how good is CIS compared to other products?

MSE is on access, replacing Comodo’s AV. And it always acts on its own (I had some scares lately).
That’s what an AV is supposed to do: to be your first line of defense (after your FW).
If you design an AV to act after the HIPS, and then you say it is there to reduce the HIPS pop-ups…well… we better start speaking chinese.


I will ask you nicely to please watch the use of terminology you are using here and I will ask you to show just a little bit more respect towards the other forum users around you.

To the topic starter: Unfortunately, you are going to get a million different answers! especially with the question you asked “how good is CIS compared to other products?” All in all, It’s based on YOUR needs and your own testing of products to see what product(s) work best for you overall. People here will, and already have, basically stated that CIS is good just as package, or maybe get rid of the Antivirus and choose another Antivirus - It’s really based on your own research and what’s best for you as a user. Personally for me, CIS has worked just great by it self. But remember, other people will tell you opposite things so keep that in mind. :slight_smile: I tried to avoid your question because people will say to you “this product is better then CIS” and vice-versa so the question will start more trouble then advice unfortunately. :frowning:

If you need anything else just ask please the community will be more than happy to assist you. :slight_smile:


If it’s acting before D+, I suspect it’s not strictly an on-access scanner.

The reason there are HIPS and behavior blocker products is because the old AV methods aren’t adequate to protect against todays malware.

With all due respect,if what you say is true,and "old AV methods aren’t adequate to protect against today’s malware. "
(And I say this only applies to bottom tier AV’s) Then HIPS (with its mind numbing pop-ups),is not the finial answer.
Browerser,and better still,system partian virtualization, is a more user friendly,effective soulution.
Thus my disapointment when no information was forthcoming about the “Sandbox” feature of version 4.
Particularly how it addresses the 64 bit issue.

Comodo=Community driven software on a “need to Know” basis.

Correct. It’s not the final answer, it is just another layer of security. The more layers the better obviously.

I’m not happy with how unresponsive the developers are either. Nor are a lot of other users.


Agreed,and nicely put.

oh I expected to get a million different answers, and the benefit of discussion lies in different answers and different opinions.

One of the amazing thing of forums is, to me, to benefit of various views of the different people who are participating.

In the end, sure I have to think myself to act with what I feel confident with. But taking in different opinions is always great, it helps me to think of things I would not have thought of myself in the first place.

And I know very well that there is no single product that gives 100% security, that was not the intention of the question. I just hoped to get some honest and balanced answers, and that I did get indeed, along with some more information :slight_smile:

Now I did a few tests myself during the past days, with a freshly set up Windows 7 on my notebook, and because my PC is not infected, and hopefully will stay that way in the future, I just tested features, update behaviour, speed and such, and with the outcomes I am quite happy with CIS as a package. For the forseeable future I will use CIS as my Internet Security application, and in addition some on demand scanners too, like MBAM and also MSSE (deactivated, only for demand scanning).

With this setup, and my brain switched on while being online, I feel quite secure.

Thanks for all the answers :slight_smile:


I’ll reply in this very old thread no need to open a new one, I think.

[b]BitDefender Vs Comodo: Which Provides Better Internet Security & Antivirus?[/b]

August 22, 2021 by Dusan Stanar


Features are an important aspect of any antivirus software because how a software protects your Windows system is important to know. Between BitDefender and Comodo, BitDefender offers more online and offline security features that you can utilize. Not only that, but BitDefender offers hardware protection as well, meaning that any webcam or microphone that is attached to your device is protected from any hackers from spying on you. The all-around features gives BitDefender customers an easy time to navigate their antivirus effectively.

Winner: Bitdefender

Malware Protection:

Malware protection is crucial in any antivirus software. These types of attacks pose a serious concern to the safety of your sensitive data, as these attacks happen frequently at any given time. With malware defense, users can safely secure their personal information and won?t have to worry about any sort of leakage when they are online. Comodo takes the category as it?s extra layer of protection ranging from network threat prevention, to pay guard shopper safety is beats BitDefender?s by a sliver.

Winner: Comodo

It is clear who the winner is as well in performance:


User-Interface is another aspect that should be taken into consideration. User-Interface (UI) is a how easily the software is laid out to the user when they open the program. In this category, BitDefender is able to layout their utilities in an easy-to-understand layout, and therefore have users quickly navigate the features they need accessibility. It?s layout doe not cause any sort of strain to the eye, so it?s fit for everyone that uses it, whether you?re new to antivirus or an expert at it! .

Winner: Bitdefender

CIS have protection antilogger;
CIS have the best firewall;

These posts on the original are over 12 years old! Forget it :-TD

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