How to delete Windows XP services? [Resolved]

I googled quickly but didn’t really find what I was looking for, so I’m asking my fellow tweakers. How to delete a service?

I’ve successfully deleted BITS and Automatic Updates by typing “sc delete BITS” and “sc delete wuauserv” in the Command Prompt. Thanks to Ragwing. I’ve also randomly found out that I can delete:

Computer Browser (sc delete browser)
Smart Card (sc delete scardsvr)
SSDP Discovery Service (sc delete ssdpsrv)

I found out another thing by looking at Bold Fortunes guide; take the name of the respectively service’s corresponding DLL file. Now, this only worked for the services mentioned above. I’m also interested in deleting the following services:

Distributed Transaction Coordinator
DNS Client
Fast User Switching Compatibility
Human Interface Device Access
Indexing Service
Performance Logs and Alerts
Protected Storage
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager
Secondary Logon
Security Accounts Manager
System Event Notification
Terminal Services
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Windows Management Instrumentation

If there is a simple way, not involving the Command Prompt, I’m interested in that as well…

My list of services (the disabled ones) is way too long. :-\ I want to kill my Windows XP a little more. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice.


EDIT: I’ve already gone through Bold Fortune’s guide to delete all DLL and EXE files related to the services mentioned above. And for those who hasn’t discovered the guide I refer to, here it is:

I’m not sure if the DLL’s got the same name as the services, but when you open the service properties for a service (like DNS Client), you’ll see the service name (for DNS Client, it’s Dnscache).
sc delete should work. If it doens’t, then Microsoft wants you to keep it ;D


Never forget that some services depend on other services, and, furthermore, on partly undocumented OS functionality.

How far have you gone thus far, LA and Ragwing?


PS: In mb, please (:TNG)

It might be a coincidence in some cases.

Thanks, I’ll go ahead and try, if successfully - I’ll post a screen shot with a neat list of LA’s services. :slight_smile:

I’m willing to gamble. ;D I don’t hesitate to delete the services I’ve already disabled. 8)


I was never thinking of removing just the services you’d already disabled, but some of the yet untouched ones :slight_smile:


You have to register in BoldFortune’s forum to download a small tool that can delete services. The sfc command only partially deletes them (I think). You didn’t read my other post, LA >:(

Maybe I should move some of those posts over here. Nah. Too lazy.

I didn’t want to register.

Anyway, now I’ve successfully deleted many services. The attached image shows what’s left from my berserk. :-TU


[attachment deleted by admin]

If that’s really the whole thing, it looks way better than before :slight_smile:

Pfft. You’re even lazier than I am. Want me to upload? That’ll be more favour you’d owe me (:a*)

I thought you disabled all COM related services.

Yes Soya, show him what you’ve got.


It’s the whole thing. :-TU

I’d be grateful (:HUG) - but I don’t know how it works, how to customize the file to fit my services etc.

I kept one, to avoid error messages. Now I see that I still have errors in the Event log, so maybe I should kick out the last COM service after all.


I’m also thinking of two other disabled services: Shell Hardware Detection and Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). Will I ever have to enable either of them, or should they be safe to delete?

Maybe Remote Access Connection Manager can be deleted, now it’s set to manual. I should check if I can use internet without it… and Net Logon…


Since you removed them with SC, I doubt they’d appear in the tool’s list. Whatever you do, don’t mess with the device drivers option because Mr. Fortune never mentions anything with that option. Otherwise it’s easy to use even blindfolded.

According to BlackViper (if memory serves me right), if you disable the logical disk manager services rather than set them to manual, there should be less errors.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Device driver options? ???

Don’t you mean the other way around? L.D.M. are now set to disabled, but they should be manual?


Use the tool and you’ll see.

Yes sir, I wasn’t sober.

I would not recommend manual removal of ICS without further fumbling 'round, which would be rather intensive.

Even more, shell hw detection removal might cause some heavy problems - depending on your sys config - in the future.

Again, both actions are possible steps to consider, but please beware.


Thanks, but the tool wasn’t of any use, unfortunately. I’ll use it though, the next time I do this (which will take a while, at least until I completely kill my XP installation).

Since all my errors are DCOM related…

The server {BA126AE5-2166-11D1-B1D0-00805FC1270E} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

…I doubt that setting L.D.M. to manual will help. :-\


Thanks for your advice. Then I won’t ever touch shell hw detection, and ICS only before the next planned reformat…



Hmm…odd. Maybe it was a combination of the devil’s luck and following BF’s guide that eliminated all my errors even with DCOM Process Launcher service still running. :BNC

That’s why I don’t delete all services including disabled ones. Some just feel too “grave” to dig. (Sorry for bad pun)

It’s odd indeed, I even think I was without errors for a while, when I enabled DCOM a few days ago. Obivously the lack of errors wasn’t permanent. (:AGY) I wish I could safely turn off the event log service… but that would slow down boot time with one minute or so. :frowning: