How to configure CPF with KAV?


how do i configure CPF with Kapsersky KAV (a.b) with activated Port Control?
KAV controls the traffic and act as a proxy -i think- CPF do not detect the proper program connecting the Internet.
it shows me only KAV is going out and not as a sample ultraedit (for update).


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I’ll take a stab at this, and others can chime in as needed. I use KAV 7.0 behind a Linksys firewall router.

I believe you will need to disable port monitoring on all ports in KAV so that CFP can detect the programs that request inbound and outbound access to the Internet. And I believe you are also correct in that KAV functions as a proxy server.

Since I have not seen the user interface for KAV 8.0, I will use the GUI syntax of KAV 7.0:

Settings > Traffic Monitoring > Port Settings (button) > [Select] Monitor Selected Ports Only > [Uncheck all ports within this table and click “OK”]

Separately, you may also want to disable HTTP traffic monitoring in KAV if you stream video or Internet radio frequently.

Under KAV 7.0:

Settings > Protection > Web Anti-Virus > Connectivity > [Uncheck “Scan HTTP Traffic”]

i thought the proxy problem was fixed since version;msg117605#msg117605

see the post from Toggie

I am uisng KAV 8.0 and Comodo 3.0 with no problems. All at defaults. If you disable the HTTP scanning then you will loose your web shield. Try it yourself. Go the to eicar test page with HTTP scanning disabled and all the tests will fail. If you then enable it you will get an access denied alert from KAV.

Hi Vettetech,

do you have enabled the port controls?

Everything is stock. All I did was install KAV.

Thanks for refreshing my memory. That post appeared on the same day that I created the set of comprehensive instructions for removing and reinstalling CFP.

At this point, I would work with Vettetech on resolving any issues related to KAV 8.0, which is still in beta, I believe. As he correctly points out, you will lose protection by disabling “Scan HTTP Traffic” in KAV. I’m behind a hardware firewall/router and have yet to encounter any problems related to this, however. As with any security scheme, there are trade-offs. But the combination of KAV and CFP is very strong, despite some of the hoops you may need to jump through in getting them to work together. I hope that won’t be so much of an issue with KAV 8.0 when it is finally released.

I am also behind a hardware modem but have not had to jump through any hops yet.

I should have said I was referring to the difficulties in configuring KAV 7.0 with CFP. Apparently KAV 8.0 has resolved some of the more mettlesome issues that afflicted KAV 7.0.

What installation sequence did you follow when installing KAV 8.0? Did you have to uninstall CFP first, then install KAV? Or did it matter?

BTW, I ran the eicar test file with “Scan HTTP Traffic” disabled, and KAV 7.0 still intercepted it, although I have to reboot following disinfection/removal of the eicar file. Are you sure your system fails the eicar test under KAV 8.0 with “Scan HTTP Traffic” disabled? I ask because I may install KAV 8.0 Beta on one my machines soon.

I was referring to the eicar test site when you click on the files. With HTTP scanning enabled it stops the downloads from even starting. With it off you can download the files.

I see. What moved you to try KAV 8.0? What are your impressions so far (sorry, I know this is starting to stray off-topic a bit).


Just installed KAV and did not have to uninstall Comodo. I was using Avira but the “umbrella” in the taskbar refused to open up about every 4th or 5th boot up.

@ vettetech

can you please check your following settings in KAV?! (see attachment)

@ USSS aktual final is the Version 2009 (

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All my HTTP ports were checked off by default. I actually uninstalled KAV and went back to NOD32.

ok! when they are unchecked, the firewall recognize all programs with outgoing traffic.

I thought your CPF works proper with all checked HTTPs.

It does work. Firefox crashing has nothing to do with Comodo. Its a KAV problem that they are working on.

? my problems aren’t crashs in firefox.

i thought the cpf-team fixed the problem with kav’s proxy.

Go to the KAV forums. Everyone is having issues with Firefox crashing and people don’t even have Comodo. It is not a Comodo problem.

KAV 8.0 (Version 2009) apparently is not yet officially released in the US, based on what I see on their English site. But the Beta version ( NCT) obviously is available with limited support.

I have none problems with the Firefox. The Thread refers on comodo and the port control in Kaspersky antivirus. I thought comodo has fixed the problem with kav’s proxy with version

@Usss there is a final english version Kaspersky Antivirus Software – Internet Protection | Kaspersky