Hello, My Name Is (your name here)

I’ll make my life in dot form:

*Born Jan 20th, 1992.
*Went to school in 1997.
*High School in 2005-present. Year 11 2009 (Grade 11).
*Started Soccer when I was 6 Years old
*Started Martial Arts when I was 9 Years old
*Broke leg when I was 14 Yrs old, 2006.
*Since then I am in pain here and there… BAG Leg brake, Cannot play soccer anymore. :frowning:
*I am in training for a Blackbelt
*In 2004, I joined ChessRally.com - In 2007 I become an official tutor and moderator there on their forums, and in real time. I was good at chess.
*In April 2007, I left and abandoned ChessRally forever and I joined Comodo Forums. In April 2008, I become a Moderator hence I deleted my account 3 times.
*I got cheated on twice by my girlfriend in 2008. :frowning:
*In the future, I want to be 4 things: Writter/Jounralist, IT Guy, Personal Trainer/Coach or something in PDHPE, And a Custom at the Airport, Drug inspector LOL Seriously.


My name is Monkey_Boy=) Iam from Sweden.
I joined this forum because I love the comodo firewall and its HIPS.
Now I also loves the BO protection.
I used to call myself something else until the Ronny guy thought that I needed a new name.

Anyway I like Ronny.

I’ve done most sports, fotboll(european version), Basket, hockey, tennis, but mostly I trained different martial arts.
Among those are: karate(3 diffrent styles), shoot fighting, ju-jutsu, boxing.
Nowdays I sit a lot with my girlfriend hugging her, and kissing her.
Her best friend is very hot and usually tries to flirt with me.

Not to bore you to death I end here.


Keep going! It was just getting good! :slight_smile:


Hey, my name’s Jacob, I’m 16, in my first year of College, studying Music, Music Technology and English. Music takes up most of my life, in one form or another. Listening to it, and playing it (I play saxophone at a Grade 7 level - I’m studying for Grade 8 - and I also play piano, drums, and guitar). In the future, I’d like to be a Music teacher :slight_smile:

I’m single, and I’ve never had a real girlfriend. There was this one time that I went out with a girl for two days, though. She dumped me on the second day for an invalid reason, and I later found out that in that 2 day period, she’d been seeing someone else :frowning:

I joined the Comodo forums soon after I started using CIS, late last year. I originally started using a BugMeNot account on the forum (username: anonymous) but I changed the username (to Beanie) and the password after a PM from Xan :wink:

In the immortal words of Monkey_Boy=)…

Not to bore you to death I end here. :slight_smile:


Beanie :slight_smile:

Outstanding. I remember Parris Island. I arrived there around 2330 on 05 August 1996. I was driven there on a bus from the Charelston regional airport. Not that the recruits were all that talkative to begin with, but it sure does get eerily silent on the bus when you pass that “Welcome to Parris Island” sign.

I won’t spoil it for you though. Except to say that it is definately something you will never forget. I left active duty on 04 August 2000 as a Corporal. To this day I have never regretted a second of it.

Thank You

Semper Fi Cpl.

30 Days Left!!

Good’ay ~

Just wanted to say hello! Am new to Comodo, but not to computers.

Am extremely impressed with Comodo’s performance vs (Not to be Named) Firewall. Wonderous work being done here.

Looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship ;D



P.S. - Five years U.S. Army; 4th Inf Div & 1st Armored

My name is, my name is Slim Shady… :smiley:

I just couldn’t resist…;D

Is nice ;D

My name is…

I have a number of cats, dogs and children. I forget how many of each, as they all look alike to me!

I’m Zyrelle. “27” because it’s my brithdate.

My family and some friends call me zy or relle.

And I’m a bummer ( don’t have a job). hehehe. ;D

I love reading books and Surfing the net. I also love to cook. :wink:

Hello, my real name is Taufik. I live in Central Java, Indonesia.

Now, I am studying in IT Faculty.

Alow gan ;D
i’m from indonesia too. east borneo.

I know this is a month old, but this is just too crazy not to pick it up.
with children I can understand, but why don’t you just get each dog/cat in a different race, so you’ll be able to tell them apart

I remember this… wow;; it’s be 2 years…


Hello, I’m Cristian (Chris). I live in Romania.

???Hi, My Name is Julio and I want to share a little About My life with you and also talk about the sevices in Trust Connect, GeekBuddy, Etc.

My Life Change a lot when I Become Ill with This Mental Illness, “BIPOLAR” things change Dramatlicly with this Illness, I Got Divorced from a Woman Who Sincerily Love Me, and Left two cute Son an Daughter, moved to United States Looking for Help it took me about two years to start a treatment in the State of California in Mental and Behavioral Center, Finally after two more years I Started to Get in control of My Life, and I started Working, did very well for 7 years with a great Team of People who saved My life, I was working in the Swap Meets and making enough money to live well, But something really Bad Happend, OSAMA BIN LADEN APPEARS in all the News and it was over for Me, the Economy started to go down and down and I went Broke, moved to Arizona, and they started Helping me, ok for a year, after that I had to Mexico, and it was the BIGEST MISTAKE I HAD DONE!!

There was no free medication for me, in Mexico we make about 85.00 dlls per week, all my medication for a week was over 250.00 dlls per week, no food no services, only the medication, I became Ill, My Father But for Me a Computer and I Became Obssesive Compulsive in all the internet, Videos Music Software ETC. things that I had Before in My Good Years, and then I found Out about Torrents and Vuze That is no longer offering the same services because of Copyrights Problems, So what I don´t understand is How the Goverment Allows Companys to develop Software that is causing Problems to Enterprises and Public in General, I am tired of this things, Political Matters, and all this “TRYNG TO CONTROL THE WORLD” is insane, thank God that Right Now I Feel a Little Stable, But I Don´t know how I will be in two Hours, " I DO NOT KNOW WHO WAS CONTROLLING MY COMPUTER BUT I HAVE A GOOD IDEA WHO DID IT" but I can´t probe it, the Computer Told Me Several Times that Somebody was using My same IP Address after that everything went Over Board, ME IN A MANIC STAGE AND MY COMPUTER BEING CONTROLLED BUT SOMEBODY ELSE… It is More Crazy Than Me!! These were not Halluccinations or anything like that, I had Something To Probe it!! anyways Thanks for Reading This I Hope Everything will Change in the Future is Hard To be Ill!!

Sincerily Julio. :-\

Just a message to all to say Hi. I am new here. Waiting for the final release of V6 Internet Security, never used Comodo before. Been watching YouTube vids to make myself familiar with the products available.
I live in the U.K. in an area called Wigan but originally from Liverpool. Hope all of you are well. Bye for now.

I am suffering from dual identity issue i have two Facebook accounts , I never let one group of my friend
communicate with other group [ like my two identity , i have two friend groups too ] ,
now how about this :a0

Hello everyone,

My name is Tran Thanh Binh. I live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am a student of Ho Chi Minh City University Of Science.


I am interested in computer, and specially in antivirus softwares and the tips using computer. I am now members of VnZoom, Softvnn, Bkav Forum, etc., which are Vietnamese IT Forums. And now I am happy to be a member of Comodo Community!

I aslo love plants animals. I am now breeding a little cat, a tank of fishes and a betta. I aslo plant flowers in my garden. I will post some photos about them soon.

Here is my betta:



I aslo like to travel. I love my country. Here are some pictures I took in Lunar New Year 2009 in Vietnam.











Many greetings,

Tran Thanh Binh