Game mode for CIS

I want to know how to make game mode in CIS with existing settings because i need maximum performance, when i play game. Should i something disable or enable?

My OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 x86 32 bit Eng

Thank you!

You could try putting Defense+ in training mode,


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I will do this steps:

  1. disable unnecesary start-up applications;
  2. clean unnecesary files and registry with ccleaner;
  3. defragment hdd with jkdefrag;
  4. put visual settings for windows vista for best performance;
  5. disable windows sidebar;
  6. put classic start menu;
  7. put desktop background to default;
  8. put mouse pointer to windows standart;
  9. put power options to high performance;
  10. disable internet;
  11. disable avira antivirus;
  12. disable comodo firewall;
  13. put defense+ to training mode;

what should else…

Setting D+ to training mode won’t increase performance. That will simply tell D+ to learn every action. If the game already runs fine, there is no reason for training mode.

Your list seems a bit excessive as well. I don’t think you would be able to actually discern any performance improvements from some of your ‘tweaks’ unless your machine is really low end.

My computer windows expierience index grow up from 5,0 to 5,2…

Good idea to playing game with never lost protection.
Some of (Foolish) gamer always turn off security apps, (Especially online games with stupid game apps)
Training mode also know as Game mode in CIS.

You could make sure you disable unessesary services… (I don’t know if you included that in your step one) anyway a guide for vista: (could bring unstability or even crashes as well depending on what programs and stuff you run so be careful) =)
:-TU :-TU

However when you disable the firewall and such you are opening up your system to the Internet more.

But its your choice… Apart from CCleaner I really recommend especially for registry cleaning. CSC is better in the area of registry scanning…

Some other stuff you might consider is that you disable system restore (put your hard drive to work), however if something bad happen then you are out of luck… hehe… :wink: :slight_smile: Also if you have little ram, consider increasing the virtual memory file somewhat could prove useful… guide below (I has my minimum set to higher than recommended there):


Good luck with your gamer rigg… =)

I agree. The performance gained from many of those will be negligible when gaming.

Personally I think that putting up with marginally lower performance for much greater security is a good trade-off.

A good gamer also has a good gaming machine. Plenty of CPU and GPU power. Also plenty of ram. I never needed to shut off my security to run ANY game. No gaming mode needed. You can do 1 of 2 things. Put the firewall and D+ in training mode and play your game. When done put the firewall and D+ back to where you had them and your game will be learned so you not need to go through that process again. Or do what I do and add all you game exe’s to the firewall and D+ as “trusted”. Its that easy.

Yes I think like that.

If some Game Guard(within online games) have a confilct or other problem between itself and my security apps.
I choose to uninstall that game, Because a trusted security apps is more important than stupid Game Guard.

I work and play on my notebook, work primary, gaming secondary, but problem is that many svchost.exe, 11 toshiba bundled software for bluetooth, etc decrease performance. 1 GB RAM usage after windows start up, therefore i think how to speed up my notebook

but gta 4 and stalker clear sky with optimal settings only 10 - 16 fps, therefore i started think thet security apps brake my gaming…


I don’t think you’re ever going to get much below 1GB of ram usage when running vista.

One suggestion is to use the ‘Active Process List’ in Defense+ to terminate any unnecessary processes. Just make sure you don’t disable anything important.

CIS 3.9 with realtime scanning set to stateful scaning will speed up you PC a good amount


You have a lot to learn about gaming. The amount of running processes DOES Not effect your fps. The only thing that matters for better fps is your CPU and GPU. Also gaming with 1 gig of ram is absurd. 2 gigs at the least. Updates gpu drivers will also increase your fps.

There is no “Gaming mode” in CIS. I think it’s just a marketting point that some vendors use to apeal to gamers.

You should only need to run Defense+\Firewall in training mode once, then switch back to your previous mode. CIS shouldn’t impair your gaming experience at all…

Couldn’t have said it better myself…

I don’t like Defense+ training mode. It’s unsafe. COMODO should re-work it, change it to training with app!

Training mode is a temporary mode to learn your apps. It is not intended to be a mode to stay in. Read what I wrote and the help files put out by Josh. You enter Training mode and then play your game. Exit the game and go back to the mode you were in. It is not unsafe.

I know that, but how many of us remember come back to Clean PC, Safe or Paranoid Mode?

What happens if a malware not detected by CAV executes it during Training Mode?!

Training With App is more safe and more userfriendly.