How to install with Firewall Security Level disabled?


is there any possibility to install the Comodo Personal Firewall with firewall security level setting “disabled”?

Background: If I want to install the firewall on a remote machine on which I got no direct access, all traffic is blocked after the installation of the firewall so that I lock out myself. So it would be nice to have the firewall turned off at the first startup.

Thanks in advance

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There is no installation option not to run CIS on the first boot, but one solution to your problem would be to boot in Safe Mode directly after the installation and change the Firewall Security Level to Disabled. Hope that solves your problem.


thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately there is no possibility to boot up in Safe Mode.

Perhaps it would be possible to write a script/tool which sets the security level to disabled? So that I can run the script automatically after the firewall is installed?

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Once you install CIS You may open CIS (Before you restart the machine) and then configure CIS to disable the firewall
CIS > Firewall > Firewall Behavior Settings > Disable

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That wouldn’t help because directly after the installation the firewall is automatically blocking all the traffic. I’m not soure for now but I think the standard setting is “safe mode” and therefore it’s not possible for me to establish a remote connection to the PC.

Ok; Disable the Comodo Firewall Driver, then Start CIS > Disable or training mode


Use the registry :slight_smile:

This is the firewall settings for CIS; for internet configuration
If you enable this in the registry your firewall will be set to disable

Hope this helps


Mh… I imported the settings you posted and absolutely nothing has changed concerning the security level of the firewall. Even after a restart there is no effect.

Ah; I see my problem; have you tried disabling the firewall driver/service?


I found a way to disable the firewall by setting the autostart level of the COMODO Firewall service to disabled.
I think it could work this way, the only thing is, that the firewall is enabled in the midst of the installation. Thus I can’t finalize the installation completely. Instead a script will set the autostart level of the service to disabled and then reboot the machine. Might work…

There ya go
I can’t run any VM’s so i’m working out of my mind :smiley:
Its always fun to do it this way

Is it really necessary to disable the service AND to set the registry values?

Just the service not the registry values.

Registry Values didnt work

Okay, thank you.

And it’s no problem if the installation is not totally finalized?

Please Explain?

from what i’m seeing; going to install CIS disable the Firewall Service, and then restart- start up CIS configure CIS so it will allow Remote access; ?



As I mentioned above the firewall is already activated in the midst of the installation. So I can’t finish it totally.

I would believe its nearly impossible;
Let me request other mods to come assist you;

I’ll run some more theories on ways you could do this.

Sorry for taking up your time :slight_smile:


You really don’t have to appologize.
I’m very happy to have such a good support here :slight_smile:

Your welcome; Another Moderator should be assisting you within 24 hr Period
Only if i had a virtual machine i could help a bit better; but I’m stuck with a ‘slow’ computer :stuck_out_tongue:


at the moment CIS FW can’t be installed “remote” it does activate in the middle of the installation and makes you lose your connection… there is a wish to make an optional install switch so it doesn’t activate the FW before reboot.

I try to keep this simple as I can
You can’t disable the firewall from remote(installation or not, if you can, so could any hacker.

However, You can disable the firewall by going to the computer and do it in person, just NOT by remote)