Give your Comodo Geekbuddy feedback here.

Hi Guys

With the latest CIS installer on the website (version number is still the same), Geekbuddy has been added as a 60 day free trial for remote desktop support for any issues you have, with each free CIS.

What do you guys think of the service? If you have not tried it, please test it and share your feedback/experiences here.


Personally, I think it’s a great service to be added to CIS free, provided as a 60 day trial giving users enough time to test and use it fully. The service is also valuable to the less technical users.


My sis has HP Laptop Win Vista 64 Bits Home Premium & Mcafee Internet Security. Few days back she was hit by a Fake AV.She is a complete novice. She said she installed MSE & the Fake AV was gone. I asked her to uninstall MSE. Her Mcafee is not updating. There may be other probs too.

Can Comodo Geekbuddy help her for the following things

  1. Check for Malwares & Fake AV & clean them.

  2. Check everything is working fine like Windows Updates & other imp things.

  3. Install Comodo Internet Security premium 5.

  4. She has got free Win 7 64 Bits Home Premium CD from HP. Can Comodo Geekbuddy do a clean install of Win 7 on her laptop.

As I said she is a complete novice computer user. Comodo Geekbuddy is a remote connection & will need System Restart, Connect to Geekbuddy, etc. So are all the above 4 things possible given that she is a complete novice & Comodo Geekbuddy will help for all the above 4 things or not.


Tasks 1-3 of course yes, 4 probably[definitely] no?
Just use it, and reply how was it :smiley:
I used LivePCSupport few times to check it and make article. It was great.

I would say give it a spin. You can try it for free for 60 days.

I was doing an update from CIS 3.14 to the newest version. The update took me to a web address to download the newer version and I proceeded through the prompts. CIS 3.14 uninstalled, rebooted, CIS 5.0 didn’t install but GeekBuddy did without giving me the choice to opt in or opt out. I did not care for this at all.

I did a system restore, came to the Comodo forums and used the download link provided here. This time while going through the prompts I was allowed to opt in or out of GeekBuddy. I appreciate the choice of allowing this software to be installed or not on my systems.

That was a silly experience on my end.

Good luck.

Hey GeekBuddy, YOU SUCK !

Why ??? !ot!

huh… and why Josh is a Retired Moderator now ?
edit: is it because of this thread ?;msg456020
I hope not…

It’s not due to that at all.

Josh has just decided that it’s time to move on. He’s just finished his final exams at high school and needs to focus on the next phase of his life.

He’ll be sorely missed.

Natural attrition occurs on every forum and this one is no exception.

Ewen :slight_smile:


pls tell us what went wrong so that can improve it. Thank you for your help.


My friend who used GeekBuddy said that Geek was kind ‘bored’, maybe tired, without desires :slight_smile:

I tried it with two different peeps and both took way too long to reply to chat messages and never really explianed what they were doing when doing remote desktop.

Ive just tried geekbuddy for the first time and i must say that i am very pleased with it.
I had some very wierd problem surrounding IE and my Geek fixed it even tho IE was in a language he did not understad. (Thanx Alex, it actually got removed permanently when unchecking the form thinge this time :-TU)

One side note: When we were done he gave me a link to something that i guess had to do with feedback.
I never pressed the link before i closed the chat window so i dont know…

If it was, i think it would be a good idea to have that link somewhere in the Geekbuddy software itself(for us that miss the link in the chat :a0)

I had just recently gotton a rougue on my computer. And had mywebsearch on my computer. I have tried and tried to get mywebsearch off of my computer. But then I dicovered geekbuddy! So I decided to give it a try and see what geekbuddy could do. I got a really nice geek names Kevin. He was very friendly and helped me out so much! The rougue is gone and he also deleted mywebsearch for me! And it was alll for free! Hey, Kevin, If you read this, you rock! Thanks so much man! And I mean it! THANKS! I plan to use comodo for a long time now. I had just switched from avast to comodo. Avast did not catch rouges and did not have anything like geekbuddy. Comodo is an epic win!

they helped me in a lot of issues that I faced, one of them was that the video call in MSN can’t be initiated for some out reason. 2 unfortunate that I don’t remember the geek who helped me dealing with the issue…

but those guys rock in all the ways , and with the 60 days free trial , they are even more awesome ;D

I am not using geekbuddy. I am using comodo firewall.

How can I turn off the messages telling me to try geekbuddy? ???

Go to “More”, “Preferences” and then unmark “Enable comodo message center”.

I used GB to try to sort out a problem with latest Comodo firewall update. The

technician, Jacob, took control of my computer and did various operations

including deleting many files in safe mode. When I restarted in normal mode my

wireless adapter would not work - diagnostics said there was a problem with the

driver. Jacob therefore was unable to contact me again. I uninstalled, reinstalled

the driver to no effect. I eventually had to restore a previous system image with

an older version of Comodo Firewall which works, and the wireless adapter is now

working, but obviously all the changes that Jacob made have been undone by

restoring the image.

Jacob has again deleted files which have stopped my network adapter working so he cannot get back in touch with me on the computer which has the problem.