Favorite sports team?

Good Lord how did this one not happen yet? 88)

College Football: AUBURN TIGERS :-TU
Baseball: Chicago White Sox
Basketball: Boston Celtics

That’s about it for me, I kinda follow Hockey but don’t really have a rooting interest. Soccer is…well…soccer. :stuck_out_tongue:

REAL football : Parramatta Eels RLFC

I dislike sports. 88)

At least when you sit at a computer you can learn. But why watch other people exercise while getting fat yourself? ???

I don’t like computer games much either (the idea of them and what they do to you), but they are still addicting sometimes.

Now if typing was a sport… 88)

+1 :-TU

Ugh. At least you like something I guess.

Okay Laser and Jowa. Being a nerd is one thing, wanting to learn as opposed to watching a sport (or playing) is quite another. After REAL women, guitar, fishing, AMERICAN football, trucks (or cars), baseball, hunting etc. sitting at a computer is waaay down the list. That’s why this whole country is overweight these days. 88)

I pitty you.

As I do all inhabitants outside the Glorious European Continent.

Lol. There isn’t enough scoring for us Americans. There also isn’t enough contact. Seriously, one thing that drives me crazy is I can’t even tell who is playing, all your uniforms consist of are ADS. Why is that? Anyway, what team?

We do have to be patient to our children.

P.S. Soccer is intelligence in movement.

WHAT TEAM do you pull for?

The whole world seems to be bound and determined to get America to embrace soccer, it ain’t gonna happen. America already single-handedly supports football, baseball, hockey AND basketball. There’s no more room. We’ll let the rest of the world have soccer. 8)

football, baseball, hockey AND basketball.

The first three are sons of European sports. I won’t go into Basketball… brrr.

My school Rugby team, for which I play Second row
Harlequins - Rugby League
Chelsea - when there’s no rugby to play or watch.

Have you ever seriously looked at Rugby League, or is it a case of if it’s not gridiron, it’s not football? 88)

There are a lot of similarities - but the differences are what I think makes both Rugby League and Rugby Union physically harder sports than gridiron.

Gridiron has an offensive team and a defensive team and they rotate depending on who’s got the ball. Rugby League has one 17 man team, with 13 on the field at one time. The same team plays both offense and defense.

Gridiron has a period in between each offensive play and multiple timeouts during the game. There is no pause between plays in Rugby League and the game is halted only for serious injuries or cautions.

Gridiron consists of four quarters giving the players three extended breaks. Rugby League is played over two 40 minutes halves with a single 10 minute break.

Gridiron consists of four 15 minutes quarters. Rugby League consists to two 40 minute halves.

A Rugby League game, from kick off to finish, takes approximately 90 minutes. A gridiron game seems to take half a day.

In Rugby League, no-one makes you wear cheese on your head (Sorry GBP). ;D

While I admire the athleticism of american football, to me it’s more of a spectacle than a sport, has far too many stoppages for my liking and the fact that they have separate offensive and defensive teams takes a lot of the endurance factor out of the game.

Ewen :slight_smile:

To me, the ultimate sport and the only one I follow avidly, is baseball. My favorite teams are the Florida Marlins and the New York Mets. I started watching baseball at about 5 years of age in 1953 and my team was the Brooklyn Dodgers. I got into fantasy Baseball for the first time this year and I’m loving it.

I watch Football some but only as a fill-in during Baseball’s off-season. Basketball I have no interest in because it’s too easy to score points and too many points are scored, making a great move to the hoop early in a game meaningless because you know you’re going to see the same thing at least 50 more times before the end of the game. You can watch the last few minutes of any Basketball game and essentially have seen the whole thing. None of the other sports interest me and I have zero interest in any college sports. I will watch the Olympics every two years though even though I dislike that they now allow pros in.

I don’t disagree with that. I never said Europeans didn’t have good ideas. :wink:

Again, you are right on. Basketball is a “last couple of minutes game”. If you think about it, it may be the ONLY game thats like that.

I don’t know why I stretched this out into 3 answers but…oh yeah…■■■■. ;D

Anyway, I do actually enjoy Rugby. I used to have channels that carried it and I agree, it’s truly a man’s game as much as any other. American football however, you have slighted in my opinion. If you have ever played the game you would appreciate the “contact” part more than you may realize. I also can enjoy Australian rules football. I guess it’s just soccer I can’t handle. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have actually played two seasons of gridiron (Which just proves how hard up that game is down under. LOL) and while I agree the contact is just as hard as League, the fact that you get to troop off and put your feet up every couple of minutes while the other team has the ball just takes ALL of the endurance factor out of the game.

American footballers are undoubtedly big, fast and hard, but I’d love to see how they would go having to play 60 minutes straight, let alone doing it in halves rather than quarters. If htey could get through that, then see how they go for an extra 20 minutes.

All of their training and conditioning is designed around the principle of bursts of extremely hard effort within a very compressed timeframe.

Don’t get me wrong - I like american football. I just think that there are other types of football that are better.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You’re a true fan of the game, I can tell. I played high school football “iron man” style, meaning we played both offense and defense, so we had no breaks. They’re really 2 different games Rugby and Football, though similar. I too would like to see some of our"spoiled, overpaid" players line up with your guys. I think our speed and pure strength would be apparent, but I also think we could learn alot in flat out toughness. I’m am glad you can appreciate both games. ;D

Soccer is probably the only game i know where 11 guys play as if each of them was alone: i don’t know, in these conditions, if anyone can speak of “intelligence” of the game, as there are sometimes outstanding individual performances, but almost never any strategy.

Very curiously indeed, it is also probably the only game where amateurs are not systematically ridiculous when opposed to the best professionnal players.

In the last example, half finals of French cup last week, Paris league one had a lot of trouble beating a fourth division team only 1-0, and it would not have been unfair to see the same result the other way.

A lot of people say that the only winners are the sponsors, and that this situation is due to top players being highly paid (top 20-30 million euros per year) whether they win or not, leading to strange situations where Greece was able to win european cup: players far less paid, but far more hungry.

The last thing that can be said about soccer is that it is the only game surrounded by systematic violence, even if of course by only a part of the public; Paris was, after several incidents including racial insults and injuries including death forbidden from its public to attend not only its own stadium, but external stadiums where it plays.

The same is known e.g. in Belgium, England, Italy, and African countries.
In Italy, some attenders systematically behave as how they think an ape does as soon as a black player has the ball.
The last African cup two games played between Algeria and Egypt both resulted, altough the result was different, in riots in France coming from members of the Algerian community (they are not less or more culprit, but there’s almost no Egyptian community in France): cars were burned when losing, and also when winning.

Speaking of rugby, i am not sure of the default signification of this single word in english speaking countries; in France “rugby” used as a single word refers to 15 players team, and “rugby à 13” is an improper appellation, the right one being “Jeu à 13”.

Coming back on topic, i am not sure i like any sport more or less then another; i only like when any sportive event results in some performance one would have thought impossible from his author (even if she/he is an amateur), it is maybe the reason for which i dislike soccer, but i am aware that this position is quite dangerous, and responsible of doping behaviours in some media popular sports like biking, natation or athletism.

Sure about that?That goal, in the last second of the game was golden for the Bulgarian football(soccer).It qualified our nation for the world cup 1994 in the USA and we went trough to the 1/2 finals.