Error code 97

i have installed on my pc version 2.2 of the software and i have made a backup of an entire disk, the size of the cbu file is about 25 Gigabyte and is on a network share.
Later i needed to restore some files from the backup but i noticed version 2.2 cannot do that and i have upgraded to the latest version.
The first time i noticed an error when the installer tryed to install the cbvdbus.sys, i have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and the error message was gone.
I tryed to restore the files from the backup but when i try to mount the cbu file from the network share the drive letter appear but it say is in raw format and i cannot access the data inside.
And i tryed to restore the whole backup to another disk inside my pc and i get error code 97.
Now i’m back to version 2.2 but i get always error code 97 when i try to restore the backup.
I have lost my data? What can i try? Please let me know!
Thanks and best regards,


Please update to the latest version.
Follow the steps here to enable debug:
Repeat the restore process, then collect debug.cbu file and post it here for analysis.
I have one question also:
How many partitions are inside backup and what file system do they have?


Hi Emanuel,
i have posted the debug.cbu and the disk is a single partition disk in ntfs format.
Thanks and best regards,
Carlo S.

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Do you access the backup file through a mapped network drive? There might be a problem with that so if you can you should copy the backup file to local storage or access the backup file through the ‘network location’ option in CB and select it from the respective computer. Let us know.

Thank you.

This is the first thing i have do, but i receive the same error, if i check the file the comodo backup softwre says that the cbu is fine.