How long have you been at Comodo's Forums? ~ Please vote, will only take a sec!!

Hello guys, how long have you been active in these forums (especially would like the mods and admins to reply and say how long)?

8 months. I still consider myself a Newbie. ;D

A computer newbie, or a newbie on these forums?

Forums…compared to everyone else.

Ok. Well, I’ve been here about 5 months (I guess that is counting a time where I had joined, posted a bit, then was inactive for a month of so).

Also, Kyle, did you vote, I saw you were here (I was looking in the Who’s Online section. I love looking at what people are doing. Sded always seems to be “Marking topics read or unread.”. (:LGH) I guess that is gossip…).

Stalker 88) 88)
Yeah I voted, been active since may 14th (:KWL)

I like to Stalk. I saw when you where posting here, so I hurried over. (:NRD)

Is this a poll for the future 8+?
Or the past?

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About one year. :slight_smile:

From January 8 - 2008 till now, so about 8-9 months :a0

Since April 2007.

I know… My account saids June 2008. However, Account got hacked. :-[


April 2006 - #52

“8+ Years” means you have been here for more than 8 years.

That is for how many days/hours/minutes you have been logged on. This is for how long you have been here.

Nearly 2 years but it feels a lot longer! ;D

Member since 2007-01 (:s*)
Moderator since 2007-08. (:m*)



Shaved legs have helped you to cut 5 mothts ? :o ;D

L.A. is my hero (:HUG)

I guess so, they always seek women for moderatorship. ;D (but yet we haven’t come across any)



I wish I could become a mod… :a0

To become one you have to prove yourself, I bet. I just wonder how…