Free Virus/Spyware/Trojan/Malware removal and PC tune-up by Comodo Experts 24/7/365

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thank you


Of course, another great service offered by COMODO. Bravo guys!

Here is yet another amazingly useful service from Comodo.

Let our experts

increase your system’s speed
restore your computer’s memory
free up hard drive space
eliminate registry errors
increase overall system performance



System Requirements: XP (SP2). Typo or really only SP2 Melih?

Very interesting! :-TU

I’m sure many people will benefit from this service. Personally I’m not sure there’s much more to do on my system… but of course I’m curious to try it, and see if Comodo can improve anything here. :slight_smile:


:-TU :-TU definitely for me!

I wouldn’t actually know what they could tweak by me, accept some recent registry problems 88). However I do like this .

Trying it right now ;D


However, they seem to have asked in that case a stupid question : How may I help you? :slight_smile: Why should I be here ! 88)

shame on you, they asked me :“what do you wearing?”

he said my comp is normal. 8) :-TU

btw, maybe this is too much,(sorry (:TNG) ) err can we ask to “customize” our comp rather than standard tune up service? maybe like,disabling unecessary services, we tell the guy what do we need (or what we use our comp for), so he… or she

can tell which services can be disabled.


Currently, Comodo’s Tuneup Team do basic tasks:
*Empty Temp Folder
*See what services/programs are on startup, Disabling if necessary!
*Download Pagedfrg on your PC, and they recommend you use that to Defrag your PC after the support session ends.
*Also adjust your visual for performance

That’s about it… Handy for newbies, etc…


Sounds nice, but I dobut I’ll need it. I’ve kinda done everything to increase the performance. Overclocking, disabling services, clean out the system32-folder etc.
But should be great for the average user! But why isn’t SP3 supported?


Yeah… XP SP3 is offical, Should be supported?


Just found another GB in the WINDOWS-folder to delete, now I feel happy :BNC
Melih, are you interested in hiring me, Soya, LA and MorphOS to speed up peoples computer? ;D
We wouldn’t ask for more than $1.500 a day (each of course) :a0

Add me to the list! ;D


You do know that it’s against the forum policy to write this kind of thing, without revealing the rest? :slight_smile:
Is there a way to decrease the 491 MB (edit: deleted a little more, 487 MB now) my Windows folder consists of? (I can save 11 MB by deleting visual styles but that won’t happen) :slight_smile:


[attachment deleted by admin]

Does anybody know of any spyware that links to IP 72.246.51. 0 to 255? as Destination IP,
if I block a single IP simply resorts to another # in the least significant
field…ie blocking will simply shift to another, say
When I do a trace route it will not show, but an Who is IP look up points the finger at:
Akamai .net or every time!
I have scanned my PC with Adaware, Spybot and what have you…nothing.
In the interim I used Comodo and blocked the entire range to 255
Web pages load a lot faster and overall surfing speed is a LOT! better.
Does anybody know anything about this AKAMAI thing?..and how it gets spread?
It sure seems like spy ware…since it walks certainly like that kind of duck…!
I don`t use “trial” software and that kind of garbage, nor do I allow Java Script at web sites
I am not sure off,…except say BBC and the like,…so what the heck is this?..and
how did I get it…and did anybody else come across it?..
All I know, my PC is A LOT QUICKER on the net, since I blocked this!

Hi comport3, welcome to the forums.

Not exactly spyware… more like a provider. Loads of companies use them… Microsoft & Yahoo to name but a few. Perhaps this will help: Akamai Technologies - Wikipedia

edit: BTW did you mean to post into this particular topic? Sort of… !ot!

He was actually completely Off Topic… lol


Hi Melih

I am sure many noobies will love (and maybe be heavily in need of) such a friendly service.

On the other hand, the more xperienced user will have nameless fears that it might not be a very good idea to let ANY company’s staff (even if lovely and trusted as HERE - oh, MorphOS was nice and gentle this time? notice that rare occasion!? configure their home machine per net based services.

Nice idea for an estimated 90 percent of the electrified part of our world’s population (ye knowe, those people having access to aggregators, light without need for oil or cow xcrements, drug dealing places, washing machines, ■■■■■■, mp3 sticks etc.), but rather nothing of interest for ol’ REBOLs and alike to care about… with the obvious exception being Ganda, because he’s so much in love with all kinds of invisible visitors from outta space… lol


Cheers, though, to you, Melih
(Once you will be noticed in the records of world history as the last messiah to save all 'em noobs from doing something too stoopid)

That’s what finally counts.

Morphos Selfishous Konfigurous Rebolous (no, I’ve not changed my identity to Greek now…)

Next task for COMODO (as recommended by MorphOS REBOL):

Creating a software that enables all people on our planet to brew the same stuff I’m enjoying at this very moment in the history of delicacies. :slight_smile:


Cheers MorphOS REBOL

Whatever you are drinking… pour us some too will you :■■■■


Oh Melih,

how I’d really like to share that special Xperience and some personal talk with you!

(Unfortunately I’m not that rather well-known Jesus guy, who certainly would’ve managed to do that kind of stuff).

I am just a poor Bavarian guy. That means, I am part of the population of Bavaria, one historically and geographically definable “sector” of a certain folks (at the moment still being called Germans) living in a still multi-despised country (because of one ■■■■■■ who dwelled shortly and fatally in those evil times about 70 years ago etc.)…

I just have ONE simple, or not so simple, question for YOU, MELIH.

Is it still that nosebearded Austrian ■■■■■■ guy that dominates the “image” of the “German people” in your countries?