Error code 29 during backup

Trying to backup “Disks, Partitions and MBR” on my laptop, using a current download (from 2 days ago) of the software, to my external USB connected hard drive. Selected Disk 0 and pretty much defaulted everything else. Backup runs for about 2 hours and the errors with Code 29. Rebooted and tried again with the same result.

I’m running Windows 7 Home Premium 32 Bit, Avast Anti vir.

Thanks for your help.

Hi sprill

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You may want to check this tread out. Let us know if it helps or not.


I had already looked at that thread. Found someone else who had code 29 and it was a problem with Skype. I removed Skype from my system and rebooted prior to posting and retried the backup but the error still occurs.

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What is the total size of hte disk you are backking up (not used capacity, but total capacity)?

What is the available space on the external destination device?

A backup of an entire disk (as opposed to just a partition) captures all sectors, even unused ones and will be the same size as the total disk size.

Just a thought.

Ewen :slight_smile:


In some cases the 29 error code during backup might occur for no obvious reasons.
It means that a read error or an internal error occurred.
We will fix the problem in the next release.

By default, an entire disk backup captures all sectors except unused ones from volumes with a NTFS/FAT file system.


Hi Emanuel,

I just ran my first backup on a Win7Professional x64 machine and the process failed after an hour or so with an Error 29.

I’m using version = 2.2.127000.12
updateDate = 2010_01_07

I downloaded it on 5/20/10. When will the “next release” be that you referred to in your post on 3/22/10? Will it address this issue or is there something else I need to check?


Hi Pat

The next release will address this issue.
An exact date does not exist, but it will be very soon, possibly at the beginning of the next month.


Thanks Emanuel. Is there a workaround at the moment or should I just find another program to back up my data in the meantime?

And can I be notified when the new release is ready? Or do I need to keep checking back on a daily basis?



You can try the new BETA:;msg403369#new