Does Comodo Free Firewall play nice with VMware 16?

I’ve been a longtime user of Zone Alarm free firewall, but it stopped playing nice with my VMware virtual machines. ZA advised me to find another firewall. I want to try Comodo free firewall but not if I’m going to have the same issue. All of my PC’s are W10P and the VM’s are W10H. The VM network is configured to connect by NAT. The problem I am having is the host LAN will connect to the VM and can open folders on the VM, but the VM LAN does not connect to the host and cannot open any folders on the host. The VM’s will connect to the internet with no issues. Will I have the same issue with Comodo? I have 3 PC’s and they all connect to the LAN with no problems. Any feedback is appreciated.

Hi 1919camaro,

Thank you for reporting.
Kindly refer the below link to download comodo firewall version and check as we don’t have any issue running VM With comodo firewall version.
Kindly check and let us know your feedback.


ps: do you have the OffLine-Installer too, please?


CIS Off Line installer

Hi FredvdH,

Kindly refer the below link.

@ZorKas Thank you for supporting.