How to delete Windows XP services? [Resolved]

Yet you have almost as many services as I do. :THNK

Yet you have just a few more services than I do. :THNK


Maybe you followed the guide too literally. Not everything he applied necessarily applies to your system. I still have my balance (:s*) as the key. I’ll have 9 services once I disable Task Scheduler.

  • a bit of luck. :-X

Great to see both of you still being representatives of the adventurous kind (:LGH)

The adventures continues, I deleted two more services. ;D


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Running services:
COMODO Firewall Pro Helper
Event Log
Plug and Play
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Task Scheduler
Windows Audio

No AV? Avast runs several.

I think Ragwing runs Avira, although Avira should also have at least one service? Personally I don’t run any AV; so I only have the services illustratred by the picture above. It’s tempting to be even more brave. Who cares about balance. ;D As long as there’s no need for e.g. Norton PartitionMagic, I could remove those two Logical Disk services. And of course ICS is hanging loose, as well as COM+ Event System. So 19 services → 15 services (of which 9 are running, and when I disable Task Scheduler - which I will do - it’ll be 14/8 services :-TU).


I don’t need any antivirus when I have CFP 3. (:WIN)
But seeing as this topic has been marked as resolved, I might as well close it. We have other topics for discussion on how to killing XP.


Yeah, it actually is resolved, so let’s stick to what we usually do then! Thanks Rag.

To clarify how this topic has been resolved:

  • You can delete Windows XP services (any service of your choice) by using the tool Soyabeaner attached in this post (please don’t remove it, Soya :a0).

  • You can also double click on the service, and look at “Service name”. Then take the name, start the Command Prompt and type sc delete name (of course, replace ‘name’ with the service’s name).

Any questions or other issues, just PM any mod and we’ll open this topic again.