Highly-acclaimed AV. Yes, but where..? [CLOSED]

Thats fair enough Loelas, Let’s wait to see the proof to what comodo has made about it’s av. regarding being on those magazines etc…

BTW, I sent you a PM because eXperience asked me to do it
Yeah, but I was actually referring that you needed to ask it in the pm.

Anyway, there’s no need to be so offending guys, I would like to read every review I can see from CIS.



seems to me that he had every right to start this thread. I’m quite surprised that this hasnt been brought up before.

And before anyone starts i’m not saying comodo is a rogue but looking at that page makes me feel unsure as its very misleading and should be amended.

comodo products are top notch so why resort to this


Dear all,

I agree with Leolas and Darkbutterfly.

Why is there no simple response given to the question why promotional marketing text states …ummm… ‘questionable’ references

(Before anyone flametrowes me… also thankful CIS user over here but nevertheless a critical and objective one)


Just a little something I forgot to mention previously.

If we take in consideration one of the reasons for the Comodo products - Internet Trust - then we sure should all be wondering why mentioning such reviews, when it is quite clear - at least for me, as I looked and I could not find them - they do not exist. This is clearly not a sign of Trust.

I have been reading the thread since the very beginning (I haven’t read it 100% carefully before), it seems Leolas PMed Melih to bring him into a healthy discussion (I want to believe so) about this very same fact. Should he be asking in the PM? Maybe so. Then again, shouldn’t we all know about Melih’s answer? After all, we’re talking about trust here. Nothing more, nothing less. So, if Leolas had just sent Melih a PM to ask about it and Melih answered him, I sure would be wanting Leolas to place the answer on this thread. But then, people would say he was placing a private conversation on this thread. So, IMHO, Leolas did the right thing by bringing Melih into conversation.

For what I could see, Melih didn’t like it that much. I’m sorry to say this, but, Melih, you sounded a little bit evasive on your answer, as you didn’t answer the question in the “order of the day”.

I ask you here, as I believe it is in everybody’s interest, including Comodo, to know if such reviews do exist and where we can find them, and if they don’t, then why mentioning bogus reviews?

Please, once again, do not take this as bad criticism, as I am only interested to know the truth. Because without it, I am sorry to say that you contradict your very own filosophy, which, if I understand it well, it is all resumed to trust.

Best regards

Thanks for the comment guys. We will wait for Melih to respond. :slight_smile:


I agree. :-TU I’ve been watching this topic, and I am quite interested as to why Comodo said these mags supported CAV.


I want to thank people who wrote in this thread, because I expected to be offended by most of the people -and it didn’t happened :slight_smile:

a-ha… I misunderstood your post, then :-X

Provided that I had no interet to find more info about these references I would like to know is anybody expected Melih to post a picture (or maybe an audio capture) of the reviews of Computer America and Computer shopper.

If even said articles were recorded in order to be presented as proof in case an user wanted to verify those info I guess the Press Contact Email (media-relations@comodo.com) would be of more use anyway I hardly believe that said scenario was ever considered to be reasonably likely to happen.

Well, if Melih has no intentions to clarify this situation, that I do find odd and weird (for all the reasons I mentioned before), then one could only consider that, either there are, in fact, no such reviews, or they do exist, but are classified as “top secret” and no one can have access to them?

Anyone here from the press? Would Comodo really answer or answer in a honest way?

What scenario didn’t Comodo “considered to be reasonably likely to happen”? The fact users would try to find such reviews and question why mentioning them if do not exist?

Besides, the best solution to clarify this is to ask Comodo’s CEO and President in person, as he also comes to the forum. Direct and clean. Period.

Please give Melih, and the Comodo Press, some time. Even though Melih is here 7 days a week, I believe it’s Sunday today, for most employees.


That would be a funny way to pose it as it would be far more easy to assume that these reviews are not available online since even when a magazine has an online site it cannot be assumed that every written article is mirrored on the online version.

I don’t think either that any media relations departement out there is likely to save a digital copy of each review cited in the public announcements.

If this is “mentioning” something, I’d hate to see what happens when you guys get really fired up by something. ;D

I’m not sure the CEO would be personally aware of every single source that Marketing use. I suggest that it is more likely that the CEO would need to find out the answer themselves… probably by asking someone else & waiting for the answer.

My point exactly. (:NRD) That’s why I’m reminding DarkButterfly of which day it is today.


It is obvious from your reply that you are implicitly pushing forward specific conjectures that clearly display your negative inclination against Comodo.

I don’t see either an ounce of of acknowledgement toward Comodo’s CEO efforts to join these forums and reply to user feedbacks almost like you are implying this is something that could be demanded.

I never assumed these efforts would be misinterpreted like this, in the same way I didn’t think that any marketing departement would have to address such if do not exist questions like yours (which is way different from asking for an eventual printed reference).

Then why wasting time saying this:

When time could have been “wasted” asking his Marketing staff what exactly happen with those two reviews by those two magazines.

I never said Melih should answer yesterday or today or tomorrow. I only said, and that is all I ever said, that I too, would like to hear an explanation from Melih. Of course, if he has no idea of what happened, then he first needs to know why such confusion happened. Then say it here. I believe it is fair or not? Or Melih’s trust point of view is different from mine and many others.

And now honestly, if you were not mods here, would you have that very same defensive position? Only different times could say that… I can’t… No one can say that you would or wouldn’t. But that’s a doubt in the air…

If I started to have anything against Comodo, I would simply uninstall the the firewall, leave the forum. Don’t doubt that. But, I truly would like to see it clarified.

Actually, if I ever had anything against Comodo, I would never use such product (firewall), nor would I ever provide suggestions to improve it. Search the forum… you’ll find a few…

Melih posted his reply quite late on the Friday. You can’t tell for sure that Melih even had the chance to speak to the marketing guys at that time. I tend to think that Melih’s first post was a bit harsh, but, he is straight forward. Besides I don’t know Leolas posting history, so maybe Melih thought he had reasons to post that. I have no objections on that. But as long as it’s still Sunday, I do have objections on criticism/comments which should be directed to the marketing guys. They usually don’t visit the forum as far as I know.


Me too! But I still stress the words of my previous post.