Emsisoft buys Online Armor

Tall Emu sold itself to Emsisoft


All the Best to Mike and Christian!


Man I feel so good with CIS. O0

I feel sad at some level that OA couldn’t make it work.

This market requires huge amount of resources to compete against likes of Symantec and McAfee…

And that is the resources we have and I can guarantee that both Symantec and McAfee are feeling it :wink:


Merged two topics.

There is life after security software and I want to wish Mike every success in the future.

OA was/is a ■■■■■■ good product and I’m sure Emsisoft will take it further. They will undoubtedly raise the bar, which will benefit both OA users and the users of other products that will have to improve to match it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I don’t even know how Emsisoft is staying in business. I highly doubt it is from consumer sales, I bet most of their money is coming from leasing out their engines/signatures to other companies. I think comodo should go and just buy Emsisoft, think about it. Not only would they get Emsisoft they would get Ikarus and now Online-armor. I don’t know if they have anything comodo could actually use and need, though. The only thing comodo could use is Mamutu (behavior blocker) the Emsisoft has and of course improve upon it.


Well we’ll see Emsisoft internet security soon.

OA had only 2 developers… Emsisoft obviously has more which will result in faster development. Tall Emu is concentrating on a CRM System: http://www.totalenterprisecrm.com/ and I wish Mike best of luck on that project. I also wish Christian goodluck with OA.


Greetings all,

I am really pleased with the responses here regarding the matter.
And that’s is not just because of I am using a-squared (now “Emsisoft Anti- Malware”) for a very looooong time (free and licensed versions).

Well even Melih posted a nice reply :slight_smile: … just kidding Melih – you know that

As for panic – he is one of the greatest helpers I’ve ever seen on the Net
Who can deny his wisdom? & if anybody will try to do that - I will post an ugly reply (you have been warned!) … hehehe! :smiley:


I think, that the only argument I may have regarding your reply – is about

…most of their money is coming from leasing out their engines/signatures to other companies.

I disagree. In one of the posts here lately we were discussing & mentioning engines & stuff
There are just a few on the market Kaspersky, Avira & as Melih said - Comodo has its own engine… fair enough

The only company that I am aware of that purchased Emsi’s double-engine just recently is Ashampoo . I do not know any others yet ( please tell if you have more info than that)

At this very moment Emsisoft has 5,530,875 customers using paid version (not counting free products … there are several… no limitations as a matter of fact in detection & cleaning)

As for

I think comodo should go and just buy Emsisoft, think about it.
Well that is just a dream - Fata Morgana … any mirage is a good thing because despite of desperation , which are creating mirages sometimes – that is kinda “hope” … we need hopes :wink:

But speaking of good calm dreams … & future development of Behavioral Blocker (BB) as a separate product by Comodo - … hmmm… if something close to what you said can happen regarding Mamutu … that is a brilliant dream :slight_smile:

… meaning that all companies are about earning money this or that way – that is how our imperfect world is built unfortunately … but we – “simple users” - just wanna feel safe “out there”
Who knows ? Probably that is not a bad idea instead of starting BB development out of the scratch 88)

Cheers All!

I bet most of their money is coming from leasing out their engines/signatures to other companies.
I think comodo should go and just buy Emsisoft

I use both Comodo and Online Armor on two machines. I’ve tried also PC Tools and Outpost.
I find OA the best of the FWs I know. It’s a very good balance between effectiveness and usability.
And I trust Emsisoft not to spoil it; it looks to me as a sound company.

Hehe, I wish we had 5m ‘paid’ customers, but actually it’s only the number of registered user accounts. :wink:

Homeusers are our main market to sell currently.


Is that C from Emsisoft?

If so welcome to our forums :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s me. The original. v1.0.

Hi Christian!

I truly wish you all the best with OA once again. It’s also good to see you here. :slight_smile:


Hi Christian

Welcome to our forum :slight_smile:


Congrats on the purchase Christian and welcome (back) again.

Competition tightens; that’s good for the consumers. (:NRD) (:KWL)

It is important to understand that there are hundreds of millions of users out there.

Majority of them are using the likes of Norton/Mcafee etc…

So the competition for us is Norton, Mcafee etc…No one else!

To fight Norton and Mcafee and likes, you need a huge R&D team and a lot of $$.

That is what Comodo has.

The days of trying to sell AV software or Firewall is dead and gone! You need a new business model! It ain’t the 90’s!


I meant that two Davids merged into another David to fight the Goliaths.

You don’t need to be so obvious, Eric.