Extra layer of protection between hardware and OS


Deep Freeze from Faronics have a nice concept. Qubes OS seems to use the same concept, but adds an extra layer of protection between the hardware and the OS.

  1. Would it be possible to design an anti-hack platform that would operate between the hardware and the OS levels?

  2. Could CIS be updated to work on Qubes OS (unix distribution). (As its available for 8 unix distro at 5 Best Antivirus for Linux 2022 | Linux Antivirus ).

I’m wondering, wouldn’t the best security suite be using the concept of VMM embeded into another (up to 10 times lets say)? Would it be a good strategy to have multiple auto-generated passwords (each session) that would be designed to take too long to hack by brute force during a normal PC session (3-8h) in order to reach the last layer of protection? Maybe the auto generated password for each levels could be reset every 5 min making it impossible? to ■■■■■ all passwords within a given amount of time.

  1. Would it be possible to design a 10-layer (or more) sandbox / VMM system which would have on each level its own set of “anti-hacking defense traps” (just like Indiana Jones temples’ traps) which would be designed to protect the “files” with passwords required to get to a higher level? Also, such a defense system could detect breaches in its “levels” when unusual activity / hacking patterns would be ran and warn the user when a certain level is reached. Ideally, in such a “Russian-doll” design, it would also be possible to use Deep Freeze’s / Qubes OS’ reboot-to-restore function to get rid of unknown infections in a matter of seconds.

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