Francisco Partners acquires Comodo CA

Comodo Sells Certificate Business to Private Equity Firm

What is this, explain? What will happen to the products of CIS, CCAV and others?)))

In Russia, users are interested and arguing)))

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Unless the Comodo Group has another ‘good profit making product’ to fund investment in the non CA side I don’t see a bright future for these products.

I could be wrong…lets hope I am.

It seems Melih will remain as a shareholder of Comodo CA. “Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO, Comodo told ET: “I have reduced my stake in the business…I have not sold all the business.””.

I suppose I should have read the article posted:

It’s different from the other articles regarding business changes.

It does state:
What does this mean?

For staff at Comodo this is not a job loss moment. They should see greater investment in both Comodo CA and the rest of the Comodo Group. Abdulhayoglu made it clear to ET that they will continue to invest in both parts of the business

I think what’s odd here is that this topic at hand has been posted by a member of the Comodo community. Why has there has been no “OFFICIAL” announcement posted from Comodo or by Melih prior?

Sounds about right to me. Let’s both hope your wrong.

Eitherway more than likely with CIS controlled by a new owner (corporation) it well cease to be what it always has been. Sad if that happens. They will probaly turn it into another data mining product. Where people are the product and protection is the second concern like most IS/Malware products (excluding Emsisoft) available today.

It’s been a good ride if it ends. Love CIS and this community.

Hi Guys
Only the CA (ssl certificate) business. No other business unit is affected.
CIS is still my baby :slight_smile:


+1 :-TU

Valkyrie team is working day and night…literally to bring to you 4 hour SLA for any unknown executables!

When that happens, the world will be a different place in the Consumer Antivirus market.


only last week, they received their multi-million $$ hardware…:slight_smile: Now they are putting it all in…its so beautiful to watch as Valkyrie grows up…

Great news. Comodo forward!

Powerful resources are transferred to the modernization COMODO products! :-TU

I still cannot see how all the other Comodo products are going to survive.

Francisco Partners bought ONLY the CA business.
They are going to want a Return On Investment.

If the CA side profits were funding the R & D of the free or semi free products
how is the same level of investment going to continue?

One or two products have been mentioned by Melih, but this forum has a lot longer list.

I find it so strange that you guys didn’t publish anything regarding this matter on your website.

Still nothing on the news website…very strange.