How I defeted my need for sleep!

Please note that I don’t recomend anyone to follow this. Im just stating that it seems possible. Trying this may be dangeruos and can possible result in early death. So don’t.

Anyway I was a 8 hours a day sleeping guy when one day I started thinking of life and realised that it can’t possible be right to spend a third of life laying in bed when still in good health.

So I started doing some research and to my suprise many great men has been people who had sleept less than the 8 hours recomendation. To read about some great people who chosed less sleep click this link:

Its stunning to see that less sleep don’t make you incapable of thinking (like they suggest, no sleep slower thinking bla bla…).

Anyhow I started of easy, Instead of one long 8 hour sleep I put my schedlue to one 6 hour sleep and one nap on 30 minutes. It worked great. Didn’t feel tierd.

Then I stepped it up to one two hour sleep and one nap on 30 min. Bad idea, it worked two days then I didn’t wake up by the bell and ended up sleeping 14 hours.

Now however Im sleeping 5 hours + taking one (sometimes two) short naps. The number of naps are decided on how I feel. still I save 2 or 2,5 hours a day compared to previously. That I can use for other things than sleeping.

Have I gone insane? how much do you sleep? Feel free to add your opinion about this. Also don’t try this unless a doctor tells you its okay… = O

I get 5 hours generally, but not by choice. :frowning:

I’m in the less than 5 hours bracket, but like Panic, not by choice. :-\

Less then 5 hours not by choice either!

Average about 5 hrs. Always wake up about the same time regardless of the time I go to bed. Sometimes I think an afternoon nap would be good if bubby would let me, but I struggle to get to sleep during daylight. Rubys afternoon naps a almost non-existent now. Being a home dad, my 2yr old does dictate sleep patterns a bit. Kind regards.

If you guys want to have a good nice peaceful sleep have scotch whisky on the rock :-TU an hour before bed, because it does give you the best relaxation during you’re sleep throughout night and when you do wait up in morning you’ll feel like a new person really fresh in the morning.

I get 5 or 6 hours generally, but not by choice, sometimes I get 4 hours sleep depends how my boss drives me nuts throughout day at work unless I had my baseball bat with me >:-D

Many health problems in long run if you don’t get 7+ hours of sleep. Well genetics may provide the few tolerance for less sleep, and while other good health habits might offset one bad one, the health statistics make less than 7 a bad bet.

The napping thing may allow some leeway, too, but while you defeated the need for sleep, it may be that your spelling and health may both be hurt…

[citation needed]


[melatonin, fluffy pillows and blackout shutters needed]

Hmmm! “i-n-e-r-s-t-i-n” topic

haaha! Indeed!
As one of the Russian sayings states : “You are right as my right testicle and even righter” :smiley:

Those do not help even if you add earplugs to that (usually 2 … I du’know… two???)

Very true!

The napping could be very healthy … when you are an oriental descent & know what it’s all about. In this case ~20 min of deep sleep can compensate a lot,
… but that cannot possibly apply to us “western people” - we are hopeless re: the matter

Huge mistake ! rather two if not more :wink:

1) You do not drink before going to bed expecting having a rest… you will basically suffer;

2) “whiskey on the rock” :o or any other drink with added ice or bloody water is an invention of a complete idiots & that is pure waste of product(s) !ot! , but true;

3) You may have pure (no bloody freaking rocks) whiskey or vodka (the latter is much preferable!) before going to bed … When & If you have a cold (not a flue - important!).
One full glass plus you add pepper (better hot read chilly) to that in case you have a sore throat.
A full glass of that mixture & scarf (pure wool one) and you will have few hours of decent sleep & basically no symptoms the next morning

Other that that … as far as I know, there were just quite a few well known geniuses, who maintained the lifestyle of sleeping much less then 8 (needed) hours
and lived quite a long and productive life … Sure you can & will find out a lot about them including the facts that they were (are?) indeed extremely weird concerning many aspects, but who cares?
Again as 00hmh pointed - “genetics may provide”. True! & go figure how & where to obtain that genetic 88) material … don’t even start with suggestions - that’s for another thread

The message for those who are not geniuses or oriental people deeply involved into their philosophy - try to have ~ 8 hours of decent sleep.

Nothing else you can do my western/pragmatic[al] friends - we are basically doomed! :slight_smile:


As one of the Russian sayings states : "You are right as my right testicle and even righter"

I don’t get it.

I wouldn’t want it.

You wouldn’t want “it” what? Ewen :slight_smile:

I know that it’s not easy to translate proverbs or jokes from other languages … but anyway

Being “right” means - correct

Speaking of “right” in terms of a side/coordinates the right testicle is (usually ) at the right side , isn’t it? ;D

Therefore being even “righter” (more that “right”) means that you are very very correct

Hope that’s at least a bit clearer


Really You need only 5 hours of sleep? Sleeping so short You can finish quickly yourself. Sleep is very necessary, because only then human brain really rests.

Speaking of "right" in terms of a side/coordinates the right testicle is

But why the right testicle? Why not the right ear, as it’s probably further to the right than the right testicle? Plus, both males and females (should) have a right ear, something which cannot be said for the right testicle.

I try to sleep about 8 hours. Sometimes a good book cuts into that time, or sometimes I have time to sleep even more than 8 hours.

I can operate with 4-6 hours, but only barely. :stuck_out_tongue:

So…you guys are training yourselves to ignore sleepy side effects?

Naps usually make me feel worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

5h + 30 min (nap)… sometimes +30 min more, depending on daily shape… making it 5.5 or 6 hours sleep.

Shocked to see som many here sleeping even less. :o

Ouch…I stayed up late reading and got 5 hours of sleep. Now I feel terrible (my eyes). 88)

If I were you I’d really bare this statement in mind before trying that again.

You’ve known of exceptions? :o
SiberLynx has heard of some pretty weird expressions.

I know, right?