How do I stop LaunchPad from re-connecting to the internet.

Read it. tompretto did mention the firewall as well.

But, not in the subject (title). Which is what I thought we were talking about. ???

Shhhh. Don’t let this get out, but I’ve heard that Microsoft is REALLY the giant virus. Now, you didn’t hear that from me, you understand, but think about it… :wink:

True, but in his first post:

Of course, there is no way I would recommend disabling auto-updates in the antivirus. Updates for the firewall can be manually checked for and downloaded whenever an announcement is made of their availability.

Let’s try and keep the topic on track, guys.

The original posting was about Comodo apps surreptitiously phoning home.

Focus, grasshoppers, focus.

Ewen :slight_smile:

this might be the reason why he needs to stop comodo from conecting. if re-dial means what I think he uses some kind of dial-up connection or maybe any kind of connection that if paid by time.

if thats the problem then it is natural for him to try and stop the auto-update.

unfortunely there isn’t enough information for me to understand if the problem comes from the auto-update or anything else.

so if any-one can try to replicate the problem that would be great.

I would try to do it but I think that a “cleaner” pc would be required

edit: just read the bugs report and found out this:
-From Status Page Enabling and disabling AutoUpdater and Email Scanner is not working

I’m also assuming that the component that is trying to phone home is triggering his dial up connection. I’ve PM’d him with a few suggestions, and we’ll update this post with the results.

ewen :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I know I’ve been away a bit (i’ve been a bit ill) but I never inteneded to ‘flame’ the poster. If this is what it felt like then I apologise for this. My post was merely a suggestion that it’s generally better to ask first so we could help tompretto. Of course tompretto is entitiled to his opinion on the product and (as you know) the comodo forums are very open in this respect for people to give their views and for Comodo to reply to these.

I hope I’ve cleared it up and that my post was intended to help, not flame, tompretto.

Mike :slight_smile: