Emsisoft buys Online Armor

And neither do you, Joe.

Its good news, We might finally see a 64bit version.

I don’t believe the 64 bit version is far off. :wink:

I agree.
There are some bugs/glitches that, as well, I think will be resolved soon.
What I’m curious about is a new version. I’m sure Emsisoft will keep a free version, but I want to see what it looks like.

Yeah, Mike looks sad too. 88)

We place a good deal of respect in our users, and they trust us. For example, we'd never sell to a company like Comodo, even if they paid 10x as much. For us, it’s a personal promise, and trust - and Emsi fits this bill.
You evil [b]Melih[/b] what have you done? It looks like Comodo doesn't fits this bill. ;D

i couldn’t find the quotation, they must have removed it.

again, all the best to Mike with his new venture.


That’s really weird, I was reading that few hours ago and that quotation was there.
Hmmm … interesting :-\

Thank you google cache.


:o ftw Mike??

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Mike says it was the red wine on Wilders.

edit: So… For The Wine then Ewen. :)

Nice. That’s a little disappointing.

+1 :frowning:

Note: Some of the answers have been modified after the interview was initially published, as per the request of the two CEOs.
It looks like red wine/naked woman/full bank account/whatever are as good as a [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth_drug]truth drug[/url]. ;D

So Melih is evil others are angels. 88)

I think Melih is evil because he wants to give away good security for free. By not wanting to play by their pay me for better security rules, they have branded him evil. Now all he needs are some sharks with freakin’ laser beams attached to their heads.

Of course the originator of that thread is a well known Comodo hater, who has been badmouthing all over the internet. Everywhere I go I see him trying to damage Comodo.

Yes, but understandable if you know what happened between Comodo and the Tall Emu in the past.

Greetz, Red.

What did?

Ask Melih or Mike ( He is a Mod on Wilders now ).

Greetz, Red.

That was clear, thank you Rednose.

Red, good to see you back.