HELP : can't update windows (download issue, not the installation)

hi all, (:WAV)
don’t know if these probs are related to CFP3 (i have the latest :, i no longer can update windows, the yellow shield systray icon shows up every startup, but it never download the update ??? i’ve tried to update it directly through (express install)
but i got this :
The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem

what’s wrong ???


What are your firewall rules for windows update? Does your log show if something is being blocked?

(:WAV) hi sded, thx for the reply
the app rule for windows updater is : ALLOW TCP OR UDP OUT ANY ANY ANY
it’s the default rule, i don’t do anything to it.

i have lots of blocked item ???
mostly : windows operating system, SYSTEM, & svchost, and yahoo messenger (attached)
is there something wrong?

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The first thing I would do in that event would be to set the CPF3 to disabled and then see if you can access the windows update site. If you then can, you must find what in CPF3 is blocking you.

You can delete your log file by going into firewall—common tasks—view firewall events–select more,
then under file delete all. Then you can only re access just the windows update site and you will see exactly what is being blocked by the firewall without seeing a bunch of other extraneous events.

thx i’ll try it

edit :
??? weird, disabling firewall & even turning OFF the firewall didn’t resolve the prob.
i’ve cleared the log, and this is the only blocked item. i didn’t do anything except using IE 6 to download the update from .
i don’t really know if there’s really some update available, got error (error 0*8024402C) when i use “express install” , is there any other way to know if my windows has been updated or not?

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I had many problems with Windows Update myself Ganda, lets blame it on Microsoft instead (:CLP) They’re just so freaking picky about everything over there. Things I have read say to clear the cache, allow ActiveX, make sure BIT Service and obviously automatic updates are enabled, etc.

I did read this which sounded interesting. I’m not sure how to interpret it, but what the heck, here it is:

If all else fails, I once got free tech. support from Microsoft for their automatic updates. You might try to search around and find it again :slight_smile:

Good luck


so it’s not my firewall setting problem. ok then, i don’t really care about the update actually, i just wanna make sure that CFP won’t block anything necessary. thx everyone. :■■■■

I didn’t say that now :slight_smile: but if update still doesn’t work with your firewall off… (:TNG)

Ganda, I thought you were over-hype paranoid with all the malware, so how do you dare to have Automatic Updates and BITS enabled? :o
Download updates manually from here:


Or just be like me, disable auto updates and BITS except for when I remember to update, about every 4 months or so… speaking of which, now might be a good time.


i can live with that, ;D i’m indonesian, most OS here are cracked. i activate autoupdate on my laptop (legal Windows :D) but i don’t really care about it.
how do i know that i didn’t miss any update? is there any way to know it?
oh, what’s BITS? (:NRD)

BITS= Background Intelligent Transfer Service

It has other functions I’m sure, but the most obvious one to me is its need to be enabled in order for one to run Automatic Updates.

If you can’t run auto updates there is another solution besides downloading from that site. Microsoft is coming out with XP Service Pack 3. It’s supposed to have all the updates in one package plus minor changes that most people won’t notice. Right now I think its a release candidate you can download it from here.

It’s an option… not that I would want it. Then again I dislike that company.


hmm how do i activate it then ??? haven’t heard about it.
hey is it possible that my XP has been fully updated? i’ve never checked the download site before (, i’ve just clicked review your update history and i failed 2 of them, i’m downloading them now, (manually downloading can work but clicking express install still doesn’t work). the last update issecurity update for windows XP-KB943460,friday,nov 16 2007, what do you think ?

Hi Ganda, BITS is most likely already enabled by default. You can check it by going to start, run, type in services.msc

Background Intelligent Transfer Service is usually found right under automatic updates on most systems. In the left hand pane it will tell you the status I think. If you want to change it, right click, go to properties and you can change how it starts or if it even starts: Automatic, Manual, or Disabled. I dislike extra Microsoft Services running so I set it to Manual unless I need Automatic Updates.

Thats weird that downloading them manually will work but the actual auto update part won’t work. You saying that definitely makes me think its the auto update service on your machine instead of the firewall. You probably don’t have them all installed. I could be wrong but I thought Microsoft released new updates every month on the 11th.


BITS is set to automatic.

really? but i’ve never encountered windowsupdate problem before ??? and i didn’t do anything related to update function. my comp is really haunted >:(
so how about this question?

since express install won’t work and i have to download it manually, any suggestion? how do i know the latest necessary update?

Hey Ganda, sorry, I’m not aware of any way to know whether you missed an update or not besides to get them from the site. I’ll look around but maybe someone else knows more. My only other suggestion which is what I mentioned before would be to install XP SP3 which combines the updates.


oh sorry, i missed the XP SP3 part (:TNG) ,so is it OK if i download it from here? i won’t lose any file/data?

edit: nevermind,
estimated download time : 13hr 40min
:o :o i’m too young for this ;D

Yea, it’s a really, really big file. I haven’t even looked at it yet. I just read about the stuff I told you. If you do become interested one day it shouldn’t harm the files on your computer but to be safe I’d definitely make a restore point.


:■■■■ ok thx

Ganda, just check this link once a month:

You’re wrong matey, it’s the second Tuesday every month :wink:

Btw, 1,000 posts! :■■■■