Explorer locking

Problem after upgrading to 7.

A insistent locked in explorer.exe windows 8.1.I know it is because with the Defender (native antivirus) do not.
Someone to give a solution?
Someone to give a light?

Let me focus on the issue with explorer.exe. Are you saying that the computer completely freezes up? If so, for how long does it usually freeze and is there something which usually seems to happen just before the freeze?


For everything. Until the mouse pointer is inoperative. back and when
I reset it without the taskbar does not respond to any commands, the
sidebar also only opens more unresponsive and when I go back to the
start after he no longer goes out there. Only resetting the computer.

w8.1pro x64 original
Asus M5A99FX PRO 2.0
AMD PHENON x4 Black Edition

Detail. Not always. It’s like he’s verify some behavior. Would at least
once per day. It just happens.
I child can play all day and nothing happens. And then just I open a
window that happens.

Okay, there can only be one issue reported per topic. Thus, please edit your first post so that it is focused on the freeze issue and is in the format provided here. Just copy and paste the code. Then replace the question marks with your responses.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, you can start a new topic for the android issue.


Actually, before you worry about formatting the first post, please try reinstalling by following the advice I give in this topic. Doing so may be able to solve this issue.

However, if it does not then please do edit the first post so that it is in the format I previously linked to. We can continue diagnosing this from there. Let me know if you have any questions.


Ok. I will try to … I find it interesting that errors occur with ones that don’t happen with others. I’m imagining that looks to the system context. A mixture of various programs. e.g. a browser uses x other uses browser y, or the player and another player b. … regarding the installation I will try because I am with a new HD for use. How to report errors according to the rules I try seems to be a bit tricky; I’m kind of lay. I am Brazilian I’m sorry by the English errors. !ot!

Was reinstalling able to solve this?

Did you find that reinstalling was able to solve this?

I am assuming that reinstalling was able to solve this. Thus, I will move this bug report to Resolved.

If the problem did indeed continue to occur, even after reinstalling, please edit your first post so it is in the format I linked to. Also, respond to this post letting me know the issue is not fixed.

Thank you.