How to Protect Your Online Privacy

If you would like to know what you can do to protect your privacy while online, then please read my article:
How to Protect Your Online Privacy

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You might want to add to search engines, Google are making life hard for the guys at scroogle, again. Also startingpage let’s you use a proxy to connect to search results.

With regard to VPNs, you do get what you pay for. Whilst free is good, some might be inclined to pay for such services. Unfortunately, not all VPN providers are created equal. For a good starting point, I’d recommend reading through Which VPN Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously? Whatever you do, don’t use a VPN service hosted in the United States.

What about adding other services such as Tor or even installing something like Privoxy or a paid service like JonDonym They have quite a good privacy check at Here’s how you can turn off your chat history

For addons/extensios, some might like Ghostery There’s also RequestPolicy for firefox. You also need to mention flash/Silverlight cookies and DOM storage in one of your articles.

Other than that, useful article :-TU

Thanks, I’ll take a look at all this stuff… in the morning. :wink:

Thanks, it’s now my number one pick. :wink:

I did look at these, but most of them will slow down your browsing speed. I’m trying to only concentrate on methods that won’t cause your browsing to take much of a hit. Also, I’m only looking at free products or services.

Interesting, does this do anything that checking the option to ‘Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked’ does?

Thanks for the great advice. :-TU

Yes, it gives you complete control over any cross-site requests. It’s a great extension.

Thanks, I added it to the article.

Do you know of any extensions for chrome that perform a similar function?

I don’t use the Chromium variants, so I’m not very current about what extensions have been developed.

I do know that now that the API is available, the author of RequestPolicy isn’t planning on a port of his Firefox extension for at least a year. #83 (port RequestPolicy to Chromium (Google Chrome)) – RequestPolicy

Is NoScript available for Chrome yet? I know it has some cross-site scripting blocking functionality, but I don’t know how similar it is to RequestPolicies methods because I haven’t used NoScript for years.

Well there is NotScripts and ScriptNo. However, I don’t think they’re quite as effective as NoScript.

Likely because the API previously hasn’t supported the finer control needed to implement the extension the way Firefox users are used to. With the API release less than a year ago, it’s likely possible to implement NoScript now, but perhaps like the author of RP, the author of NS has other things taking priority.

Many of the extensions that have been waiting for full extension API support have been somewhat slow to adapt. For example, the full ad-blocking capabilities of AdBlock Plus for Chrome is still in the experimental stage.

The lack of some of these extensions are the reason I still haven’t been comfortable with the Chromium variants.

I think I mentioned this before but I’ll add it here as well. Although Cookie Monster is very good, I’ve now replaced it with Cookie Controller It offers many more options for cookie control including DOM storage, the developer is also very active.

You may also have a look at Ixquick search engine which encrypt all searches by SSL.

Hi Boris. is ixquick but uses google.

A Unique Combination

On Startingpage the privacy of Ixquick is combined with the Web search results from Google. The combination of these two features is what makes Startingpage so special.
You can continue using the Web results from the world’s most popular search engine but now under the privacy protection of Ixquick, the world’s most private search engine.

Thanks Radaghast,

I should have look the info of Startingpage before posting on Ixquick. My mistake, sorry.

Thanks, I checked it out and I now recommend this one. ;D

This is the URL of the info I pasted o na message to you

For me it explains a lot re; the way my PC has acted since being infected .

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Can these services prevent against scripts tracking you? Don’t say disable all scripts because 90%+ of the websites I visit use them.

DNT+ may help with that, but for the truly paranoid it’s necessary to use ScriptNo or NotScripts. Both of these services allow you to relatively easily make a whitelist of necessary scripts.

If anyone knows of another method please let me know.