Exciting News: Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta Now Open for Testing!

Sounds good Thanks :slight_smile:

Will there be an automatic update from Beta to the new beta version or do I need to install it?

i think you need to install it manually

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I’m waiting for it to come out and install it right away

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Also i will soon be Xcitium human expert analyst and when i am i will be making a post to people to submit to us samples for analysis

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It’s hard to wait when it’s two o’clock in the morning.

There’s the link, it’s SE Labs…

COMODO being the worst product evaluated.

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An unexpected bug occured “Release execution failure” new Beta release suspended…

LOLOL. And your source being? :wink:

I assume that is a satire.

Of course it is satire.

The update issue is fixed.

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How many times did I hear that the update issue was fixed…
And to see it fail again…

Thank you for reporting back. Did a clean install of Windows do the trick for you?

Do you have Webroot and Malwarebytes installed on the clean installed system?

Be patient, don’t be so picky.

Let’s assume the glass is half empty. May be Comodo is getting ready to roll out the new beta also by the program updater? :beers:

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