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Jacob Kilgore (JKilgore/CGPMaster/Gt4jk)

I Was Born in Riverside, CA on 19910212 I Grew Up in a heavily damaged family household, my mom was a drug attic and my dad was also a drunk attic but he actually hurt the family more then my mom did, he did physical damage as for my mom did mental damage. I still remember very vaguely the moments that I had at the early stages of my childhood, but around 1994 I moved to Rubidoux, CA with my Aunt Jill & Uncle Brian for they raised me for about couple years, I remember one time that I tore the wallpaper off in the garage and my uncle told me to hold it up so I learn my lesson in which I did but I fell asleep while holding it up, :stuck_out_tongue: I still remember that part. After couple years my grandmother and grandfather came to take me up because my mom and dad were trying to get me back but I don’t really remember what happen all I know is that I moved to Columbus, OH. From there I remember that I lived practically all the way up to I was 10 till my mom got so called “Clean” and came up to take custody once again, and then I moved with here to Hilliard, OH. And wouldn’t you know it I moved back with my grandmother and grandfather because she met another fucking guy, which he is worst then my real dad, he was mainly jealous because of my dad had three kids with her and he wanted three… guess what he had two kids named Kyle and Kody, They are mainly the “Head Attention” its like my sister Ashley and my Brother Jordan and I were dumped off the earth to become a prom night dumpster baby, I remember once that the guy that my mom got involved with actually hit my mom and me and my brother Jordan was actually going to put him the hospital par say, but only my Jordan was the only one who actually hurt him because I wasn’t there at the time. So my brother threw him down the stairs and broke his arm and fractured both of his legs and since he did that he had to move to my aunt and uncles out in Ohio, My sister follow my moms footsteps in becoming a drug attic, I can’t really describe how many guys she has been with but lets just say this, she has a daughter now and she is clueless on who the dad is, She makes no effort to find out the real dad, she had many chances but I don’t know what was going through her mind to not find out, because Aliya (My Niece’s Name) is going to ask and since there is this guy that is out here that she knew back in Ohio, Aliya thinks that’s her dad and which I know for a fact it’s not. My Brother was just angry all the time because no dad, and our mom is just an idiot, but he has been through boot camp, been through counseling and yet still angry, but he has calmed down quite a lot now. He is working at a car dealer, getting 12$ hour pretty good, He wanted to go to the coast guard, but he can’t pass the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test). I Love Him Very Much. He and I have a strong brother relationship. I actually look up to him in a lot of ways. As for my sister I don’t, sad to say I love her but I don’t care for her. Same with my mom, I don’t care for her because she is always going back to that guy, and always yelling and fighting and telling us that she is going to stop but does she, ha-ha I wish, but no. This is just a preview of my past experiences. I now call my Grandfather My Dad and my Grandmother My Mom, I really don’t have a sister, and I do have a brother. My Personal Life (Meaning My Relationships & Mental Life) I’ve been with, Lisa, Breanna, Kimberly, Jasmine, Krissy, Heather, Alyssa, Kirstie, Danielle. All have taught me everything that I know when it comes to love, hate. I’ve been through Major Depression and I’ve been trying to get rid of it but I have kind of I still have a lot of hate and a lot of love I need to give someone, and I do not mean sex. Reason why I’m so quiet all the time because I’m thinking of everyone that has been my light in this dark maze we call life and simply that we all need something to be remembered by because that’s our only prove of existence. I would classify my self as “Jacob Kilgore” Because there is only one of me and that one cannot fit into any category. I’m a Professional Security Technician, I can tear a part a computer in put it back together, I can protect a computer from most if not all…, I can clean a computer so it’s double or quadruple the speed, I’m very knowledgeable about computers and computer security as well as server’s and laptop’s. I’m a good advice giver to those who need it. I’m a hero to many girls; sometimes I’m the knight in the shining armor. Never have I been the worst person or the bad person. When it comes down to it I can protect my self, I can live without anyone’s help because I have practically been doing it for my whole life. Is this the truth, yes it is. I can read people like a book, I’ve been told by my Cousin (Which is in college) and her friends. I’m very romantic when it comes to it; I’m very strong when it comes to it. Currently, I’m training up to be a United States Marine, I’ve enlisted four months ago. I leave June 16th for Recruit Training at USMCRD Parris Island, South Carolina.

My Name Is Jacob Kilgore,

Whats yours?


Quite a background. You’ve come a long way.
Curious though, is there some reason you needed to place all this here? (Nothing against it, just wondering why.)

Eh, just wanted to try to start a “Who Are You” Thread…


That certainly gives a better (in-depth) insight into the person you are. Personally, I think that was very brave of you to share that much info with us. Congrats. Good for you!

Well Thank You…


great story :-TU :-TU

then we have something in common 8) semperfi! (:KWL)


Hello, my name is Xavier.

:o I knew your name but nothing else, Jacob. Except that you’re a nice guy, of course. :-TU


Well Thank You Xavier,

And Oh, Of Course Ganda I thank you as well


I edited from “fine guy” to “nice guy”. After checking the dictionary I’m not sure whether the former would mean I was sexually assaulting you. ^^U

Jacob, my life was so different from yours, but you are the future and I am the past.

So I wish you all things good from here on.

You will deserve the best.

My name is Rafel(not Rafael), in catalan, my language, of course.

Hello, my name is “Jeremy”!

(Top secret though…don’t tell anyone ;D)

Hmmm…maybe I should change my user name. Kinda gives it away.

“What Is A Hero?”
Written Monday, September 15, 2008 - 18:20:53

Thee Definition of a hero as we know it is
One, simply a hero is what? Well people say celebs some people say Plato, even some say their selves.
Depending on your life experiences it can be anyone or anything. It’s simply the fact that we all have a mental picture of a hero, it’s whether you have it filled or you have an empty heart.
This is going to be pretty short and less “deep” as the essays I wrote before.
Hero, you think of saving someone, you think of a good person.
I think of someone who actually makes someone happy, and happiness comes after depression.
If you are the few people who say I was always happy then you are living on false happiness which basically means you either, one lie about things and deep in your heart you are sad and you lie because you don’t want anyone to be in your heart, am I correct? Two, you create these “walls” to protect your self from being hurt and so then you do not need a hero. As for me, I do not have a hero, I do not want one because the simple fact that I believe that if you are sad then you are the hero to those who need you most, and if you are happy you only have a portioned understanding on what the person you are trying to rescue, in which sometimes you will fail and some you will succeed.
Thoughts, You think of aren’t that just someone basically thinking? No,
Thoughts turn into ideas in for ideas become fear and fear is pain
someone’s ideas//thoughts are their hearts trying to speak to the mind and which many people think and talk with their minds and not their hearts and these people might be the one who lies about being happy. You can notice this the first time you meet someone. The process from the heart to the mind is simply instant if you allow it to be, educated minds have a mental system that only they can think of something and their minds process it with out thinking of doing it its confusing I know but still.
Love, :slight_smile: HAHA, once again we find out selves coming down to that four letter word that is powerful and yet useless/useful to those who use it respecting.
Love, Well. You can say many things about this topic but love and a hero are so similar that it’s not even noticeable, I my self love every friend I have (I do not have many) and When I say I love you I mean “I think of you, I dream of you, I hope for the best, I think on how I can make you happy 24/7, I do so many things and this is one of the reasons I don’t speak that often”

Mental Wisdom(Mental Strength), Hero’s are the people who are very wise, well at least I think so. And for this reason I like to think of my self pretty good “advice giver” as many people tell me.
Heroes, are people who have been through what the person that needs to be rescued, as in an example if someone is depressed well then that hero should be depressed as well or this hero is useless so basically the hero must have some similarity to the “needed” If they do not then it’s really hard to be the hero because you’ll basically give your self a period of depression and this is also the one of the few reasons why I like being “sad” at times because I know I can help someone who needs to be helped and which I wish I could do so accordingly.
What does this all have to do with a hero well this is going to be my conclusion I guess,
Look inside your self, ask your self are you the person who can be the “Knight in Shining Armor” or the Person who truly needs someone to help you. Me? I’m neither, I’m just Jacob and if you think of me as a hero then I thank you, if you think of me as the person that needs someone to help, Then I wish to meet you for that I can ask you why.



Hey Jacob…Interesting story… And I wish you all the best in your future
EDIT:: deleted too much personal info ;D

Hello, my name is Damian (no, not Damien). You’d twist your tongues trying to pronounce my surname so I won’t write it down just for your own safety (:TNG) hehe. I’m from Poland and I’m 20 years old.

I’d like to tell Jacob and Kyle that your stories have shaken me up and have made me think about my life as an idyll in comparison with yours. I’d like to wish you both best of luck in the future and I hope no-one else will have to go through what you have, but, I guess that’s simply wishful thinking (:SAD).

My best regards


Kyle, I Thank You…
I’ve sent you a PM…

Hi, My name is Josh and that’s all you need to know since my life has been so complicated. lol


Aww, Common Josh :slight_smile: We are all friends here. I’m sure others would love to hear your life story and find out a bit more about you! I know I would (:HUG)

Hello there I’m Alex.

(:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV)