how good is CIS compared to other products?

hi everyone,

I have been using CIS for some time now, and I feel quite safe with it, but once in a while I try to find some test results where CIS is being compared to other security suites or products, but test results are hard to find, because CIS often is being ignored for whatever reason (e.g.

The firewall (with defense+) is in my eyes top notch, but what about the AV part and antispyware part of CIS?

For example, I keep using Spybot S&D (not the resident part, but scanning once a week manually).

I guess using 2 products won’t harm, but is another antispyware even needed with CIS? Does it also find spyware?

No, you are wrong, I guess COMODO ignores them. The old history: Let’s wait for AMTSO tests…

But, anyway, there are some non-AMTSO tests:

I use both! I like to see the progress of CIS AV…

Avira as guard, CAV as on demand. But even in real time they work good…

thank you for your replies… some interesting articles :slight_smile:

btw a friend asked me if CIS was better in Windows 7 than using the built in firewall combined with Microsoft Security Essentials? MSE scored quite good lately and protects from viruses and spyware.

I have no experience with Win 7 yet but maybe someone here knows if CIS can be used instead of MSE to get the same level of protection?

Why don’t you use CIS with FW and D+ only, together with MSE?

Well there is an argument against this, as Comodo antivirus fulfills a useful function by reducing Defense+ alerts to a minimum. If you answer Defense+ alerts correctly you should never become infected, so another antivirus is not really needed. You are much more likely to get Defense+ right if it doesn’t need to keep bothering you with things that are whitelisted.

Regardless of what software you choose as your primary AV, it is always a goos idea to have a second one installed, but not active. This second AV can be used to verify FPs and as a fail-safe to the primary one.

in my view, i would always suggest to use avira antivirus as guard, instead of comodo antivirus. there is no argument against this,

As soon as someone says “there is no argument against this”, your fanatic radar should light up. There are always arguments. There are always alternatives. Unless you work in marketing or advertising, nothing is absolute, nothing is ultimate.

but there are some arguments against cis antivirus (for example, imagine you have a virus in an archive, cis will not tell you until you open that archive).

So what? Really. So what?? All malware is a bunch of code and code is only effective when executed in memory, regardless of whether is was stored on your hard disk on on a web server or on a flash drive. Until it is executed, it is just a bunch of 0’s and 1’s. Only when it is executed does it have the potential for harm, and it is at this point that CIS will intercept it.

Please note that I said CIS will intercept, not the Comodo AV will intercept it. Comodo’s AV works best in conjunction with Defense+. It’s good on it’s own, but it is at it’s best when used in conjunction with D+.

and in the tests, when theres said: detected 75%..... imagine how much is 25% when there are 100000s of viruses are tested. even when the result is 99%, its still 1000 viruses that arent detected! combine this with the amount of false positives.... thats why i returned after tests with cis antivirus to avira free personal edition.

Asking a question like “How good is CIS?” on a Comodo forum is bound to elicit either of two typical responses - “CIS is the best thing since sliced bread” and “CIS is rubbish - its not certified - use X, Y or Z”.

The best advice I can offer is to test several alternatives thoroughly on your systems. If you find one you like, feel comfortable with the level of protection it offers, understand its config and options, then that’s the one for you.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Why would it be a bad idea? I’ve been using Avira and COMODO AV both as guard and they are running seamlessly together. CAV is usually the one to detect first though so far :-TU. CAV is really not that bad in my experience because Avira won’t likely to find anything that CAV did not :slight_smile:

maybe someone here knows if CIS can be used instead of MSE to get the same level of protection?
If choosing 1 or the other. CIS will give you better protection, MSE's main protection is just virus signitures(it also has real-time) ,but No heuristics, behaivor monitoring, and/or hips
For example, I keep using Spybot S&D (not the resident part, but scanning once a week manually).
Spybot is kind of outdated, why not use superantispyware or malwarebytes instead for the weekly manual scanning??
I guess using 2 products won't harm, but is another antispyware even needed with CIS?
Not really, But if it will make you feel safer or better, then go for it. Some people will never feel safer no matter how different products they use and/or how many times they scan. If you think your computer is doing crazy stuff. Run a anti-virus and maybe get a second option from superantispyware, malwarebytes and or a-squared free. (after updating it "of course"

If you think your computer is SLOWING DOWN, run ccleaner and/or comodo system cleaner to clean the ■■■■ thats building up and then run system defragger. BEFORE considering that your infected

Does it also find spyware?
CIS does find spyware :-TU

Please, check things out before you post.
MSE has heuristics (quite good, in fact. Almost no FP’s). It has some cloud computing (when the heuristics detect something wich is not in the database it connects to MS servers). And a bit of outbound filtering.

The only problem is most don’t know how to answer D+ correctly! :o

Which is exactly why they need the pop-ups to be as few as possible.

If something is detected by the Comodo antivirus, there will be no Defense+ alert required, whereas if you use another av Defense+ will alert as well, giving a greater chance of mistakes.

It’s a pretty well known fact that two AV solutions trying to monitor your system at the same time can cause problems.

Much the same way that pretty much any installer you come across advises you to close any open applications and AV scanners. They do this on the chance that the installer may be interrupted by another process which could cause problems during the install.

It’s common sense… Whenever more than one application attempts to access the same file at the same time, unexpected results can occur. If you have two AV’s trying to scan the same file, at the very least you can expect a performance hit in accessing the file. And of course at the very most, you could experience the Blue Screen Of Death, or worse.

Just because you’ve been lucky so far doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go running out in the thunderstorm carrying a tall steel pole. :wink:

Comodo’s AV does not reduce the number of pop-ups. You just have to watch the many video reviews on YouTube: It’s almost always D+ that acts.
But if you use another AV like Avire or MSE it’s the other way round. I use MSE since June and the AV always poped-up alone.
It’s a shame that some people think that they are helping Comodo by ignoring its defects.
Comodo’s AV, as a real time protection, is useless. Its updates are a nightmare. It’s a ■■■■■■ piece of software.

I would not say it’s ■■■■ tho it does need a lot of work. I am sure the work is being done for version 4. The acid test is to compare the AV in v4 with avast v5.

I’d like to know if it is the same engine reworked or a new one.

P.S. OK, not ■■■■… just a bad piece.

Errrmmmm… Neither Avira or MSE has HIPS. Of course you’re going to be seeing AV alerts…

For God sake! Am I speaking chinese? MSE and Comodo’s FW and D+
MSE pops-up and D+ doesn’t pop-up. Because there is no need. And that’s where Comodo’s AV fails: it was suppose to tame D+ but the only thing it produces is FP’s and headaches.
Was that clear?

Perhaps you should relax a little bit? No, you aren’t speaking Chinese, but nowhere in your post did you mention that you were using MSE in conjunction with CIS… Sorry I didn’t read your mind. 88)

Is MSE an on access scanner like the AV in CIS? Since the AV in CIS will not act until malware is accessed, if D+ intercepts the malware before it has the chance to act, obviously the AV isn’t going to give you an alert.