Highly-acclaimed AV. Yes, but where..? [CLOSED]

I just read the press release about CIS and I have a quick question.

The person who wrote the article, said that “teamed with Comodo Firewall Pro in the new CIS suite is Comodo’s highly-regarded free antivirus software – also acclaimed by industry experts, and by magazines such as Computer Shopper and Computer America.”

Well, nice to know… But I haven’t found anything about Comodo’s AV on Computer Shopper (in their database, there’s a review of CFP, not of ComodoAV!!), and googling, I discovered that there’s no Computer America Magazine.
Also, by now, I haven’t found many experts acclaiming that Comodo’s AV is highly-regarded.

Why didn’t you just write that the AV is quite new, but it’s growing very fast, instead of writing false things ?
I use OA, but I stilll like CFP and I’m trying CIS now, but I don’t like “disinformation”. I got enough of it in my country… :-\

Anyway, if anyone can explain me the sentence, it’d be much appreciated. Maybe I just misunderstood it…

remove-malware.com cis got a very good review. There is your expert opinion :wink:

You really should try to use Google better. I seriously found Computer Magazine with 1st!!! hit.

I already have my opinion. I like CFP, but I think that the AV is still too young :wink: I don’t need to read a review to learn it…
I just said that Comodo is saying things that are not true on their press release.

a-ha. I thought that the name of the magazine was Computer Magazine, not just “Computer” :wink:

Anyway, there’re no review of ComodoAV, there

Could you forward a pm to Melih asking about this please ? It’s pretty annoying indeed.


hi everyone,

Indeed could we have a statement on this, and not a childish level one.

Quite sure that Comodo realises that certainly if you want to take on the security establishment, any objectivity slips are creating confusion and possibly mistrust in your aims and claims in general.

And as we all now, in this day and age perception is reality.

Thanks and Brgds mack

Just sent a PM to Melih :wink:


Are you the OA lover guy who comes to our forums just to have a go at us?
if so it explains why you want to start this thing and why you PM’ed me inviting me to this discussion?

Pls, if you are coming here just to attack us, go get a hobby or something…if you are coming here to contribute to our users and to their protection then I would recommend do so!



Agree with Melih.

I really so no point why you started this thread when you PMed Melih asking to join this thread, Where you could of asked him in a respectful way “Why” instead of going to the work of starting this.

I will be watching this one carefully.


It is amazing. COMODO makes an antivirus, and Tallemu licenses one. No doubt COMODO gets props for making their own engine. HAHAHA I forgot! OA dosn’t work for crap. Silly me!

Some people are under misconception that we are enemies with tallemu guys. Not at all and good luck to them. The size of their operation is not comparable to us nor is their operation. Our so called competitors are Norton first, Mcafee second and Kaspersky 3rd. They have the user base that could benefit from Comodo.

You will see the size comparison of these companies vs Comodo and you know why we aim at those 3 companies.


You can put other website names to see the sizes and even put just the brand names like Comodo, or Kaspersky etc to compare.

We have the R&D muscle and we are the only viable alternative company today who can take on these big guys and give security to hundreds of millions of users as their “right” not as a “paid for privilige”.


Highly acclaimed Av, I can tell you from personal experience it’s pretty damn good already in such a short time. Try it on a test machine\Vm for your self with some malware

And it will only get better!! This is only the beginning. :wink:

Will wait for Leolas’s response.


totally agree with you! (:CLP)


seems like you don’t want to answer my question. I asked you something, and you didn’t answer me. I also told you that I like Comodo, and you should know that I do (or maybe, you forgot about me, but I can understand you, you have millions of users).

I didn’t aks you to tell me which company is better. I just said that this is misinformation

BTW, I sent you a PM because eXperience asked me to do it :wink:


ps: btw, you say you’re not enemies of tallemu guys -then, why did you answer me in such a bad way?

What? Read the posts! I opened this thread 1 week ago; a few days ago eXperience asked to send a PM to melih and I did it :wink:

I’m not attacking comodo’s products -then please, no flames :slight_smile:

Please, can you read my first post? I didn’t say that ComodoAV isn’t good! (if you want me to say what I think of ComodoAV ask me and I’ll answer you by PM, I’m not here to start product vs. product flames ;))

Well, I don’t want to be flaming this thread, but, Leolas does have a point.

(Please, note, I am not saying that Comodo AV isn’t any good. For what I could see so far, it handles pretty well some of the new malware. The problem is the old one)

Computer America is a radioshow. They do have a site and they make mention to CFP and CFP only. Not the antivirus. I see no reviews for any of them. Only a direct link for CFP page.

If you do know where to find such review, please tell me. I will be truly appreciated.

Computer Shopper - I see no mention to any Comodo product or review (http://computershopper.com/software/reviews). Again, if you see any, please, let me know.

Again, I do not consider Comodo products bad, or in this case, the AV. I am not bashing Comodo in no way. I use Comodo firewall and not because it is free, but rather because it offers a great protection. So, how could I be bashing a product I just love? :slight_smile:

But, I do find it odd, that the press release page, mentions such reviews when we see none on those sites.

Thanks, I just wanted to say that :slight_smile:
I’m sorry it seemed I wanted to accuse Comodo :wink:

If I wanted to begin a flame, I would have written that Comodo sucks… Well, I didn’t: that means something, or…?