Finally free account

why free account will be paid and what will happen to users who already have them.

The only possibility to create free 10GB accounts from now on is through the 90 days free subscription. Existing free accounts will still be usable until they expire.


or the time to run out of the clouds. a little disappointed in the comodo because I’m not sure if my files are safe. maybe in a few days will change and free accounts will be blocked.

actually I am afraid about reliability of this company. It was better company but lately it turned the worst. Their current action gives me doubt about other comodo products I am using right now like CIS, CD.

This is third time I am disappointed by comodo product after CPM and CTM. Developers are unfriendly and company is not customer oriented. They don’t listen to us and moderator in forum will mark anything against Comodo as defying forum rules.

what happens after the completion of our promotion 10GB?

You can cancel the subscription at any time through the 90 days period through email or phone support. After this period is over, if subscription was not cancelled, the credit card will be charged.


but what about the users who had signed up and received free 10GB
does not work now cdrive, the drive is empty

The users who signed up for the 10GB product will still the able to use it until the subscription expires.

Did you signup for the 10GB product? What is your username?

Please post a screenshot and the debug logs so we can determine the cause of the problem.


ccloud works good.
when can we expect the application on android?

my cdrive is empty again

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Please follow these steps:

  1. delete the following registry keys:


You can use regedit.

  1. Restart COSService.exe or restart your PC.

  2. Login again to cDrive

It should work fine after this.


I did it but more than 20 minutes the application is not able to log on and there is no cdrive on your computer.
The web application can not send files. bears all the time: Reading uploads files.

Does it show any error when you try to login? cDrive appears only after successful login.

Unfortunately, after doing the registry program is not responding. is always minimized (cloud icon is white) drive on your computer does not have.

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what happened to my earned space? I had more than 5GB and now I have 0GB.

cdrive application sometimes works
ccloud application runs very slowly and download files with errors
The web application runs very slowly, and sends the files to the server with errors
robbed of space, once you give 10GB later this taking
letter give 0MB space.
If you think that you will have a lot of users you are wrong.
I thought that the brand comodo reliability and safety but is disappointed. resigns from the service and all the other associated with comodo. I will not be recommending friends and other CIS CMS.