Final Round: Let s vote CCAV 2017 User Interface Desing Options

Hi Guys :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for being a part of CCAV2017 Design and for your votes !

Here we are with a final poll with the themes that you like/vote the most. :-TU

PS: After checking your feedbacks, we have also decided to have 2 versions as light & dark for the selected theme ; you will be able to select one via General Settings> User Interface .

Please drop your comments / feedbacks in case you have any.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

Kind Regards

Option 5 all the way :-TU


  • It is dark and its darkness better than other dark options.
  • I like that green shield :-*
  • I can access all options in main UI for switch on-off options. Easy to use for novice users without digging into settings.
    (For feedback about ON-OFF toggles, please remove the words on off…we should think translations.
    When using Turkish there will be longer translations and it will break the toggle maybe. Lets just use green and red color options to show its actions)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Why not have one light and one dark theme (or all of this)???

Option 5 :-TU

I prefer option 2.


next version of CCAV interface will be determined by you. All your votes count, please vote!

I liked 1 and 5.

Voted in 5 :-TU

voted 5… as stated before, i prefer the other one, not in this pool, but i have to choose one right?

anyway, is this theme going to be used on cis too or is it just for ccav? it would be nice to have the two softwares with consistent themes.

The second and sixth interface look more like comodo. The rest were very similar to IObit and avast software

Voted 2. I hope to get it in dark and white variant. I really like thia gui because of a pane on the right.

I like Option 5 , its best. :-TU

Make options 2 and 5, with a choice of light and dark themes. :-TU

and above all make Valkyrie work properly!

I voted option 2, I don’t like the dark themes, the dark themes look a bit like iobit. Just my opinion.

Option 1 and 5.

+1 :-TU

Hi All,
I like option 5
Why ?
Whether because it saves electricity (:TNG)

I like 5. it looks modern and sleek! :-TU

Go option 5 Go :smiley:

I like 5 too.