Gone back to Comodo..... [RESOLVED]

You know. Online Armor is a great firewall. Free version. But, for my system it is just not working out. Some times when logging off. My computer just hangs. Never had this issue before. There support is not so good. Very vague responses and slow to answer. With Comodo. I make a thread and its answered in mins. I appreciate the people that go into detail trying to help fix my issues on here. They are always resolved as well. Any ways. Long story short. I just reinstalled CPF. While installing. I did uncheck defensive+ off and left leak protection ticked. It asked me is my computer clean? I said yes. Since it is. Now onto my question. Do I need to make any adjustments settings wise or is it okay to leave it as is?

Welcome back Korn. If I were you I would use D+ cause thats the HIPS protection. There is alot you need to know about OA. PM me I can tell you. I would uninstall and reinstall Comodo enabling D+. Put the firewall and D+ in safe mode. Any other questions?

I suppose I can do that. I also use Winpatrol, ThreatFire and Avira Premium for my security arsenal online. I thought Winpatrol is kinda like HIPS. That was the reason why I left Defensive+ off. Also last time I had Defensive+ ticked. It seemed to be pretty noisy lots of pop ups. Maybe it has been improved since…?

You do not Winpatrol or TF if you using Comodo.

May I ask why your so paranoid? Extra layers of protection does not mean you will be better off. I have been virus and spyware free for over 5 years now using merely a firewall and av. Right now both my pc’s us Avira Premium 8 and Comodo with D+ active. I Sandbox when needed. You do need to run 4 layers of protection. Winpatrol,Threafire,Comodo and Avira all at once isn’t necessary at all.

I am not really paranoid. I just heard its better to have layered protection.

No that is not true at all. Avira CEO even told me that. More layers can actually make you more prone to viruses or malware.

Hi KoRn,

Layered Protection- Yes it is the “better” protection to have, Which Melih (Comodo CEO) Recommends. However, You also want to maintain System usability & sustainability for overall performance, We strongly suggest:
Prevention (Comodo Firewall Pro 3)- YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE!
Detection (Your AV)
Cure (Your AV when scanning, and 1 or 2 on demand Anti spyware applications).

That’s layered Security :slight_smile: CFP 3 & a Good AV is all you need in real time. Do you have any more questions or concerns?


Okay. I uninstalled BOClean, Winpatrol and Threatfire. I reinstalled Comodo with defensive+ activated. As suggested. I moved the slider for D+ to safe mode and left the firewall at safe mode. When reinstalling Comodo again. I went ahead and let it scan. It did not find any thing as expected since I know my system is clean. I am really trusting you guys on this. When I go to security boards I always see people running a bunch of programs like myself for protection. I will take your word if you say Avira premium and CPF with D+ is enough. Also have a Linksys wired router. I do have spywareblaster and Spybot S&D with immunize. Is that okay? As for on demand anti spyware scanners. I have Spybot and SuperAntiSpyware free versions. If you guys have any more suggestions. Feel free… Thanks again for all the help… well appreciated and a great forum…

P.S. I noticed under D+ it says 1 file is waiting for review. What am I suppose to do on that? Its a legit MS file.

The file waiting for review you can just delete. That is cause when you first installed Comodo the default for D+ is clean pc mode. In that mode you will get pending files. Spybot is past its prime. Uninstall that also. Spyware Blaster is good I use it myself. Scan once a week with SAS on demand. If you use common sense yiou should never get infected. Never download or install anything you do not know. If your trying something new make a restore point prior. Also use Sandboxie when needed. I use it when I visit the darkside of the net. BTW are you a member at Wilders ?

Yes I am a member over there. Never heard of SandBoxie. On another side note. I just clicked to update Avira for new definitions. I clicked on literally 25 pop ups or so saying yes its okay to install. Do I need to switch to install mode prior to this to avoid all of that?

Just set Avira as trusted application :slight_smile:

Nice work Vettetech, you’ve got someone of Wilders lowering his o beloved useless safety settings, which were useless (he has better settings now) .

@ Korn : If you don’t feel save just install this little thing (:LGH) http://www.doxdesk.com/file/software/win/PlaceboAV.exe It will give you a safe feeling :slight_smile:


There are several posts about Avira. See my screen shots and make your like mine. Also change Avira to update every 2 hours in invisible mode. I knew you were a Wilders member thats why you think having so many security programs running in real time is better. LOL. See my screen shots in reply #6.


direct link so you don’t have to search to his post ;D (sry vettetech, nothing against you ;D)


btw I saw your other topic , you’re 100% right about being paranoid


What the hell is that? Yuk. I dont trust that. Better off using Dr.Web Curit any day.

I know I am right. LOL. I have never been infected in over 5 years and I download and install tons of things. I even visit porn sites and still not one infection. Yes bot my pc’s are 100% clean. I use to use AVG free years ago. Then moved to Avast. Then bought NOD32 and now using Avira Premium. I am sticking with Avira cause I think its a well polished av and always scores the highest or second highest in any av test. Scan everything you download PRIOR to executing it. Make restore points prior to doing ANYTHING.


If your a member of Wilders then you had to here about Sandboxie. There are a million posts about it. See my funny post here.


It’s a tool specially made for Wildermembers ;D Just to get a safe feeling

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