Firewall 3.0 a long way to go ( beta)

I have testing out the firewall 3.0 beta of comodo and it goes in the just directions but after 462 popups and asking what i will do i stopped testing.

I hope when the firewall is finished the pop-ups are gone but despite they are coming back the learning mode is asking, asking and asking again the same question it doesn’t matter what you do this is really bad. Back to version 2.4 no pop-ups until a new application or action is requiring action.

The new version also have problems with rules when an rule is made and i will reboot the system it hangs or a crash , also after rebooting mine system won’t start after going to safe modus and disable the firewall the systems starts correctly after enable the firewall the system is directly terminated and crashes again.

I have reinstall windows xp pro and install comodo on a clean system after rebooting rules are made and the system works correct after an reboot the firewall is loosing his configuration file, settings and rules reinstalling the firewall again and the system won’t start i have removed the firewall and mine lan connection was damaged, running winsockfix and reinstall version 2.4 no more problems so in 3.0 is something going serious wrong and yes it’s an beta there is a lot of work to do.

The forgetting of the defense+ rules is a big reason why I won’t use it right now. It has a lot of potential, but I agree - there’s a lot that has to be worked out.

Agreed, there are too many problems at the moment. Very annoying at times, I will wait for the next beta before trying again.