help! Virtualisation Problems with version

This latest release is causing me problems, with Virtualization.
I can not get all cores to show on Real Temp and Aida64.
have tryed adding above programs to HIPS as allowed application and windows system application. But still same problem.

Any help ideas anyone?

How do you know its related to virtualization? I ran these two programs and they both show all of my cores. What Windows version do you have?

Thanks futuretech for your response and hopefully some help.

when I disable virualization in the bios, I can then see all 4 cores instead of 2 cores, it also does it with other utils such as CPU-Z.
However windows task manager shows all cores correctly.

With virualization enabled in the bios, the problem is back.
This does not happen with previous versions such as 5.12, 6.3 and 7

I am running Windows 7 x64 natively on a PC, with an intel Q9550 cpu (no HT, just Quad core), not overclocked, 4Gb ram, it is a very reliable PC, never had any problems with it. Also fresh installation of Windows 7, with no other programs and security installed. All stable and installed correctly as it should be.


I’ve seen this issue reported before, I’m not sure if there’s a bug report or not but if there isn’t then please consider making a bug report.

Regarding virtualization, CIS “recently” (either version 7 or 8) added Hardware virtualization support to CIS for its sandbox, this makes use of the setting you’ve described, this feature should only be used when “Enable enhanced protection mode” is enabled in HIPS settings (even if HIPS is disabled) however it seems to have caused issues with certain hardware monitoring applications even when they are run outside of the sandbox. If possible I’d recommend reporting this issue to the application author as well as making a bug report for CIS (if not already present, if present then make a comment in that thread with information about your system and the problem etc)

Besides that, unless you are actively using hardware virtualization in other applications like Hyper-V or VMWare then you can safely disable the virtualization in the BIOS, for CIS that would mean going back to software virtualization.

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I too have heard that it was reported already, but could not find the post in help or bug reports.
From what I have come across from the forums, sometimes for some bugs, comodo doesn’t seem to take some issues seriously, and I feel this is one of them.
Indeed I do use vmware like alot of people do these days, on modern cpus with such capability.
So the choice is to have some extra security with comodo HIPS and FW (don’t use CIS), or less functionality with my PC.
Comodo recently has become a sad state of affairs especially with the version 8.xx releases

Also I have come across various other bugs with all versions since 6 to the latest, especially the latest, related to security, that are not in the bug report section.
I really would like to help, but where do I even start to create such numerous and complex bug reports? I think I need direct communication with a dev or even Melih,
to be able to make inroads into these issues, if such is even possible.
So in the end its probably best I just uninstall, and stop using CFW, untill comodo can release another good one like version 5.12.

It is quite sad to have to uninstall, as I have been using Comodo for years since version 5.

Hi jonymac,
The following links show the best way to the Developers and yes they do take bugs seriously.
Bug Reports - CIS
Required Format For Reporting Bugs