How many users have not had trouble with CTM?

I’ve used it some with no problems–but did uninstall for fear that I would. I’m using Win7(64). It’s saved me in the limited time I’ve used it.

How about others?

i’m afraid to try it again , it said installed fine and on reboot while it was finishing of partion it failed to complete with error , i had no choice but to reinstall operating system and all my programs took hrs :frowning: p.s. used it on xp 32bit …i used it before quite a while ago with no problems.

Like with Comodo Disk Encryption, Dragon, and System Cleaner I no longer use it because of all the bugs riddled within the software and lack of development pace.

No issues at all here.

The only issue I’ve had with it is that the latest beta “used” up my free space so I had to do a manual compacting of the snapshots.

I’m not with CTM until the development really shows improvements and stability.

I love the program (or the idea of it) and would gladly pay good money for a solid working version, but it’s sure not favorable to see even these few results.

I wonder if most are having trouble in install of after it’s been running for some time.

I have it on 2 machines, works like a charm.

I think a better topic would be " How many users had trouble with CTM" then ask what kind of hardware specs they had :slight_smile: But that’s just me

I’m going to eventully add another computer to CTM and replace Shadow Defender :slight_smile: and possibly another computer thats running steady state

I understand, but my thought was there are pages and pages of posts where people did have trouble, so I was interested in hearing from people who didn’t have trouble, and how many. It seems forums are often filled generally with problem posts, as for those who are having no problems tend to post less seeing that things are going smoothly. At least that was my thought anyway. ;D

But I’m curious about any common reasons (if any) as to why some had trouble. Are most problems with VISTA, multiple drives, constant tinkering…etc.

Thanks for posting.

I understand, but my thought was there are pages and pages of posts where people did have trouble, so I was interested in hearing from people who didn't have trouble, and how many. It seems forums are often filled generally with problem posts
I know what your saying, I just wish users that have problem to include some hardware info like Intel or AMD chip 32x or 64x brand of computer like: DELL HP ACER Do they have other operating systems on the computer, like linux, BSD *******

or even better use speccy

take a snapshot of your hardware info, give a copy to a mod here so the mod can send it to the devolper.

It would help narrow down witch computers are causing issues, That just an idea. If it is a good idea, there should be a sticky on what hardware info and a simple way to help the delvoper out. It’ll be like helping them help us :slight_smile:


thats what the bug report thread was or supposed to be.when someonne had a problem they were supposed to enter the computer specs and the problem

Somewhat difficult for me to answer this. I’ve had it on an XP, SP3 desktop and on a Vista SP2 laptop for almost one year. I had a free one year subscription to AyRecovery which I uninstalled a few days early the first week in January 2010. The previous year I had used ZSoft Uninstaller to monitor the install and figured I’d use it to do the uninstall…big mistake! Apparently, all snapshot applications should only be removed with their own uninstaller. Even though ZSoft had completely corrupted the uninstall and I was in the midst of a major BSOD, as a last resort I hit the “Home” key on one of many boot attempts and amazingly even though AyR was “half” removed I was able to recover. Then a couple of months later on the laptop, either after one of the massive MS patch Tuesdays (one time there were 18 Hot fixes) or when I was uninstalling CTM for my monthly defrag and Paragon imaging, I nuked the MBR and was really ■■■■■■■! I was finally able to boot from a Paragon disk I’d made and repaired the MBR. No problems since. Still can’t recall why it happened!

Not very promising results for such a great idea. With this many problems I would say all versions are still in beta.

If this worked without messing your PC up this would be something everyone should have as standard equipment on a computer. As it is I’m scared to reinstall 2.8, but sure hope 2.9 is more together as far as problems go.

Wrong! …sorry about being so blunt
The initial question was correctly written

What that suppose to mean ???

Yes that’s just you… and Ewen ;D

what about “there”?

The Software is a simple ■■■■ – that is French for “La merde”
(as Vladimir Ulianov (Lenin) liked to repeat when arguing with his political opponents - “говно!, my friend”,)

Indeed – all mentioned is trash – as simple as that

Great idea is one thing the implementation is another .
You can use free Software(s) that already implemented perfectly and working excellently without any troubles supporting all those great ideas

“Ruined the System” is my vote - applied to all mentioned Software


I wonder after a crash if anyone has used an Acronis image to restore everything OK. I guess that’s a whole other thread topic!

I like Acronis, but if CTM worked correctly everything could be more easily restored without having to go get the external HDD.

OK, I just did something stupid: I reinstalled CTM. The next day my laptop flickered and rebooted itself while I was typing in Word. Upon reboot I got an disk error message. It eventually did come on. I went back to an earlier snapshot and it did the same thing.

I tried Acronis (System and C:) and it’ wouldn’t work. I uninstalled CTM successfully.

Puzzled why Acronis wouldn’t restore though.

Hi dagrev ,

1st, this Software is not what you need it is a complete disaster … read the section and comment here & there

Then please fix a typo, if you want , but rather not :

Yes, that is definitely a “dick- error” ;D - could be called “disk” … but the terminology is correct

Uninstall CTM and forget about it . Then all dicks=disks will stay hard & safe :wink: Cheers!

p.s. try this free very fast & reliable Software Macrium Reflect FREE Edition

I have now tried on a WM machine and it works fine. I made a snapshot after I installed it. I install CIS Complete and I tried to restore the computer when CIS wasn’t installed and it worked. I haven’t seen CTM before win boots. I forgot to mention that I installed CTM 2.8 (at least the stable release).

Comodo… please don’t let this software die. The idea is great and a great software. The GUI can be improved.

P.S: This is my opinion and no fanboy comment.

Valentin N