Free Virus/Spyware/Trojan/Malware removal and PC tune-up by Comodo Experts 24/7/365

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MorphOS, the Germans are wonderful. Don’t worry. :wink: I would never see that Austrian guy as representative for Germans/Germany, but of course, he will be there as long as all history books in the world won’t get fired up. No harm in that, he’s part of your history but that says nothing of today’s Germans (except for a handful of really old guys who supported the Austrian guy :-TD - but of course the number of them decreases by every year!).

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Thanks for your kind words, Melih and LA!

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I think (I don’t know) it’s a part of Comodo’s overall strategy; providing security (and, as a part of that, PC performance) for users - in order to build a strong image of trust. Comodo’s brand is all about trust, for e-commerce. So what they get out of a service like this, I suppose, is more trust.


this is a promotion only. in the near future we will be charging for this service. Of course, in a Comodo fashion, we will offer a 30 day trial etc, but it will be a service we charge for.

So enjoy it while its totally free! :slight_smile:


It is basically a remote access session, somewhat similar to VNC. There are several components downloaded, but they are removed at the end of the session, as is the session data cache.

They don’t do anything drastic (if you’re familiar with maintaining your own PC) but what they do does work. It won’t make an old clunker work like a brand new, top of the line PC, but it does put a bit more zip back into it.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Any know a decent register cleaner? Dowloading comodo firewall has brought forth register problems.

I tried the comodo tune up. Was told I have to figure out how to remove web browser.

There are tons of different registry cleaners. CCleaner is a good and safe one. TweakNow RegCleaner. Glary Utilities.

Be careful with Reg Cleaners. Manually delete the files & Backup Registry.


I can’t connect to this or the tune up service. I doubt I need either of them, but for free I’d certainly try them and find out Grin This is what I get from Firefox. Is your own firewall blocking your services?

Failed to Connect

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Though the site seems valid, the browser was unable to establish a connection.

* Could the site be temporarily unavailable? Try again later.
* Are you unable to browse other sites?  Check the computer's network connection.
* Is your computer or network protected by a firewall or proxy? Incorrect settings can interfere with Web browsing.

Ok, that can mean several things. That the service web site was down when you were trying to visit it, or that firefox simply couldn’t connect for software reasons. Try again in another day, if it happens again hit the ‘try again’ button inside the error screen, if that dosnt work try the refresh button. If that dosnt work enter your command prompt, and type ping (url of service site) if you get returning packets then the site is infact up, and its a problem with your software.

Umm…(this is a bump, but this topic is a sticky anyway) how come TrustConnect only has a 7 day trial??

Hey Jeremy,

Things change. Maybe they found the conversion rate ( from trial user to paying subscriber) was high enough that a 30 day trial wasn’t necessary. Other than the development cost, there are ongoing bandwidth costs that Comodo have to pay and, while Comodo are magnanimous, they’re not a charity and have financial obligations to their stakeholders.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Guess so. I just can’t wait til they let Light users of TrustConnect in free (maybe they would have something like saving up time, then when you need it use a lot, then save, etc)!!!

I have seen as a site where info is retrieved from on some pages I visit, though I don’t recall which at the moment. I think (though I may be wrong) that it may be similar to Google analytics; or otherwise have to do with advertising. :-\

But, given what you just typed, I went to my NoScript options and deleted from my whitelist. I’ll keep an eye out and come back and report if I find out anything interesting.


More on – though I just realized that the message I responded to a couple of weeks ago was a few months old. Oh well…

I just went to the Yahoo marketing (search advertising) login, and one of the sites that NoScript (Firefox add-on) had blocked was akamai – so I’m temporarily allowing it. So as I suspected, it may be Yahoo’s version of Google’s ‘analytics’, used for web stats. If that helps!