How do I stop LaunchPad from re-connecting to the internet.

In the beginning, I had turned off every option to have comodo AV AND Firewall to phone home: the launch pad had no visibly apparent options page.
Just to test the firewall, I had gone out of my way to disable all internet access through the firewall.
I clicked “deny and remember this setting” to every firewall pop-up request by comodo to connect to the internet…

My problem was that the Launchpad re-dialed and tried to update every time I disconnected from the internet…even immediately after an update!

I like dialup, because I only check e-mails, and the event logs on my remote server, and Slow connections are much harder to hack into. By the time (IF) you notice someone slipping through an unpatched exploit on your dual OC-3 fiber optic cables, you may have multi-megabytes (I’ve seen gigabytes) compromised.

UPDATE: I see that Launchpad Version has an option to disable updates by right-clicking the task manager, choosing options, then unchecking the update box. This has solved my problem;)
Thank you Team Comodo for offering your excellent betas as free trials.
Many Kudos!

What version of launchpad is it? Also, what excactly have you turned off in CPF and CAV?


P.S. in future I’d suggest asking about this first rather than posting offensive posts like ‘CAV is spyware’ as this is unlikely to get you helped.

Mike6688, please don’t flame the poster. He is only expressing his/her view on the subject. This kind of thread could be useful to Comodo.

First you have to tell us what versions you use, and then you have to tell us what settings you have turned off.
The Launchpad can be tured off in recent versions if you right-click the systray icon.
Did you choose auto when you installed the application? If you did, it auto allows trusted applications.
What do you have your “alert frequency level” on? Set it on “very high”.
Have you unchecked the “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by Comodo”.
Have you blocked them in applications monitor?
You really have to be more specific in what settings you have.
What program do you use to check that Comodo “calls home”?
It can’t be a surprise to you that security software need to update (call home)?
Your AV program must update the virus definitions database and so on…
What is the point in disabling all internet connection for security software?
There are new threats coming every day, so you really need to update it…
If CAV is spyware? Probably not. I don’t think that Comodo is that stupid.

Next time i agree with mike, that you could ask questions in a more “normal” way.
Like “- I have turned off all internet access for everything, but CAV and CPF still goes through! What settings do i have to do to stop them from getting out on internet?”
Your headline is “CAV IS SPYWARE!!”. What kind of proof do you have? I really want to know, so i’m not using a program that isn’t what it’s supposed to be. The headlind could have been “Is CAV spyware?” instead of the “yellware” you used…
Have a nice day, and please post again if you want help, but tell us exactly what steps you have done so far.


Sorry that you are frustrated, CAV is simply not spyware.
We are all here to help you with the issues.
Can you pls start identifying your issues so that we can solve it for you asap.


Rick24, I don’t think that Mike6688 flamed tompretto. He’s a moderator and it’s his job to cool down people that flame the forum. I know that for sure… :-[ ;D
If you say “CAV is spyware”, then i think that you need to be sure about that.
He also say “actively spying firewall that cannot be trusted”…
Do you agree with him rick24?
I honestly would like to know if he’s right, and i’m sure you would too, but since he probably not are sure about it, he could have used other words, until he is sure.
tompretto is flaming and making every user of Comodo products look stupid… IF his info is true…
IF he’s not sure, he can ask questions first and yell later, if he needs to…

Hi Rick,

Mike was not flaming the user in anyway, he was simply asking questions and telling the user in the future to be sure about something before they post about it, do you need to read his post again?


Comodo only contacts the Comodo servers to check for software updates and to update the News section of the firewall. It does not spy on the user, unless you consider checking for updates spying…

As for CAV the antivirus has modules that need to connect to the internet to update, and other modules that involve internet activity to protect you from viruses and checks your e-mail for viruses if you use an e-mail client.

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Edit: Subject changed. ;D

this is getting usual... some-one starts a topic talking badly about comodo. usualy a new user, and then disapears after 3 posts...

is anyone paying for these guys to make false claims???

I’ve been using the comodo products for a while… And I recomend it to everyone.
So that every one knows, I’m an independent IT. I’ve been working with computer for over 15 years.
been in the internet for over 10 years. I think I would know if there was any kind of spyware on this.

I think that anyone that starts a topic like this and doesn’t stay here to defend what they say don’t deserve any credit. Maybe the next thing these people will say is that linux is a giant Virus.

be sure before you make any post, read the documentacion, the forum, and make your own documentacion with evidence on the things you say.

If the poster doesn’t show any supporting evidence in at least 24 hours I advise to lock the topic, and make a warning on Comodo foruns to present logs whenever theres is something like this to to told

to any-one thats trying to choose a firewall or an av read all the reviews, for the last weeks I’ve seen alot of false claims. If you have a doubt test it your-self. I know I did with over 5 firewalls and AVs… no names metioned

edit: the original post has now been edited since my comments longer make any sense to any-one that hasn’t read this before. any way thanks trompetto for editing that post, and hope that you’ll be a part of this comunity and come to like it (and the software) has many of us already do.

Good idea SpacemanPT.
We will have more and more people coming and making “claims” and strangely disappear after few posts…
I like your idea about locking and marking these…


melih I’m just a little p… o… with this

just be sure to let people defend them selfs and let other reports be posted. and only then lock the post if no “evidence” presented.

we all know that comodo wants to know about the bugs, and comodo does help the costumers… and if we are fair no-one will say that they didn’t have the change to defend themselves

(:NRD)Flame, lame, overreaction on both sides, or neither side depending on your (read: my) viewpoint, but whatever… I can see that some people have nothing to do but troll around the forums all day (no disrespect to those who need to be, or are paid to be here), but others of us work for a living. Being a net admin myself, If something major happened, I may not have come back “within 24hours” so lock your threads or take whatever extreme action YOU need to in order to make yourselves feel secured against the threat of someone who might not communicate in a so-called “normal” way after spending eight hours on the phone with a tech support rep in India.

If poor Mike was “flaming” me, I must’ve seemed like a suicide bomber, so I emphatically apologize for yelling in the forum, and I take no offense-we’re all human, and very few are truly compassionate- but I was PO’d about this program calling home every few minutes… It was utilizing my dialup adapter and effectively P’ing me Off!

As I tried to spell out earlier… I was so frustrated that I tried everything short of uninstalling the programs trying to get the software to stop trying to call home. How did I know it was calling home? I looked through the help pages and went in and set the firewall to maximum verbosity, but every time my computer re-dialed the internet, comodo firewall warned me “comodo launchpad is trying to access the internet”…very clearly (and supposedly trustworthy;) Alas, my dialup adapter was still dialing the internet even though I had gone into the component monitor and blocked EVERY comodo component.

Sadly, in MY ignorance, during installation I had used the advanced settings; hating memory hogging components, I turned off the launchpad, so I could not see the “option” link in the launch pad taskbar pop-up menu which in my mind, being a newbie, was a non-existant (doh!) funtion.

Considering the fact that Comodo is a “freeware beta”, it should be no wonder that you have people coming in posting thrice, and never returning… If I were ten years younger, I probably would have uninstalled and moved along to the next product in my impetuousness…having left what the weak of heart would label as “flames from hell”! Good thing I’m older, and not so labile.


If my subject was too extreme, feel free to delete, or rename, or whatever: you’re the moderators, but in order to stop this from ever happening again, maybe, if when you have multiple components installed, is it possible to incorporate some component awareness algorithms, or a standardized help path so that when you open the “help” in firewall, you get to view the launchpad and AVG help if they are installed also? Or maybe just an addendum in the “troubleshooting” section of the firewall, pointing users to the launchpad component help if this type of error occurs.

Also: I may or may not be back within 24 hours… (:AGL)

I do not think the program is spyware at all. I just thought Mike came down a bit hard on the poster. I may have taken it wrong. No problems here. :slight_smile:


thank you for clarifying it for us.
We are glad to have you in our community (albeit only once every 24 hours :slight_smile: ) .


this may have not been your case… but there have been examples of people starting topics purely just to talk badly without any explanation.

I have no problem with you or any-one that just having a problem and thats why I said that everyone deserves to explain their problems with the software.

firewall does connect some times. It says checking for updates and I believe in it because nothing else indicates that it is working as a spyware. and I’ve been asked some times If I would like to update.
av or firewall is only good while is up to date

please do understand that a lot of people that post here do work in anykind of computer business and something like “is spyware” or “does not do has advertised” does a lot of stress mainly because that a lot of versions have already been tested by the comunity specialy CPF versions and the majorety of the comunity started to believe in these products.

I think that your first post felt like a shot towards the comodo comunity.
so please lets no shoot first and ask questions later

I’m sorry if my own post felt like a shot towards you, but my intention was purely to defend the comunity from anything that might no be true

please acept my appolegies and please understand the comunity point of view has anyones point of view that have not tried cpf or cavs yet.

edit: Melih maybe its better for every-one to have a title that maybe taken less offensively by the comunity if tompretto is ok with it

And for those who don’t like this, it can be disabled under “Miscellaneous” :slight_smile:

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Read the subject. ;D

Well, we do try to run an open, frank and friendly community forum where everyone can interact together and we can all be free to state what we want. We, as mods and administrators try not to play the “god” and decide what you should or should not talk about or write. We believe our community is fairly well educated, respectful and friendly community. I believe the decision lies with tompretto! If he feels that it would be in the best interest of the community to re-name the subject line then its his decision.

Naturally, I would encourage him to do so, as having so many users and hard working developers who put their heart and soul into this product. However the decision is tompretto’s.



However, you can all change the title of your own post if you want. Just as I have.