Free Virus/Spyware/Trojan/Malware removal by Comodo Experts 24/7/365

Free Virus, Spyware, Trojan, Malware Removal[/url] by Comodo Experts!

It is free to try! Let the Comodo Experts clean your machine for you! The only thing you could lose is that virus/spwyare infecting your machine!!!

Service replaced with GeekBuddy. Details found here;msg452910#msg452910

or Live PC Support, IT Security Support, PC Support for Business

thank you


Gave it a run, but naturally My PC was clean thanks to CFPv3 and CMF

“Gogoseanu” was very helpful. I am sure the many users who will love this service my only comment was your reps need to make sure, this is done when the user is logged in as an administrator and not a plain user.

Thanks OD

I also gave it a go today!

Took a couple of minutes to get connected and then about 5 minutes to download the 30meg Scan Packet and then only about 5 to 10 minutes to scan all of my 30 Gig C: Drive which had only 3 Gigs free. I hadn’t realized C drive was so full! Anyway, done some transferring to D drive for now and free’d up some more space on C now having 7 gigs available.

Very Quick Scan though! I was impressed.


Quite honestly this service scares me away from Comodo Products, in particular, the webpage. It’s very reminiscent of the pop up ads found on many pages on the Internet which essentially scream that my computer is infectedwithH X, Y, and Z when it most definitely is not. In particular, the “COMODO FIREWALL PRO FOUND MALWARE THAT COULD NOT BE REMOVED” sentence is what brings back those images. Heck, wasn’t there a time when those sentences were used by malware creators themselves urging users to download questionable products?

The rest of the webpage looks alright but it’s the “scare tactic” that I mentioned above that, if I didn’t know more about the company, would make me very hesitant to even try the product.

The generic “Live Conversation with Helpful Assistant Jane” pop up I first got when entering the page was rather annoying and not helpful either. The last thing I want to see on any security vendors page is a popup encouraging me to try a product (at that point I don’t believe the popup said which one) for free. I could go elsewhere for that. People interested in the service will read on, those first coming there should be scared off. Think back to the first paragraph and other ways vendors tried to sneak stuff on consumers using those generic pop ups of speaking to a live person.

No offense meant here Melih and Comodo web designers, I’m sure the service is a great one but the web page, in my opinion, is way off of where it should be. AsI said before it seems to reminiscent of a company trying to shove a product down my throat. The exact opposite of the reason why I signed on with Comodo to begin with.


Melih Says that a new web page is being built: hopefully this will be a bit better thought out.;msg156954#msg156954



you are right… this is a temp web page that I made availabe here in the forum for our forum members. will point to a different web page very soon (i think on thursday) that explains the service better.

the page you are seeing is the page that a user sees when our AV finds a malware in their system, I just put that link here because it has the free service element and i wanted everyone to benefit from it sooner than later…


sigh of relief I can’t say how relieving that is. Thanks N.T.T.W. and Melih, I should have known that page wouldn’t get the stamp of approval for general use.

Appreciate the link Melih and I will give it a try now as soon as I can.


the new page is now live…
check it out and let me know what you think pls…

i think it gets the message accross quite nicely…


I hereby retract my previous statements, that page is beautiful. Easy to read and to the point. Melih, my kudos to the designers for a job well done!


thanks you guys :slight_smile:

pls spread the word… lets all work together to help minimise the affect of war that malware is waging on us!

pls spread the word…The 5 Points of PC Protection - Geek Buddy | Comodo this is the URL for the Terminator!!! The War is Underway!!!


I’d prefer a translation utility for your firewall to enable non english speakers (not thinking bout myself here, as I tend to be rudimentarily capable of speaking and writing English, that ol’ abominable eastern asian dialect of Rhasrwenweu language family), to start the “war” (as quoted by Melih) against malware WORLDWIDE.

All other new “iinventions” or, should I say, public gimmicks, are fine if the standard customer is satisfied.
And, at the moment, HE IS NOT. (Might, of course, sound somewhat harsh now, and sometimes one gotta be harsh towards his/her best friend to prevent him/her from drug abuse, ain’t it so?)

Why not FINISH your first job/promise/whatever before entering new adventurous realms of webside inspectory BiggerBroTech? (May this one be good or not, first announced goal not finished yet…)

Maybe it’s time for all BAVARIAN UNDERGROUND PROGRAMMERS to combine and do their own thing?
(Including a “translation tool” for, let’s say, the endangered people from Tibet or, should I rather say, endangered species?) have a good Firewall?)

Or, am I wrong, Comodo DOES care (or not care) for people’s security all around the world? This planet is not so huge… (Answers, please, better now, and not next year, if possible.)

But maybe the self defining of that once so proud company has changed in the meantime? Is this so?

MELIH! please give us some reassurance or I won’t be able to keep them calm.

Take it easy MorphOS REBOL

The translation tool will be done shortly… There was no point in doing the translation tool with some GUI changes that needs to take place… namely ThreatCast and Comodo Internet Security. Then we had to re-do everything…
Everything we are doing is fast and timely and efficient… (well almost everything :slight_smile: )… There is always a good and calculated reason…

thank you for your support!


Thanks Melih

for having helped some of us - at least ol’ MorphOS REBOL - to calm down a bit… :slight_smile:

Is this service no longer available? When I click on the “Clean My Machine Now” button, the page:
comes up with a “The page cannot be found” message. I’ve tried in both Firefox and IE7 browsers.

The link you’ve posted comes up fine now (approx. 10 hours after your post).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ewen. I was able to finally get the site using my laptop but for some reason, my desktop continues to give me “the page cannot be found” screen. Hopefully, my Comodo firewall isn’t blocking the site… :smiley:

I can’t connect to this or the tune up service. I doubt I need either of them, but for free I’d certainly try them and find out ;D This is what I get from Firefox. Is your own firewall blocking your services?

Failed to Connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.

* Could the site be temporarily unavailable? Try again later.
* Are you unable to browse other sites?  Check the computer's network connection.
* Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

You can probaly try by turning off your firewall or try switching internet browsers and sorry I don’t know much about these stuff

Hey Dawnrazor,

Can you now open the site?

Just like Kenny said, maybe you need to turn off your firewall and check you computers network if it’s really working.

Try this one: in your cmd prompt window, type ipconfig, and if you’r IP is okay, type ping and it has a reply coming from the said site, your computer network is okay.

So also try checking you browser’s settings.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Here is my scan file. McAfee, Spybot and Ad-aware all say system is clean, but when do a Google search in IE and click on a link, there is a redirection to a site that downloads Generic FakeAlert!htm trojan, which McAfee quarantines. Happens on almost every link in the search. If copy link from search and paste in a new IE window, the link works.

Problem apparently was corrupted BAE.dll (Originally supplied by Dell). Disabled in IE Add-ins and problem went away.