EasyVPN vs. Hamachi - Let's compare!

Hi guys! We here at the big C are looking for your input on EasyVPN. How does it stack up against Hamachi? What should we add, take away, etc? I’d love feedback on all aspects, but I’m particularly interested in gaming. Have any of you used EasyVPN to game? What games? Does Hamachi work better?

Basically any and all comments about VPN are appreciated. Thanks guys, and please be brutally honest!! ;D

EasyVPN gives a safer impression to me… Just the name… And being developed by COMODO, the company offering the most comprehensive protection against malwares is a big plus…

Still I have not tried it, yet, but heard the security aspects of it should be better than Hamachi and similar (rumors?)… If so then please explain shortly why it is so? :smiley: :slight_smile: As that is a good argument for the product…

A product supposed to simulate a “Lan” environment must be secure in my mind… And one of the reasons I removed Hamachi was due to reports of security flaws… This made me not trust in the product anymore…

=) Ofc I know all products has flaws… But I think Hamachi was experiencing 2 or more in a short time frame… =/ Also the name don’t scream safe… “hamachi” sounds more like some hobby project unfortunately. =/

As for user friendliness and functions IDK…

Have only tested Hamachi… =) It seems to do its job if you tries to play red alert 2/starcraft or similar… Lan =) But far away!

Thanks Monkey! Please post again and let me know you’re impressions after you try EasyVPN!

I didn’t tray Hmachi but a freind told me that Hamachi have a button called browse to see shared files.

I think it’s a good feature :slight_smile:

What are the reasons why one would choose Hamachi over EasyVPN?

Please give us all the reasons you can so that we can improve the product for you…



I have used EasyVPN for 3 days now. I havn’t been able to test all it features, because I only have one friend using EasyVPN.

But Hamachi dosn’t have a userfriendly interface and I think it slows down your system. Beside it increases your ping very much. I don’t know if EasyVPN is doing so.

I don’t know if this is relevant, but wouldn’t it be nice if you where able to create a tunnel, like a small proxy connection to your home PC?

I would like to see EasyVPN contain a list of known trusted connections so you could remote into a system without someone having to be there to allow the connection. Naturally, the initial setting of this connection being trusted would have to be done manually and at the remote end.

I realise this could a security risk, but it could be mitigated by having a password set at the time of the connection being made trusted. When a client attempts a pre-trusted connection to a remote host, the password would have to be sent, in lieu of the remote host having to manually acknowledge the incoming request.

An example of this is how Ammyy (www.ammyy.com) handles trusted connections. They don’t have an exchanged password to allow remotes from any location, but their trusted remote sessions are based on an ID generated the first time Ammyy is run on a particular PC. Their trusted connection is based on a location-to-location connection, rather than the trusted account-to-account connection proposed above.

What think?
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, keep it coming!

My comments are simple. Hamachi works after installation, EasyVPN does not. :frowning:

I did install EasyVPN on both my PC’s at home and I created 2 accounts. After reboot I got the error “Failed to enable the Comodo VPN Adaptor. The P2P connection is not established. Please run as Administrator” on both my PC’s.Though I can chat between those 2 PC’s, I am not able to create a remote desktop session. Neighter can I “ping” the other PC or can I browse the shared folders on the other PC.
If I install Hamachi, then I can ping and I can browse.

My opinion is that EasyVPN is far from finished. And I think more people do share my opinion, because more have reported these problems. Sadly to see that no one ever got a reply. It looks like the support for EasyVPN is death :frowning:

Did you install it or run it as Adminstrator (or equivalent)?

This, as the program told you, will solve the problem!

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey marlonvdb,

You’re not making it easy for us to help you.

The post where your above claim is made (your first post on these boards) was posted BEFORE you had posted anywhere else. You have subsequently posted “I too have this problem” type posts in two other Easy VPN topics four minutes AFTER your first post.

I’m just leaving for work and will probably not be on the forum again for a couple of hours (depending on what has gone pear shaped in the night ;)). I’ll be happy to get back in touch then.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Easy VPN has been working fine for me and its really easy to use. The only thing that can be annoying is you have to sign out and sign back in sometimes to get the remote desktop to work and i cant revert my display picture back to the default,it apply the settings, every time i sign back in its the one i picked.


I haven’t ever used easy vpn but some things about hamachi ■■■■ me off. I for example use hamachi for vnc’ing to a pc overseas that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to vnc to since the isp bridges its connection.

what pisses me off is sometimes I have to attempt to connect vnc a ton of times before getting through. Mind you, the added benefit of pairing vnc with hamachi is the encryption.

SO, correct me if I’m wrong, so-far, from what it seems, easy vpn

as per a post doesn’t have a browse button (would be a nice convinience, especially when you deal with those that cant figure things out),

you have to explicitly signin & out vs turning an on button in hamachi

and finally

It seems I wouldn’t have to use a 2nd program to get the remote job done, great, but at the same time I’d suggest beefing up security & demonstrating how much more secure easyvpn is or should be next to hamachi so that you manage to get people to attempt and/or switch to easyvpn.

Reason being thats all that really matters and is key point for persuasion.

Maybe having extra sign in / authentications options would do it… maybe a random question from a list of pre-existing answers upon connection, who knows. >:-D >:-D >:-D >:-D

I would like to suggest that you add information and troubleshooting tips in your help file, as I didn’t any information at all on the remote desktop function. I also didn’t find much information about the aforementioned feature on the website.


Your queries about file transfer and remote sessions have been answered inyour original post.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I use Hamachi to link two networks together automatically. I would need EasyVPN to be able to run on a server unattended as a service and have users be able to automatically log into it via their desktop or laptop.

As far as I can see, there is no way to do that so EasyVPN is more of a Chat Application with some added features, than a VPN application with Chat.

  • Roger

Unattended logins are being investigated, but the security aspects of allowing this will need to take priority over convenience.

Ewen :slight_smile:


there is something i miss in EasyVPN. Currently i need to use Hamachi but an older Version like this is because newer Hamachi doesn’t`t support broadcasting so its impossible to play a game like Warcraft III over VPN
EasyVPN doesn’t support broadcasting to. So it will be great if it can be included in future versions.
I don’t know if it normally supports broadcasting but if sniffed the Socket with Wireshark and WC III was sending broadcasts but no Client respond to that. So i think EasyVPN doesn’t support it and so it doesn’t transmit it.

I’ll hope you understand me because my English isn’t really nice :stuck_out_tongue:

  • regards White

btw. anyone knows why newer Hamachi doesn’t support broadcasting anymore like an older version like

Well, I’ve pretty much stopped using Hamachi with the licensing change, but I think what I would want to consider using a VPN solution would be support for Windows, Linux and MacOS X. This is why I’m currently using OpenVPN even though it’s a bunch harder to get working, a VPN is no good if I can’t connect to the people I want to who use other OSs.

The biggest hangups for me are a need for file sharing (download with resume from a tree of shared folders) and support for other operating systems (namely macs).