR Forum

Look ‘n’ Stop
Official LooknStop Firewall Forum

LnS English Forum

LnS French Forum
Free Support
Customer Support

escan was that one that uses kaspersky engine so you can submit to kaspersky :slight_smile:
f-secure uses kaspersky by the way to and a selfmade engine.

gdata uses avast and bitdefender when my information is still right i may check that after i am finished here and my browser dont crash again…

here the support page
the official board for escan.

ok one that i found:

Support Page

i will download it and check it if it is legit but until then i submit it here.

but seems legit.

Hitman(i love this tool :D)

at the moment it youses Prevx, Emsisoft(a-squared), G-Data(Avast+Bitdefender+ G-Datas own Engine), Dr.Web, IKARUS and there one Engine
about submition i dont need to say anything, but ido just ask the support and they will maka a vpn remotedesktop connection or
submit to one of the above.

for live support or on the left of the page on the banner.

the support page itself is

KV Antivirus
and FAQ
information Page

submition should be


Contact for EN
for JP

should be submition to and support.

FTP submition!!&p_li=&p_topview=1
Virus Submition

the password needs to be(zip file):
“virusvirus” without quotes

Official Forum
FTP submition(they dont check without you to ask them for so ask :wink: )
Support and FAQ Page


Chat offline?

Should the chat on rare occasions be offline, please write an e-mail to support[at]

English Support:

  • 24/7; response time is 1h.
  • email address: support[at]

Danish Support:

  • 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM weekdays; 10 am - 6 pm weekends; response time is 24h.
  • email address: support_dk[at]

German Support:

  • 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily; response time 1h during service hours and 24h outside service hours.
  • email address: support_de[at]

French Support:

  • 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM weekdays; response time 1h during service hours and 24h outside service hours.
  • email address: support_fr[at]

Spanish Support:

  • 5:00 AM - 9:00 PM daily; response time 1h during service hours and 24h outside service hours.
  • email address: support_es[at]

Swedish & Norwegian Support:

  • 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM weekdays; response time is 24h.
  • email address: support_se_no[at]
Official Support Forum

Official Forum

official Emsisoft Support Forum
Customer Support

Support Page
Official Support Forum

you know :smiley:
God :slight_smile:
FAQ and Support

Clam AV
Paid Support

Support also avaibel via Immunet

Beta Programm

Official Forums



Paid Support


Sales department
Technical support department
Contact for press



Security Blog

Official Support Forum
Support with KB

Knowledge Base


FAQ private
Support Private
Contact Privat
FAQ Business
Support Business
Contact Business

Official Forums
Security Blog
Support Email EN

Security Blog

ok thats it for now…

This is just the first step i will give you more ;).
You can see that i only jump in the list but i will get the information coming but i dont have the time to make all in one big step this here was about 4 hours + work so… :smiley:
mainly because firefox crashed and my work was destroyed… hate the new version so much.

MfG( “MfG” or “mfg”, German language abbreviation for mit freundlichem Gruß or mit freundlichen Grüßen, with the meaning of Best Regards, very common in electronic communication ) by the way i love the Wikipedia :smiley:


I’ve gone through the links and included the ones that I thought were most relevant. I didn’t add all of the new programs that were listed because I am trying to limit this to programs that can scan for malware. Thus Spywareblaster and pure firewalls won’t be included in the list.

Let me know if you like the new setup and if you think I’ve included enough information. I didn’t want it to become too cluttered.


Thank you for compiling this list of anti-malware products. I thought that perhaps you may want to add Protector Plus from Proland Software. Their web site home page is: or .


Thanks, I’ve updated the list.


I go through the article you have written and found very quite helpful for this to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors thanks for posting this info.