How many of you run BOClean with Anti-Virus program


I do :slight_smile:

I do :-TU

I meant to add in the first post. Please post what anti-virus you are using with BOClean. :-TU

I do, and don’t! :slight_smile:

On the 2 comps that only I use I don’t have BOClean as I belive D+ will provide sufficient protection… I hovewer do have ondemand scanners on all, CAVS is one of them… =)

On those that my sister, mom and dad uses, I made the choice to install BOClean, just in case… :slight_smile:

I don’t!

Too resource gobbling. :slight_smile:

I dont use BOClean yet

I think it is no secret that I use BOClean 88)

But seriously : A lot of people I recommended BOClean to are using a real-time security setup like this :

  • PC Tools Firewall ( Easy, Free, Dutch language )
  • Avast! ( Easy, Free, Dutch language )
  • Comodo BOClean ( Easy, Free, just in case )

Most of them can’t handle a HIPS or a lot of security pop-ups. For those people Comodo BOClean can make a difference :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I used to use BOClean along with CIS, till BOClean stopped updating.

BOC+ NOD32+CIS(without CAV)


cis and boclean. but yes sometimes boclean can be very dangerous. my bro was on the comp and suddenly boclean popped with a trojan alert (my bro is a novice) he usually quarantines the malware, since theres no quarantine in boclean, he chose to delete and then roxio and photoshop stopped working (guess it was a false positive). i strongly feel atleast there should be quarantine feature in boclean. sorry if off topic.


I’m using CIS and BOClean together.



I do again now :smiley:


It seems like I do, if my signature is not lying :slight_smile:

I have in the past, however, because it uses so much resources, I’ve removed it. I’m really looking forward to BOClean’s inclusion into CIS because based on what I’m reading, the rewrite will allow full benefit from the addition without the drag on system resources.

I’ll use it next to Nod32…until it’s no longer standalone.
Then it will be “thanks for the time i used it, but hasta la vista, Comodo”.

Why do you want to know this? What is the point of this thread? I don’t get it.