Does Comodo have too many pop ups?

im sorry, but are we all on the same page? you have put out 2 new builds since 529, yet they all have the same improvements. yet each time it is getting more annoying with pop ups

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im going to say it one last time. i have been putting a lot of effort into comodo for around 2 years. online armor is not 64 bit yet…comodo is going backwards. your not seeing the big picture. most of us here are “techy” it seems. but i can’t recommend this to “joe guy” that just wants to get his or her work done. in fact i keep getting begged to remove it. sorry. there is joe guy out there to! and they are the masses. i still believe in comodo but i cant recommend it anymore. i have done about 50 uninstalls this past week at the users request. and i could not blame. its like ZA when they went to bloatware… you know, for one thing, sitting there with you finger on the left mouse button click 20 or so times every time you do something. i remember warning comodo a long time ago about the bloatware syndrome.

look at ZA and no further. where are they now? comodo is rapidly going backwards. bloatware possibly. too much paranoia? just stating my case. was hoping forward progress. but not backward. ill keep checking and testing(not that anyone cares really) but it seems it will take time to fix the bugs that keep getting more prevalent with each build. maybe going backwards toward 3.8 and starting over would be good

Don’t you bother to read anything, v941726?
The two subsequent releases were bug fixes.

ok. why are there 20 pages of mostly complaints already

Hi v941726

Lets identify exactly what your issues are pls so that we can try to help.

You said you are seeing an increase in the no of popups… we didn’t have anyone else report similar problem. We would love to get to the bottom of this and fix it. Can you pls report this in the bug report section so that relevant people can take a look at it.

I suspect unholy torch-throwers who wants to flame CIS like a troll.

i have been saying this for a long time now. directly to you in fact. and skimming this forum i see lots of others. maybe i work on more machines than most here. not sure. maybe being a tester to help others i install and uninstall more software. again, i dont know when i do this i approach it from all angles i can think of. fo example:(specifically comodo in this case) i will do aflush and fill. disable bitdefender nd win f/w. then do my speed tweaks and get win straight. mind you, i have done 1000’s. so, 1st and only pice of 3rd party software is comodo, i am talking real world as if i was in the corporate world 15 yrs ago. meaning it has to work. technology changes but joe worker and grandma just want it ti work. just like anyone would. i still work with some ceo’s of big co’s, yet with granny’s too. these ceo’s wont let anyone but me touch their machines, also lots of jow workers, granny’s friends, foes, etc.

so specifically and foremost are the incessant pop ups. i cant get too specific w/o writing a book about it. i can say xp, vista, and 7 on all kings of machines and configurations(hardware wise). so, there is no other software(3rd party or built in) that could be interfering. after 3.8 or 9(somewhere in ther the pop ups grew exponentially. so because of that i would install cis last because i just couldnt take, well, lets just say on a evryday machine to get their software on; i would have to click allow and the stupid “do want installation mode” around 200 times before i was certain the machine worked…this is just me setting it up. then, after some time getting calls from all kinds of people with different h/w and s/w begging me to take it off. and now we are talking about people (granny’s) that cant get their work done because now they’re lik heir fingers off specifics are what i sad. there is no pattern except for the pop ups. i have been with you guy 10 years and got countless people uing your s/w. not just cis either…
i would never suggest or recommend something to any on that i wouldnt use on my personal machine. well, i couldnt take cis anymore and neither could the people i recommended to. it seems your backing up, i hope that answers? i wont say here what im recommending now. i will tell you if you pm me. but its very nice. i’m still with you melih. i just cant recommend cis anymore. your dns and csc i still do though

rereading your question again, i cant go further . pop ups 1st, then i can do more checking. i cant get past the pop ups w/o screaming 1st. if you can, read all my previous posts. you will see i was 110% with you

how old are you?


I have already addressed you previous comments, wherein I asked you to submit details of your particular issues. This you have not done.

I ask you again. If you have a specific problem and can be precise in your phraseology, as opposed to “incessant pop ups”, please open a thread in the relevant help forum.

Thank you.

Older than you.
Instead of installing the firewall in maximum security mode (Defense+), you should configure everything appropriately - and then you won’t get 20 alerts from clicking the Start Menu. Hard? I think not.

im not sure what you dont understand. how about: any and every program i install or uninstall i get 10-30 pop ups for starters…cant say it anyway else. maybe you dont know what a pop up is. so, it’s those annoying orange or red windows that pop up every 2 seconds in the lower right corner of the computer screen. they ask questions. there is even a question about remembering the selection you make for next(which by the, doesnt work). and they are so annoying that more time is spent clicking allow than doing what you need to do. does that explain it?

Why would we pretend? CIS works great. I get barely any popups.

For someone who professes to be some sort of PC authority you must be making some really elemental mistakes if you are getting lots of pop ups with the latest versions of Comodo. I have been using Comodo since the start am 60yrs old one of the Grandads you mention and not PC techy by a long shot. Any problems I have had with Comodo over the years have been quickly solved either by posting a help thread or using the search function.
In the last few versions of Comodo there are virtually no pop ups at all after the initiall instalment. If for example when installing or uninstalling a program one just kept clicking away on pop ups instead of changing to installation mode I can certainly see where you would get 100’s of never ending pop ups but for someone like yourself who professes to be some sort of PC consultant to do this would be rather silly if not completely stupid. If you are somehow getting lots of continuous pop ups for some other reason then explain yourself here instead of ranting and someone will most certainly take the time to help you. If an old codger like me can configure Comodo easily enough to not have many pop ups then it should be a walk over to someone with your knowledge. I think this version v3.10.531 is without a doubt the best yet. Just an old codger working Joe’s opinion like.

I do appreciate your efforts v941726. I am genuinely trying to help. Did you try the parental mode which gives zero popups?


OK, I’ll ask a fourth time… Give us specifics of which software you are installing that you are seeing all these popups with.

Because honestly, I don’t get any when installing. And yes, I know what a popup is. Popups in general have been improving with the later releases, not getting worse.

So as I and others have been asking, we need specifics. How are you configuring CIS, what are you installing that gives you so many popups, etc… Yes, write a book. That’s the only way things could possibly improve. Without information, you can’t fix anything.

I already told you to set your software correctly.
It is only natural that you’ll get 20+ popups from a software installation if you run Defense+ in maximum security mode, because installations want to touch the registry.

As soon as you grow up and learn how to configure software, you’ll get 50 times less popups.


Could you please give the name of an application you install (any application) which gives you X amount of pop-ups and i will see if i get the same result, or post what results i get for differant configs.


The new version does give fewer popups if you respond to the initial ones correctly but the point is this. You should NEVER get even a single popup when installing or using software from known trusted sources. I mean known by the world, not by Comodo. The default trusted list is way too small and needs to be greatly expanded.

would someone get the point here? ok, if you get minimal pop ups, how much configuring did you have to do? are you joe no tech or do you know what to do? cis worked great once with much potential. not anymore. heading toward bloatware. and maybe your just talking about spending time with just YOUR machine. so maybe you can configure cis to do what you want it to over several days… i can do that too! im talking about other people out there that just want it to work and feel confident that they’re relatively protected