ESR based Comodo IceDragon Wish

Hello Devs,

Our forum memeber @Netguy101 has this wish. I opened a wish about his wish.

We have problems about "No updates for IceDragon1 every month after Firefox updates. Devs also have no time for updating it. It is obvious. Devs make people using an old gecko based Firefox (insecure IceDragon)
It is a shame for a security company like Comodo. But if you make this browser ESR based, noone have words for you about updating it every Firefox release. (whats ESR build? )

With this build users will be more secure and needs no updates for months. (Extenden Support Release)
Users still can get same add-ons, same features :-TU By the way, it makes your jobs easier.
Please consider this, it will be great.

Comodo IceDragon (ESR)


Thanks for making a wish for this. I really hope Comodo devs move Ice Dragon to Firefox ESR base and continue making the browser :slight_smile:

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In my perfect world, CID would stay constantly updated and follow the Mozilla Firefox release cycle, maybe even with betas. But that is not really practical for a security focus, because there are just not enough developers or time for it, I am sure. I just want the project to stay alive, so I think following ESR as the code base would be a great idea.

Thanks for your vote! this is what most of CID user think. It will makes CID more stable than other browsers too. :-TU

just posted an issue regarding CID being outdated which was merged into an existing topic XD

if CD didn’t use so much RAM, I’d use that, but I need CID to prevent a BSoD :stuck_out_tongue:
however, as a chrome h8r, if the new CID can manage to be even more secure, I’ll bump it above CD on my browser security list: =3
least secure < most secure
Chrome < IE9 < FF (Gecko) < IE8 (no ActiveX) < FF3 < Opera (Chrome) < Opera12 < CID < CD

the way I see it, popularity seems to overwhelm security… <_<
people really don’t know just how they’re screwing themselves over with what they use…
(a sad story that needs to change)

From a real world sense, CID should have been Comodo’s primary browser since the Firefox base is updated anywhere from 1-2 months. While Chrome receives multiple updates a month.

I guess Comodo’s priority isn’t with browsers but with CIS for home and business users. Maybe after they release the next CIS version we will see some activity with the browsers.

honestly, I think they should actually go their own direction and build an even better browser than the rest which pays attention to all of:

aside from the irony of chrome being the most unsafe to Dragon being the safest XDD
but Google didn’t give 2 craps about RAM so we’re stuck with their ■■■■ :stuck_out_tongue:

Opera (presto) is the best choice IMO as they at least gave a ■■■■ about security, RAM, and speed from the start :stuck_out_tongue:
(and it comes with an epic speed-dial from the start, though I still prefer FVD)

anyways, if we can have all of that, ther’ll be almost no need for add-ons :slight_smile:

The utilisation of a ESR version would be verry good i think :smiley:

Thanks for your valuable support ThePierrezou :-TU :wink:

Just wanted to mention, I take back what I’ve said about chrome (in previous posts here)

taking a look at it now, unlike Opera, there’s actually an option for malware protection.
and with the fact is has every setting I need to protect me from harmful web content.
(the chrome that killed my 6-week old compy had just about no protection)

so now, I bump chrome above opera

and I want to send an appology for not llistening to anyone about this over the years.

I’ve switched to Linux now, but heck, that still doesn’t make me safe. :stuck_out_tongue:
so I’d like to request linux builds of your browsers. :slight_smile:

I think you guys have much better malware protection than chrome could ever have by google. XD


Please vote guys :-TU and @Shane , what do you think about it ?

Whats the difference? ESR and original firefox?

Please see the first mate, I posted “What’s ESR build?
This is actually make developers job easy, because updates of ESR based Firefox are rare. This is why I posted it here in wish section.
Additional information : Palemoon browser is using latest ESR Firefox build which has not Australis tabs.

This tells me the “normal” firefox version is better than ESR version? Or do i miss something?

No. We cannot compare these two. Two of these browsers aims are different…
The only downside of ESR in my opinion, a few add-ons not working in latest ESR build

Ok. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

No problem, do not forget to vote :wink: It can be positive or negative vote :-TU

I voted yes :slight_smile:

Thanks, I hope devs will consider these “yes” votes :-TU