Does CMT have those never ending "Defragging Sessions" Like Rollback Rx ?

Does CMT do those automatic “Defragging” sessions like RollBack Rx does ?

That is one of my biggest complaints about RollBack Rx.

Every morning I have to wait 45 minutes for it to finish defragging snapshots.

If CMT does away with that, I’d be VERY happy.


CTM wont let u down.


Just some advice for the clearly uninformed. Rollback by default will do defrag on boot up every 4 snapshots that are taken and/or deleted. If this is too much for you to handle, all you have to do is go into the options and increase it to 5, 10 or more if you so desire. Yes its that simple.

Comodo by default will also run defrag on boot up but comodo have set theirs to 10 snapshots. Believe it or not, this too can be changed to whatever the user so desires.

If i sound a little sarcastic it’s because its really tiring to read information that people post that is simply untrue and misleading and appear to have a very limited knowledge about a product but are quick to bag it!

Please, as a golden rule of understanding a product, take the time to look at its options and you’ll be amazed at what you can learn from them!

Yes, I agree… you sound sarcastic.

In fact… you ARE sarcastic.

And exceedingly unhelpful.

You show your ignorance by making assumptions about what knowledge a person has or does not have.

I am well aware of the settings availbale in the product and have made some adjustments.

But the fact remains… it takes a very long time to defrag when it does thru that process.

Way to go on your very first post… to berate other people and attempt to display your non-existent superiority.

Thanks for nothing !

you rock man!!! :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU (:NRD) (:NRD) (:NRD)

but i think that is really easy go to options and just … read

Thanks for the suggestion.

But I have not downloaded CTM yet so I cannot read anything, nor play around with it’s capabilities.

I know exactly what Rollback Rx can and can’t do and how it works, but I was asking if CTM functions in the same way.

So… does the BETA CTM have the agonizing defrag sessions if left to it’s default settings or not ?

Or… if it does have those defrag sessions, do they take as long as the sessions in Rollback Rx.

Of course, I realize that if you don’t have RollBack Rx you cannot answer my question.


i was having rollback rx now i have CTM and i think its a clone of rolback rx,ayrecovery,eaz fix adn its free(CTM)

its still beta but works very well on my 2 laptops ,in options u can uncheck defrag snapshots after taking XXX(number of snapshots)

i prefer to defrag snapshots with files on hard drive by third party softwarelike q q degrag,my defrag etc…

i checked now and 15 snapshots takes 2 minutes to defrag by CTM on my laptop


Thanks for the info… I truly appreciate it.

2 minutes ! WOW.

It has been taking 45 minutes for RollbackRX to to do 12-15 snapshot defrag.

I have read on another forum, that some people are convinced it is merely some sort of Clone, but then other feel it is not and perform better than Rlbck or EAZ.

But to me, one big difference is the price… “FREE” for CTM beats Rollback any day.

“But to me, one big difference is the price… “FREE” for CTM beats Rollback any day.”

me to, CTM is free,and works like a charm on my laptops,but its still beta.

and rememer i defrag whole disk by MY DEFRAG ,and 15 snapshots takes 2minutes by CTM on my laptop…i defragged my disk last monday…

Thanks again for the info…


Thought I had crawled under the rock I came from right? …WRONG (:KWL)

Thanks to you, here’s my second post

  1. Gee…I thought i only sounded sarcastic. I stand corrected

  2. Come on, give me a chance…as you said “way to go on my first post”

  3. Well perhaps if you gave us some info about your system, you know, something more than “never ending defrag sessions” then i wont have to come across as “ignorant” or make any assumptions whatsoever.

  4. Oh, you start to sound like you know what your talking about here but, alas, the moment has passed

  5. Yes, some very useful information here. Im sure that we have all the info we need now to diagnose

  6. Refer to 3. Plus now who’s making assumptions? For all you know i really am superior ;D

  7. Please dont mention it!

Now dont get your fingers in a knot in your eagerness to reply

Such usless sarcasim really deserves no reply.

I will agree that you ARE superior in meager attempts to show your imagined superiority and in doing so merely displays your total LACK of so-called superior knowledge.

Why you could not take a cue from the type of reply that hulu made and attempt to be helpful and understanding is disappointing.

I find myself catagorizing you into the ilk of “forum troll” at this time who’s only purpose in life is to troll forum boards and wreak havoc with inane and useless comments.

11 year old system running CMT on XP Home with a 700 MHz processor and 384 MB Ram. 13 snapshots total during a boot-up defrag took a little over 2 minutes.

The same machine with Rollback RX and 11 snapshots right around 15 minutes.

Hi basic.

Thanks for the response.

It’s very helpful.


Well look at you taking the high ground. Come on…lets be honest.

I’ll admit that my first post was sarcastic and could have been posted with a little more tact. But if you look past the sarcasm, you’ll see that I actually did give some good information and advice in this first post. I made the best guess from the lack of information you provided and sort to help you out while repromanding you at the same time.

It is you who used words such as “ignorance”,“assumptions”, “berate”, “non-existent superiority” and “Thanks for nothing”. …and thats just in your first reply.

Do we dare to analyse your second response to me? Does “Forum troll” ring any bells?

But look, thats OK. I’m a big boy. You can call me what you like. But dont go taking the high ground. After all, its not me resorting to name calling. My only crime was sarcasm. I apologize for that in the first post but my second post…you asked for it buddy.

Lets just agree that we’re not going to be the best of friends. I think everyone would like us all to get back to the task at hand and help each other out (with less sarcasm) :slight_smile:

Hi basic. I’m amazed that CMT or Rollback function at all on such an old machine. With such a slow processor and low Ram I would have expected Rollback to be slow for defrag but if CTM can do it in 2 min on the same system then hats off for CTM ;D

Your welcome timp4411.


Hello carfal, One thing I did do before install of CMT that I did not with Rollback was to defrag my system with a third party defragger. Seems to make a difference.

CMT does not seem to slow my system down. At least not noticeably since it is slow anyway. Just have to watch what I install and limit what all is running at one time.


Yes basic, it comes highly recommended to do a defrag with an external defragger before installing Rollback so it makes sense to do the same for CTM

I’m keen to give CTM a try on my system but am reluctant to do it since its still in beta. I know that the technology employed in this type of software can be very unforgiving should something go wrong so for now it will only exist in VM’s for now.

I think that it can be said with relative certainty that the code base in CTM is “borrowed” (licensed) from Rollback (Horizon). What isnt clear is how much tinkering Comodo are allowed to make to this code base besides the obvious cosmetic changes. If they are allowed to ‘improve’ the code base then perhaps there is a chance that they can do a better job in this respect. So far from the reviews I’ve read this seems to be the case. I’d be interested in hearing from a moderator (or the developers) in respect to what I’ve just said in order to get confirmation one way or another.

Hmmm… who’s fingers have been trembling to shoot off another nasty reply? Ccertainly not mine.

Save it the pair of you, if you wan`t to argue the finer points of a triangle please do it on another forum.

This is a Comodo Time Machinehelp/information forum…